Antler Tattoo Designs For Men

70 Antler Tattoo Designs For Men – Cool Branched Horn Ink Ideas

When it comes to hunting for sport, the bigger the antlered head the better. Of course, prized trophies aside, survival hunting has been a natural part of history for thousands of years and counting.

For every type of hunter out there, it’s easy to respect the special connection man shares with deer and the land around him.

These gentle and graceful animals may only poke their heads out of the woods once in a while, however, their history with mankind is certainly apparent. Generations have reaped the benefits from belly-satisfying meat, warm hide in the winter, and calm company in the lone forest of trees.

Of course, antlers too. Made of bone and cast off annually, these branched horns played an important role in the Viking age when it came to comb-making. Within time, antlers eventually became the choice of raw material for all sorts of things like saddles, guns, powder flashes and clothing buttons. Yet, aside from a substitute for ivory, decorative displays of antlers can easily be found on homes of both the present and past. Some of the earliest can be found dating all the way back to castles of the medieval times.

While new products like controversial deer antler extract have come to light, the cycle of discarded antlers in nature hasn’t change one bit. Each offers a rich source of minerals like calcium and phosphors to all sorts of animals that graze the land.

On the other hand, live deer antlers have been increasing the chance of mating with females and winning against other males during battle. In reality, there’s a lot of different meanings any man can take away from this design with comes to tattoos.

To show you a few examples I’ve put together a collection of the top 70 best antler tattoo designs for men below. You’ll find cool ideas ranging from abstract to realistic, all of which are suited for the masculine man who enjoys the great outdoors.


1. Forearm Antler Tattoos

Antler Blade Mens Forearm Tattoo

Bullet Casing Elk Antler Tattoos For Guys On Forearm

Deer Antler Lower Forearm Tattoo

Forearm Antler Tattoos For Guys

Gentleman With Antler Tattoos On Forearms

Male Deer Antler Nature Tattoo Forearm Sleeve

Manly Inner Forearm Antler Crooked Lettering Tattoo

Outer Forearm Antler Deer Tattoos For Guys

Outer Forearm Masculine Male Antler Tattoo Ideas

Red Sun Antler Small Mens Forearm Tattoos

Simple Small Mens Lower Forearm Antler Tattoo Ideas

Small Mens Antler Tattoos On Forearm

Tree Elk Antler Tattoo Small Guys Tattoo On Back Of Forearm

What A Catch Antler Male Tattoos On Forearm


2. Bicep Antler Tattoos

Cool Bicep Mens Deer Antler Tattoo Design

Knight Helemet Antler Mens Inner Bicep Tattoos

Mens Inner Bicep Antler Tattoos

Simple Mens Antler Inner Bicep Tattoo Design


3. Arm Antler Tattoos

Small Simple Antler Black Ink Shaded Guys Tattoos

Abstract Antler Tattoo On Mans Arms

Black Ink Watercolor Antler Upper Arm Guys Tattoos

Cool Numbered Antler Arm Guys Tattoo

Full Arm Sleeve Guys Antler Tattoos

Gentleman With Deer Fighting Antler Tattoo On Forearm

Inner Arm Realistic Antlers On Deer Tattoo For Guys

Manly Antler Arm Tattoos For Gentlemen

Man With Antlers On Outer Forearms Tattoos

Mean Looking Owl With Antlers Mens Arm Tattoo Design Ideas

Mountains With Antler Mens Old School Arm Tattoo

Outer Forearm Antler Guys Tattoo Deign Ideas

Skull Antler Mens Arm Tattoos

Upper Arm 3d Antler Tattoo For Guys


4. Sleeve Antler Tattoos

Full Sleeve Antler Tattoos For Guys


5. Chest Antler Tattoos

Masculine Full Chest Deer Antler Tattoo Designs For Guys

Man With Large Antler Chest Tattoos

Incredible Detailed Antler Male Tattoos

Collar Bone Antler Male Tattoos

Black Ink Antler Tattoo Designs For Guys On Chest

Deer Skull Antler Chest Tattoos For Guys

Floral Antler Chest Tattoos For Guys

Manly Antler Tattoos On Mans Chest

Masculine Antler Chest Tattoos On Man

Neo Traditional Upper Chest Antler Tattoo For Men

Pine Tree Deer Antler Mens Upper Chest Tattoo Design Inspiration

Small Mens Antler Chest Tattoos

Upper Chest Antlers Tattoos For Guys

Watercolor Dripping Deer Skull Antler Tattoo On Chest Of Man


6. Back Antler Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Antler Guys Tattoos

Back Of Shoulder Antlers Tattoo For Men

Double Antler Back Male Tattoos

Mens Back Realistic Antler Mountain Tattoo Design Ideas

Shoulder And Back Antler Male Tattoos


7. Side Antler Tattoos

Guys Rib Cage Side Realistic Antler Tattoo Design Inspiration

Watercolor Deer Antler Tattoos For Men On Rib Cage Side


8. Leg Antler Tattoos

Male Small Antler Tattoo Designs

Black Ink Shaded Antler Small Male Tattoos

Cool Portrait Antler Leg Tattoo On Man

Traditional Antler Black Ink Mens Leg Tattoo

Guys Deer Antler With Arrows Leg Tattoo


9. Thigh Antler Tattoos

Upper Thigh Antler Tattoo Designs For Guys

Guys Thigh Elk In Nature Antler Tattoo

Thigh Green Antler Abstract Male Tattoos

Watercolor Shaded Mens Antler Upper Thigh Tattoo


10. Shoulder Antler Tattoos

Colorful Antler Shoulder Tattoo For Guys

Shoulder Blade Antler Male Tattoo Designs


11. Stomach Antler Tattoos

Stomach Guys Antler Tattoos


12. Finger Antler Tattoos

Mens Finger Tattoos Of Deer Antlers


13. Skull Antler Tattoos

Skull Antler Mens Small Tattoos


14. Traditional Antler Tattoos

Owl With Antlers Mens Upper Chest Traditional Tattoo Design


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