Top Best Shield Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Top 70 Best Shield Tattoo Design Ideas For Men – Armor Body Art

Shield tattoos are a rare sight, and it’s the even rarer breed of man who is drawn to this symbol and likewise able to transcend its ancient origins, emerging as a wholly modern figure.

So of course it makes sense that that man is you. Regarded for thousands of years as both a literal and symbolic figure of protection, the shield has long been carried by the man who fights for what he loves and defends those who are unable to do the same.

It is, in its own way, a swearing of allegiance, and is thus a highly personal totem.

For that reason the shield tattoo can be personalized to suit the wearer’s identity, from inlaid symbols to favorite quotes, and even family names and references. While the shield tattoo can be inked in any size, it is generally large enough to contain all the relics of one’s individual legacy. Some shield tattoos denote one’s profession, while others draw attention to a particular passion or hobby. The shield, like the man, is forged under its own unique principles.

Some shield tattoos can be an actual coat of arms or a family crest. Dating back to the Middle Ages, knights would often uphold these emblems in honor of their heritage and the country they served–and which side they served on. Regardless of your own intent, there’s no denying the power of the shield image.

Just as its origins are seeped in the ancient ways of our ancestors, the shield tattoo can also be easily updated to suit our modern times and values. One needn’t limit himself to the history books; the shield tattoo is an affirmation that its wearer is forging ahead and intent on making history of his own.

1. Forearm Best Shield Tattoos

Forearm Mens Shield Tattoo

Shield Forearm 3d Tattoos For Men

2. Bicep Best Shield Tattoos

Shield Black Ink Guys Arm Tattoo

Watercolor Captain America Shield Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos For Men

3. Arm Best Shield Tattoos

Upper Arm Sheild Male Tattoo

Shield Swords And Flags Mens Arm Tattoo

Shield Knight Male Arm Shaded Tattoos

Mens Shield Eagle Tattoo On Arm

3d Snake Shield Guys Arm Tattoo

Arm Armor Plate With Shield Guys Tattoos

Arm Shield Sword Lion Male Tattoo

Cool Captain America Shield Mens Arm Tattoo

Mens Greek Shield Arm Tattoo

Mens Old School Traditional Eye Tattoo On Arm

Outer Arm Sheild Tattoos For Men

Shield Angel Mens Arm Tattoo

Shield Knight Helmet Guys Arm Tattoo With Traditional Old School Design

Shield Knight Mens Arm Tattoo

Shield Spartan With Spear Guys Outer Arm Tattoo

Shield Wolf Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men

Stone 3d Shield Arm Tattoo For Guys

4. Sleeve Best Shield Tattoos

Half Sleeve Armor Shield Male Tattoo

3d Guys Shield Half Sleeve Black And Grey Tattoos

3d Warrior Shield Half Sleeve Tattoos For Guys

Half Sleeve Spartan Shield Mens Tattoos

5. Chest Best Shield Tattoos

Shield Guys Upper Chest Knight Helmet Family Crest Tattoo

Sheild With Crown Guys Chest Tattoos

Chest Wings Shield Tattoo For Men

Amazing Mens Manly Shield Chest Tattoo With Dual Swords Design Ideas

3d Realistic Stone Shield Mens Chest Tattoo

Chest Lion Shield Mens Tattoo

Guys Shield Red And Grey Shaded Chest Tattoo

Mens Amazing Shield Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Flaming Shield Fear God No Other Upper Chest Tattoo Ideas

Mens Knight Chainmail Chest Shield Tattoo

Mens Spartan Sheild Quote Chest Tattoo

Old School Traditional Shield Themed Male Chest Tattoos

Rune Shield Chest Tattoos For Men

Shield Family Crest Male Chest Tattoo

Shield Mens 3d Spartan Chest Tattoo

Shield Name Banner Mens Small Chest Tattoos

Sword With Shield Male Chest Tattoo

6. Back Best Shield Tattoos

Mens Back Shield Knight Tattoo

Full Back Amazing Mens Shield Tattoos

Male Tattoo On Back With Shield And Angel Wings Design

Shield Mens Eagle With Lion Back Tattoo

Shield Tribal Shoulder Of Back Tattoos For Men

7. Side Best Shield Tattoos

Mens Family Crest Sheild Cross Rib Cage Side Tattoo Designs

Rib Cage Side 3d Shield Knight Ribcage Tattoos

Shield 3d Warrior Rib Cage Side Tattoo For Men

8. Rib Best Shield Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Shield Tattoo For Men

9. Leg Tattoos

Realistic 3d Shield Captain America Themed Mens Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Leg Band Guys Shield Lion Tattoos

Shield With Spartan Helmet Guys Leg Tattoo

Spartan Warrior With Sword And Shield Guys Leg Tattoo

10. Calf Best Shield Tattoos

Old School Shield Traditional Leg Calf Tattoos

Legend Of Zelda Shield Male Tattoo On Leg Calf

11. Thigh Best Shield Tattoos

Thigh Mens Spartan Helmet Shield Tattoo

12. Shoulder Best Shield Tattoos

Upper Arm Ripped Skin Guys Shield Captain America Tattoo

Armor Plate Shield Guys 3d Arm And Shoulder Tattoo

Shield Spartan Mens Shoulder Tattoo

13. 3D Best Shield Tattoos

3d Realistic Shield Spartan Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Guys Full Back 3d Hyper Realistic Shield Tattoo

Mens Knight 3d Shield Tattoo On Arm

14. Watercolor Best Shield Tattoos

Captain America Watercolor Shield Upper Arm Male Tattoos


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