Badass Chest Tattoos For Men

60 Badass Chest Tattoos For Men – Manly Ink Design Ideas

In recent years, chest tattoos have risen in popularity. Usually, the subject matter for these pieces is very personal. Near and often over the heart, pieces will display the deep feelings or beliefs of the wearer.

Memorial tattoos are common on the chest, as is religious imagery. Large sections of scripture and literature go well on the chest and can be accompanied by other images as well.

The chest also provides a large, consistent surface of skin allowing for larger pieces. While these complex tattoos are the more traditional art seen on the chest, smaller pieces have become more popular as tattoos have spread to the broader population. An example of this can be seen with memorial chest tattoos. The themes are similar, but feature small dates instead of full scale portraits or iconography.

Some of the popularity of chest tattoos can be attributed to the obvious physical appeal of highlighting an area of the body that is worthy of showing off, making the well-defined natural lines even more prominent.

A constant concern for any tattoo wearer is placement and how it will affect their professional wardrobe. It is very easy to cover up a chest tattoo, leaving it to only be exposed in specific situations.

One caveat to chest tattoos, the skin is very sensitive and these tattoos rank among the most painful.


3d Battle Tank Guys Badass Chest Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Mens Badass Old School Traditional Tattoo On Chest

Angel Badass Mens Upper Chest Tattoo

Angels Flying In Heaven Guys Badass Upper Chest Tattoo

Artistic Badass Mens Watercolor Deer Tattoo Design On Chest

Atomic Bomb Badass Mens Skull Side Of Chest Tattoo

Badass Death Before Dishonor Mens Script Chest Tattoo

Badass Ears On Rope String Chest Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Badass Geometric Pattern Sun Chest Tattoos For Men

Badass Guys Skull Black And Grey Ink Chest Tattoos

Be Not Afriad Lion With Arrows Guys Badass Upper Chest Tattoo

Black And Grey Shaded Roman Guys Badass Upper Chest Tattoo

Cat With Rose Flowers Mens Realistic Badass Upper Chest Tattoo

Cool Edward Scissor Hands Mens Badass Chest Tattoo

Creative Skull Guys Badass Chest Tattoos

Dots With Ship Washed On Shore Mens Badass Abstract Chest Tattoo

Double Headed Eagle Male Badass Chest Tattoo

Dragon Breathing Fire On Heart Badass Guys Chest Tattoos

Eagle With Shaded Rose Flower Mens Badass Traditional Chest Tattoos

Female Portrait With Skull And Flowers Guys Badass Upper Chest Tattoo

Flying Black Bird Mens Badass 3d Realistic Chest Tattoo

Flying Eagle Badass Male Tattoo Design Ideas On Chest

Flying Traditional Bald Eagle Masculine Mens Badass Chest Tattoo

Geometic Deer Head Mens Badass Chest Tattoo

Geometric Flower Guys Badass Side Of Chest Tattoos

Glowing Heart Guys Badass Tattoo On Chest

Guys Badass Traditional Tiger With Rose Flowers Chest Tattoo

Heart With Eye 3d Mens Badass Realistic Chest Tattoo

Heart With Nature Landscape Badass Guys Chest Tattoo

Japanese Lettering Guys Black Ink Badass Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

Male With Badass Snake Upper Chest And Shoulder Tattoo

Male Workers Eating Lunch On Beam Above City Guys Badass Chest Tattoo

Manly Badass Men On A Steel Beam Above City Guys Chest Tattoo

Mens Badass Flying Owl Dotwork Chest Tattoo

Mens Buddhism Themed Badass Full Chest Tattoos

Mens Reward Gangsters Badass Vintage Upper Chest Tattoo

Mother Mary With Jesus And Gates Of Heaven Guys Badass Chest Tattoo

Ornate Decorative Female Portrait Guys Badass Chest Tattoo

Ornate Japanese Badass Skull With Gold Design On Chest For Men

Retro Old School Mens Badass Traditional Tiger Head Chest Tattoo

Retro Sailing Ship Badass Mens Upper Chest Tattoo

Sailing Viking Ship Badass Chest Tattoos For Men

Shaded 3d Greek God Mens Badass Side Of Chest Tattoos

Side Of Chest Guys Badass Snake Tattoo

Skull Moon With Female Portrait Guys Badass Upper Chest Tattoo

Skull With Ornate Design Guys Badass Chest Side Tattoo

Unique Badass Guys Shaded Black And Grey Tattoo Design On Chest

Watercolor Eye Badass Small Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Whale With Portrait Guys Badass Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

White And Black Ink Tree Mens Badass Chest Tattoo

Wisdom Script Badass Chicano Mens Upper Chest Tattoo

Wolf With Sword Guys Badass Full Chest Tattoos

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