Armadillo Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Armadillo Tattoo Designs For Men – Armor Shell Ink Ideas

What better way to show your strength and resolve than to get an armadillo tattoo? These guys look cuddly and cute until they harden into a ball that’s impenetrable.

Predators don’t know what to do when they come up against an armadillo in defensive mode, so they often slink away.

This can easily show that you are cute and cuddly when you want to be but that you’re all business when it comes down to a fight. You can’t be penetrated when it comes down to a physical fight; your strength is too great. Try as they might, no enemy can ever penetrate your defenses and get inside to bother or annoy you.

You’ll want to be sure to find an artist who excels at tattooing living creatures, as doing that is a lot different from tattooing flowers or anchors. This tattoo will be sure to show you have a trick or two up your sleeve and that you’re ready to pull out the Aces when the time is right. It’ll also show off your manliness in a way that’s unique to the form of tattoos.

You could maybe go with a shoulder tattoo design for this one, or even get it across your chest. Other options would be the bold option of getting it across your neck, or even to get it on the arm by the elbow so that the armadillo looks like it’s closing up when you flex. Whatever you choose, an armadillo tattoo is a good idea.


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