Bird Tattoos For Men

60 Bird Tattoos For Men – From Owls To Eagles

When it comes to birds that soar across the open skies, it’s easy to look up and admire their free-spirited nature. Their travels in flocks may seem peculiar to us, however the idea of loyalty and commitment is universally understood.

There are countless birds out there, each symbolizing something uniquely different. From eagles to owls, doves, falcons, hawks, ravens, crows, vultures and more. Yes, there are a lot!

Yet, all of them symbolize quite one thing quite well, the idea of freedom. Their unrestricted travel is only limited by wind’s direction, however, even then a bird can still choose to drift in any direction they please.

Aside from the simplest meanings of them all, some see bird designs in other ways. Take for instance, rising up from a past failure or having bravery in times of dreadful weather/circumstances.

Even ducks and geese hold a rather interesting hidden stories. Aside from choosing their partners for life, they are extremely protective and loyal to their family. As a human, you could say the same about marriage.

When it comes to feathers, ancient tribes have been incorporating them into rituals for generations. They can symbolize healing and medicine, not to mention status or tribal authority.

With that said, I’d like to share with you 60 bird tattoos for men featuring all sorts of creative and masculine designs. From smaller pieces on the forearms to colossal back artwork, there’s plenty to be freely inspired by.


Bird Leg Tattoo For Men

Traditional Bird Tattoo For Men

Tattoos Of Birds For Men

Tattoos Birds For Men

Tattoo Of Birds For Men

Tattoo Birds For Men

Tattoo Bird For Men

Small Bird Tattoos For Men

Simple Bird Tattoo For Men

Phoenix Bird Tattoo For Men

Men's Tattoos With Birds

Men's Small Bird Tattoo

Men's Masculine Bird Tattoos Eagle

Men's Flying Birds Tattoo On Chest

Men's Feather With Birds Tattoo

Men's Feather Into Birds Tattoo

Men's Feather Birds Tattoo Dove

Men's Feather And Birds Tattoo

Men's Body Art Bird Tattoos

Men's Bird Wings Tattoos

American Bald Eagle Men's Bird Tattoos

Men's Bird Tattoo Design Ideas With Roses

Men's Bird Tattoo Center Chest

Men's Birds Of A Feather Tattoo

Men Bird Tattoos

Men Bird Tattoo On Forearm

Masculine Bird Tattoos For Men On Side Rib Cage

Man With Black Bird Tattoo On Ribs

Manly Tattoo Of Bird For Men Shoulder

Manly Bird Tattoos For Men

Guy's Bird Tattoos With Color

Free Bird Tattoo For Men

Flying Bird Tattoo For Men

Flock Of Birds Tattoo For Men

Feather Tattoo With Birds For Men

Feather Bird Tattoo For Men

Feather And Bird Tattoo For Men

Creative Men's Bird Tattoo Designs

Creative Bird Tattoos For Men On Back

Cool Bird Tattoos For Men

Colorful Bird Tattoos For Men Hand

Black Bird Tattoos For Men

Black Bird Tattoo For Men

Black Birds Tattoo For Men Armpit

Neck Bird Wings Tattoo For Men

Bird Tattoos With Feathers Men's Tattoo

Bird Tattoos On Man

Bird Tattoos Men Half Sleeve

American Flag Bird Tattoos For Guys

Bald Eagle Bird Tattoo Men

Bird Tattoo For Men

Forearm Bird Tattoo Designs For Men

Birds Tattoos For Men

Birds Tattoo For Men

Bird Silhouette Tattoo For Men

Birds Flying Tattoo For Men

Bird Men Tattoos

Bird Feather Tattoo For Men

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