Barbell Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Barbell Tattoo Designs For Men – Bodybuilding Ink Ideas

Dedicating yourself to a fit lifestyle is a lot like getting a tattoo: it is a lifelong commitment. Marrying your love for lifting with your penchant for body art can be achieved with a tough barbell tattoo.

Because fit life and tattoos are a perfect pair, it’s easy to find a barbell tattoo that will relay the message effectively.

Fitness tattoos inspire and stoke passion and, sometimes, serve as a gentle push to persevere. Although inspirational fit quotes are the usual go-to, accessories are starting to emerge as the new “fit” tatt. Redesigning your health requires discipline, and the finished product will make you proud so a tattoo to commemorate your hard work can strengthen your newfound confidence. You’ve put in the dedication so go ahead and show it off!

Barbell tattoos can go either way — depending on the style you choose. A simple yet bold barbell will definitely achieve the “strong and masculine” look, but an intricate style can hit the same mark while giving the eye more. While most guys opt for barbell tattoos that are straight to the point, ultimately the aesthetic should be one that makes you happy. The process of living fit is exactly like the art of tattooing, as it has to feel right for both the body and mind.

There is nothing worse than hitting the gym with a bad tattoo so when deciding on the right one, approach it as you would with your fitness: with consideration and commitment.


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