Basketball Tattoos For Men

Top 33 Basketball Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Dribble your way back in time and you’ll find the first instance of basketball taking place back in 1981. Though, you might really be surprised to see peach baskets for hoops and backboards made of wire.

From Michael Jordan, the world’s great with the most playoff points, to the popular Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban, basketball is almost universally admired by every man.

Come for the slam dunk action, which was illegal for nine years back in 1967, or simply to cheer against the opposing team. One thing is for certain, it takes talent to precisely sink the ball into the basket. That swish sound doesn’t come easy; neither do the rebounds or assists either.

If you’ve been thinking of getting a basketball tattoo, the last thing you want to do is decide the game on a half court shot at the buzzer. To make things as easy as a free throw for you,

I’ve put together a collection of the 40 best basketball tattoos for men. From the ball to the players themselves, here’s your alley-oop to great, manly design ideas.

1. Forearm Basketball Tattoos

Wrist And Forearm Tattoo Basketball For Men

Forearm Basketball Hand Tattoo On Men


2. Bicep Basketball Tattoos

Bicep Men's Basketball Tattoo

Small Basketball Tribal Tattoos On Men

Creative Basketball Tattoos For Men

Basketball Related Tattoos For Males


3. Arm Basketball Tattoos

Arm Tattoo Basketball Men's Designs

Men's Basketball Tattoo Ideas On Arm

College Basketball Flame Tattoos Men

Men's Basketball Players Tattoos


4. Sleeve Basketball Tattoos

Men's Tattoos For Basketball Players Half Sleeve

Male Basketball Tattoo Sleeve

Basketball Tattoo Sleeves For Men

Basketball Sleeve Tattoo For Guys

Basketball Sleeve Tattoos For Men


5. Back Basketball Tattoos

Masculine Basketball Tattoos Designs For Men On Back


6. Calf Basketball Tattoos

Manly Basketball With Wings Tattoos For Men On Leg Calf

Basketball Player Tattoos For Men


7. Leg Basketball Tattoos

Lakers Men's Basketball Tattoos Ideas On Legs

Basketball Dunk Leg Tattoos For Males

Tattoos Of Basketballs Men


8. Shoulder Basketball Tattoos

Best Basketball Tattoos For Guy's On Shoulder Blade

Basketball Shoulder Tattoos On Man


9. Full Sleeve Basketball Tattoos

Full Sleeve Male Tattoos Of Basketball Design


10. More Tattoo Ideas

Unique Men's Tattoos Of Basketballs For Ideas

Small Tattoos Of Basketball Nets For Guys

Realistic Men's Basketball Player Tattoo Of Micheal Jordan

Michael Jordan Tattoos Of Basketball For Men

Men's Basketball Tattoos

Men's Basketball Tattoo Designs

Man With Basketball Themed Tattoos


Cool NBA Basketball Tattoos For Men

Basketball Hoop Men's Tattoos

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