Anchor Chest Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Anchor Chest Tattoo Designs For Men – Nautical Ideas

For centuries the anchor was deeply associated with seafarers, naval officers, and nautical enthusiasts. Sailors often employed the anchor tattoo to identify themselves to ocean-going comrades, while others believed it to be a form of protection on the water.

The anchor symbol was also used by Christians to evoke hope and salvation, and was secretly worn to identify and help others escaping Roman persecution.

Today the anchor has been adopted by many different people, each bringing his own interpretation to the ancient symbol. Stability is the modern correlation to the anchor, the mark of a man who is both grounded and dependable. Anchors tattoos can be worn anywhere on the body, with the torso, forearm, shoulder, and calf all popular locations.

Inked in black and white or bold, sea-worthy colors, anchor tattoos can also be accompanied by personal embellishments or additions, such as sparrows (a time-honored symbol of the seafaring), feathers, flower garlands, or various navigational instruments.

The anchor is not only a representation of one’s call to the water, but willingness to anchor themselves in their duties and loyalties to others. And contrary to the anchor’s literal use, the man who bears its tattoo symbol will seldom sink in his endeavors.


3d Anchor Tattoo Design Ideas For Men On Chest

3d Splashing Ocean Waves With Anchor Memorial Banner Male Chest Tattoo

Amazing Mens 3d Realistic Anchor Tattoo Design On Chest

American Flag Anchor Nautical Themed Mens Old School Chest Tattoos

Black Ink Traditional Anchor Eye Chest Tattoo Design For Guys

Chest Mens Eagle With Anchor Traditional Tattoo Ideas

Cool Mens Vintage Sailing Ship With Anchor Retro Chest Tattoo

Creative Anchor Watercolor Guys Chest Tattoos

Eagle Flying With Anchor In Claws Mens Traditional Tattoo On Chest

Guys Old School Traditional Anchor Themed Chest Tattoos

Lost At Sea Banner With Anchor Male Chest Tattoo

Male With 3d Hyper Realistic Anchor And Compass Chest And Shoulder Tattoo

Manly Double Anchor Mens Shoulder And Chest Tattoo

Map With Anchor Guys Chest Tattoos

Marines Logo Mens 3d Anchor Chest Tattoo

Masculine 3d Anchor Rib And Chest Mens Tattoos

Mens Retro Anchor Shark Chest Tattoo Designs

Mens Rose Flower With Anchor And Sailing Ship Chest Tattoo

Mens Small Simple Minimalistic Black Ink Anchor Chest Tattoo Design

Mens Viking Anchor Chest Tattoo

Nautical Sailing Ship Anchor Male Chest Tattoo

Navy Ship Guys Anchor Chest Tattoo With Traditional Design

New School Anchor With Eagle Chest Tattoo For Men

Old School Traditional Eagle With Globe And Anchor Mens Chest Tattoo

Realistic Tear Eye With 3d Anchor Mens Chest Tattoo

Retro Old School Nautical Anchor Guys Upper Chest Tattoo

Rose Flowers With Anchor Guys Upper Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Sailing Ship With Anchor Traditional Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Shark With Anchor Black Ink Outline Mens Chest Tattoos

Shark With Anchor Guys Chest Tattoo

Ship Wheel With Anchor Mens Chest Tattoo

Ship Wheel With Ship And Anchor Guys Upper Chest Tattoo

Skull With Anchor And Wings Guys Full Chest Tattoos

Small Compass With Anchor Old School Male Chest Tattoo

Small Traditional Shaded Anchor Male Chest Tattoos

Sparrows With Anchor Mens Banner Chest Traditional Tattoo

Traditional Birds Flying With Anchor Chest Tattoo For Men

Upper Chest Guys Realistic 3d Anchor Tattoo Design Inspiration

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