Aquarius Tattoos For Men

Top 67 Aquarius Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Astrological awesomeness is just around the corner with an extraordinary Aquarius tattoo. This airy sign is attributed to lofty expressions of sharp wit alongside an original personality.

Aquarius ink is the distinct domain of men born between late January and early February; however, it may also be applied by those with the sign as an ascendant, moon or cusp.

Because metaphysical minds refer to the current times as the Age of Aquarius, anyone can revel in the sign’s mighty symbology.

Aquarians are noted for their intense intuition alongside humble humanitarian impulses. As a result, their selfless demeanor is a natural fit for aficionados of understated body art. The simplest approach to an Aquarius masterpiece is the combination of two zigzagging lines that are perfectly paralleled. This little logo smoothly encapsulates the stalwart background that is associated with the 11th sign.

Air is the element attached to Aquarius, but oceanic imprints are often used instead. For an added layer of complexity, both the wind and the waves can be included in your output. Astute followers of their horoscopes will also utilize the sign’s planetary ruler, which is Uranus. The constellation of Ganymede is an equally potent connotation to feature.

Check out the ostentatious amazement that comes with an Aquarius tattoo by perusing our aesthetic anthology of wonderful options up ahead.

Aquarius Tattoo Ideas

3d Water Geometric Guys Aquarius Shoulder Tattoo

Aquarius Banner Mens Water Berer Chest Tattoo

Starting things off is a fairly straightforward Aquarius tattoo. It features the water-bearer, a common symbol associated with the sign, holding a vase from which water is rushing out. The water bearer appears in the form of an old man. This figure often signifies mystical healing. If there is still any doubt about whether or not this is in fact an Aquarius tattoo, the piece even bears the name on a banner at the bottom. This tattoo is located on the subject’s chest and makes good use of a rich blue as well as bits of red and orange.

Aquarius Coin With Water Inner Forearm Tattoo

Aquarius Mens Sleeve Tattoos

Here is another depiction of the water-bearer. In this piece he is seen pouring water into what appears to be a cavern of some type. This piece fits the subject’s arm well and shows a great deal of detail that is strongly enhanced by the symbolic water-bearer. This figure could be representative of healing, or perhaps of the giving of life and goodness to the world. The artist’s use of blue for the water is very appealing and the draw up of these scene in general is quite impressive. This high quality artwork makes for a strong and visually effective tattoo sleeve.

Armband Aquarius Male Tattoos

Here a tattoo that is unmistakably symbolic of Aquarius. In this instance, these telltale zigzag lines are inked in a large, bold format near the bicep area on the man’s arm. True to their simple but specific design, these lines are tattooed parallel to each other. The bold black line fill of this piece makes it stand out nicely against the subject’s skin. In a similar way, the size and shape of this tattoo fit the man’s arm quite well.

Astrological Sign Aquarius Mens Sleeve Tattoos

This piece is merely in outline form. Even so, there are still important elements of the finished product that can be deduced from what is seen here. The presence of a water vase and water in the form of waves is clear, as is the two zigzagging lines, one of the simplest and most common forms of Aquarius symbolism. From this outline it is not exactly clear what role water plays in this particular tattoo but it could well have something to do with washing away the past as water often plays such a  role Aquarius symbolism.

Astronomy Aquarius Mens Small Outer Forearm Tattoo

Black And Blue Water Aquarius Tribal Guys Leg Tattoos

Bold Tribal Aquarius Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo

Cool Aquarius Constellation Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Cool Aquarius Constellation Mens Shoulder Tattoo

Cool Modern Aquarius Small Guys Tattoo Ideas On Forearm

Here is a different take on the parallel line Aquarius symbol. This version looks more like two groups of three pyramids but is most likely a unique version of the notorious zigzag lines. Above the symbol there is a date, likely the subject’s date of birth or that of someone close to him. Below the symbol is the word Aquarius in spaced out capital letters. The man bearing this tattoo is undoubtedly proud to represent his sign.

Cool Tribal Aquarius Mens Arm Tattoos

Dotwork Aquarius Water Arm Tattoos For Men

This adaptation of the usual Aquarius water-bearer is quite different from most. Instead of a water-bearer holding a vase and pouring it out, this version depicts a lone pitcher pouring out what looks like something closer to a cloud of swirls and symbols.The piece is done with a particular dotting technique that gives it a uniquely vintage look. The contents coming out of the pitcher is filled with a variety of interesting symbols. All of this is done in a simple but appealing black and gray shading.

Dot Work Constellation Aquarius Mens Leg Calf Tattoos


Female Water Barer Aquarius Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Here is an Aquarius tattoo featuring a water-bearer that is a tad bit different than those shared previously. The biggest difference is that this water-bearer appears to be female, giving this piece a particularly distinguishable and unique look and feel. The rich green and red colorings in the piece are quite nice as well.

Gentleman With Colorful Aquarius Half Sleeve Tattoo

Gentleman With Full Sleeve Aquarius Tattoo

Gentleman With Old School Aquarius Outer Forearm Tattoo

Guys Aquarius Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Guys Small Simple Tattoo Of Aquarius Astrological Sign On Fingers

Extremely small and minimalistic (particularly in relation to many of the others), this zigzag line piece fits comfortably on the side of the man’s finger. In this subtle but not entirely hidden location this Aquarius tattoo serves as a reminder of what it means to be an Aquarius. It is also a great reminder of how a person, particularly a male, can be both understated and effective.

Guy With Half Sleeve Aquarius Tattoo Design

This Aquarius tattoo is quite complex as it features multiple different pieces that come together into one impressive tattoo. Perhaps most importantly are what seem to be the three primary elements of the work. There what looks like a sun at the top of the piece, one that is orange and bears a face. There is a black skull with an open mouth that seems to be revealing an erupting volcano. The third and possibly most important element is a water-bearer pouring water out of a large vase, as is to be expected. For the most part, these elements all share the same color scheme of orangish-yellow and blue. The meaning of the piece is unclear but it would seem reasonable to guess that this tattoo symbolizes death and rebirth.

Guy With Small Tribal Aquarius Astrological Sign Tattoo

Inner Arm Black Ink Aquarius Symbol Male Tattoos

Leg Calf Aquarius Tribal Male Tattoos

Male With Aquarius Water Tattoo On Rib Cage Side

Male With Shaded Aquarius Forearm Tattoos

Man With Colorful Japanese Aquarius Sleeve Tattoo

Man With Cool Aquarius Shoulder And Arm Tattoo

Here is shown a more muscular, badass water-bearer. He holds the water container over his shoulder and lets the water fall out of it rather than most of the other water-bearers shown so far who are portrayed as actively pouring the water. Perhaps this means that he is reluctant to give the mystical healing, but why? He also wears an emblem with the Aquarius symbol around his neck. This is a spectacular piece as its splendid linework connects the subject’s arm, back and shoulder rather seamlessly. The water-bearer looks to be in some duress, perhaps be

Masculine Aquarius Upper Chest And Arm Tattoos For Guys

Mens Aquarius Detailed Inner Forearm Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Woodcut Aquarius Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Negative Space Aquarius Constellation Wrist Tattoos For Men

Old School Aquarius Ship Mens Chest Tattoos

Old School Black Ink Mens Small Aquarius Leg Tattoos

Orante Aquarius Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Paint Brush Stroke Aquarius Tattoo On Mans Back

On this man’s back we see a rather impressionistic version of the usual telltale Aquarius symbol. In many ways, it appears as more of a collection of brush strokes than the usual zigzagged parallel lines. It could be that this piece is done in such a way so that it gives off a more flexible, freeform feeling as a reflection of this Aquarius’ specific personality. Regardless, it is a refreshing look at a classic symbol and it bears the mark of creativity in a simple but innovative way.

Portrait Aquarius Mens Blue Ink Ches Tattoos

Ram With Aquarius Watercolor Male Tattoos

Ram With Water Carrier Aquarius Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Realistic Aquarius Forearm Male Shaded Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Of Body Aquarius Symbol Black Ink Tattoo On Male

Shaded 3d Aquarius Shoulder Tattoos For Guys

Shaded Black And Grey Ink Aquarius Male Arm Tattoos

Small Guys Tribal Aquarius Inner Arm Tattoo

Small Simple Aquarius Mens Constellation Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Small Simple Aquarius Sign Mens Inner Arm Tattoos

Small Simple Guys Aquarius Tattoo Designs

Stone 3d Aquarius Chest Tattoos For Men

Tiny Aquarius Black Ink Wrist Tattoos

Tiny Mens Aquarius Finger Tattoos

Tribal Aquarius Inner Forearm Black Ink Male Tattoo

Tribal Aquarius Water Tattoo

Upper Arm Aquarius Tattoo On Male With Woodcut Design

Upper Arm Realistic 3d Aquarius Male Tattoo Designs

Upper Back Aquarius Themed Mens Tattoo Designs

Upper Back Blank Ink Aquarius Tattoo On Male

Water Bearer Mens Aquarius Upper Chest And Shoulder Tattoo

Water Carrier Aquarius Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Water Carrier Male Aquarius Hand Tattoos

Water Carrier Mens Aquarius Shaded Upper Arm Tattoo

Water Carrier Mens Upper Back Aquarius Tattoos

Watercolor 3d Male Bicep Aquarius Tattoo Designs

Watercolor Zodiac Aquarius Mens Small Forearm Tattoos

Pictured here is another interesting take on the Aquarius symbol. This one displays a rather casually drawn portrayal of the meaningful image. Applied in what looks like streaks of paint, a circular blue design surrounds this version of the common Aquarius zigzags. It is always good to see new styles and takes on otherwise well-known designs, whether it be in the tattooing world or even the general art world. New looks at old design often has the potential of unearthing new meanings and approaches to what we think we already know all too well.

White And Grey Ink Aquarius Symbol Mens Leg Tattoos

Wings Aquarius Mens Decorative Arm And Chest Tattoo

Wrist Aquarius Constellation With Astrological Sign Tattoo On Male

Zodiac Aquarius Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Dotwork Guys Aquarius Inner Forearm Constellation Tattoos

Lastly, this tattoo is a collection of dots used to create the Aquarius constellation. This stellar symbol is yet another way for an Aquarius to show off their sign. It is rather plain but can be an exceptional and meaningful way of portraying one’s astrological sign.

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