Blessed Tattoos For Men

60 Blessed Tattoos For Men – Biblical Lettering Design Ideas

For a dose of wholesome worship in your next inking, your preferred route should unequivocally be a blessed tattoo. These linguistic wonders encapsulate an artistic paradise for believers.

Blessed tattoos are everything that you have been praying for and much more.

These inked ideas are well-rounded and far-reaching. Biblical quotes are predominant among spiritual body art fans, and scripture has never been more compelling than when it is permanently infused with your external outlook.

The words of Jesus Christ are embarking on an exciting new forefront with the widespread insurgence of blessed tattoos. Red-Letter Christians often acquire these insignias as a way of remaining devout under any circumstance. Of course, any passage from the Holy Book can be beatifically transformed into a blessed tattoo.

The body is a church, so it makes complete sense to be equipped with blessed ink. These inspirational designs can turn any physical vessel into a holy temple of blissful worship. God would surely approve of these masterful adornments, and they may be the defining difference between going to heaven or hell.

For the purposes of accessing unrivaled benevolence, just take a cue from this brilliant set of blessed tattoos that we have cunningly compiled for your benefit.

Blessed Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Truly Blessed Tattoo Designs On Arm For Men

Spanning the length of the subject’s lower arm, this tattoo reads “Blessed” in large letters written in a font that resembles some version of cursive and incorporates exceptionally-bold loops and more pointed, perhaps sharpened, edges. This simple one word statement may appear rather basic at first glance, but those who have this ink done on themselves are more often than not looking to send the message that, all things considered, they are truly fortunate.

Angel Wing Blessed Guys Upper Chest Tattoos

This “Blessed” tattoo rests at an angle on the chest and is in many ways a more tightly compact, thinner-lettered version of the previous piece. This tattoo also, however, has what appears to be a set or grouping of wings below it. The wings could be a symbol of anything from the protection given by a guardian angel of some sort (either literally or metaphorically) to a symbolic way of portraying flight. It is also possible that they are not so much wings as they are only meant to be a type of flourish or garnish primarily applied to make the “Blessed” tattoo more aesthetically appealing.

Awesome Blessed Mens Ribs Tatotos

Black Ink Blessed Mens Upper Back Tattoos

Here is a “Blessed” tattoo inked across a man’s back and occupying a large portion of the space between his shoulder blades. It is scrawled in a solid black, more traditional-looking cursive font.  The placement of this tattoo on the upper-back gives it a strong, bold effect. For while it is relatively simple in nature, it is in some ways afforded more importance by holding such a prominent position. This is not to say that a tattoo’s placement determines its value. Rather,it is simply to say that placement and size can certainly change the way a piece is viewed, both by the subject and others, and in that way can sometimes reflect something about the meaning and importance of a piece to its owner.

Black Ink Outline Blessed Male Tattoos On Arm

This tattoo reads “Blessed” in large, vacant letters across the forearm. The letters are certainly styled but are not filled in, consisting only of their outlines. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this tattoo, however, is the disproportionately-large the letter “B” in “Blessed”. This could simply be a preference regarding appearance and dimensions of the piece, particularly in regards to how it fits on the narrowing arm. It is also possible that the client wanted more emphasis to be placed on the “B”, as perhaps someone he feels most blessed to have or had in his life’s name began with a “B”. There are numerous possibilities.

Blessed By God Mens Collar Bone Tattoos

This “Blessed” tattoo has a few extra elements to it as it not only reads the word common to all of these tattoos, it adds two more words to the equation creating the phrase, “Blessed By god”. This in some ways modifies the typical meaning of these tattoos as it specifies outright that this particular tattoo is referring to blessings from god. Many of the other “Blessed” tattoos may be referring to the same thing but do not state that they are blessed by anyone or anything specifically as they are seeking to convey a broader meaning. This black and gray lettering tattoo is nicely done and circles around the front of the subject’s neck in a well-fitted way.

Blessed Leg And Thigh Guys Tattoo Ideas

Blessed Male Neck Tattoos

Here is a version of the ever-grateful “Blessed” tattoo featured prominently on the side of the neck. The lettering is a little more jagged and rougher around the edges giving it a more rugged look, almost as if to represent that this particular man’s blessings have been born out of hardships. There is also a bit of creative bordering done around some of the lettering.

Blessed Tattos For Men On Chest With Praying Hands And Flying Dove

This is a more elaborate “Blessed” tattoo. It involves a great deal of gray shading, a dove, a pair of praying hands and, of course, the word “Blessed” positioned up against the side of the neck. These different elements go together nicely. The praying hands seem fitting for accompanying a “Blessed” tattoo and the dove fits the piece effectively as well. The dove could symbolize the Holy Spirit or could be a generalized symbol for divine intervention.

Blue Ink Blessed Word Tattoo On Mans Upper Back

A simple version of the “Blessed” tattoo, this ink sits on the upper back, just below the neck. The primary and most obvious difference between this piece and those seen previously is that its letters are a fading shade of blue.

Collar Bone Male Blessed Tattoos

Decorative Blessed Guys Chest Tattoos

Fancy Blessed Lettering Guys Forearm Tattoo

Gentleman With Blessed Lettering Script Tattoo On Upper Chest

Guys Inner Forearm Blessed Tattoo Design Ideas

Handwritten Blessed Lettering Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo

This tattoo spells out “Blessed” across the wrist. These letters look to be originally handwritten, perhaps by a family member or someone near and dear to the subject’s heart. It is an extremely-simple piece. However, it seems quite likely that this is also a deeply-meaningful tattoo and if it is the writing of a friend or loved one it is surely of all the more value to the subject.

Inner Forearm Blessed Shaded Black Ink Guys Tattoos

Male Arm Tattoos Blessed With Decorative Design

Male Upper Chest Blessed Tattoo Designs

Manly Blessed Collar Bone Guys Tattoo Ideas

Here is “Blessed”spelled out in a different form of cursive. This form is in many ways a simpler version of the cursive shown here thus far, but because of that it is somewhat more fitting for the design. This seems particularly true in the sense that the feeling of being “Blessed” is in many ways a humble feeling. With this in mind, both the font and size of the lettering set this version of the “Blessed” tattoo apart from the rest.

Man With Blessed Handwritten Cursive Tattoo On Upper Chest

Man With Blessed Tattoo On Forearm

This is quite an attractive “Blessed” tattoo. It covers a large portion of the arm and is done in a sophisticated and highly-precise way. This piece certainly reflects how blessed its owner feels through the sheer quality-level of its composition. The thin outlining, which contrasts with the thick lettering it follows, is a strong and stunning touch. Pieces like this are always exciting to find.

Man With Blessed Wrist Tattoo

Straight onto the top of the wrist, this “Blessed” tattoo is both rugged and immediate. For this piece  is by no means hiding and in no way shying away from its feelings of appreciativeness as it holds strong right on a vulnerable and easy to spot segment of the subject’s arm.

Mens Bicep Blessed Tattoos

Mens Blessed Knuckle Tattoos With Old School Design

The knuckles can be a bold and statement-making part of the body to place any tattoos. On these knuckles, “B L E E S S E D” is spelled out in large letters that are shaded-in on their bottom halves and left empty on the tops. On the last knuckle that is inked there is a small but meaningful cross. This cross adds the religious element to the “Blessed” tattoo once again but beyond its standard Christian symbolism it is in no way specific.

Mens Blessed Neck Tattoo Design Ideas

Here is a rather loud and strong tattoo as it covers the front of the subject’s neck and by virtue of such positioning stands out in a major way. It is also composed of a cursive style that in many ways resembles that of graffiti. It is extremely-well done and speaks volumes about the owner’s sense of the blessings he has received in his life. The dark shading around the lettering is a terrific outlining touch as well.

Mens Blessed Stomach Tatoos

Mens Blessed Sun Rays And Dove Tattoo On Chest

Mens Blessed Tattoo On Chest

Mens Chest Blessed Tattoo Ideas With Angel Wings

Mens Rib Cage Side Of Body Blessed Cursive Tattoos

Mens Truly Blessed Tattoo On Arm

Mens Truly Blessed Tattoos On Arm

Military Blessed Mens Forearm Tattoo With Digital Camo Design

Modern Blessed Lettering Guys Arm Tattoos

Modern Lettering Blessed Mens Hand Tattoos

Negative Space Blessed Black Ink Guys Forearm Tattoo

Ornate Blessed Mens Forearm Tattoos

Outer Forearm Blessed Guys Tatotos

Rib Cage Side Guys Blessed Tattoo Designs

Rose Flower Forearm Sleeve Blessed Tattoo With Negative Space Design

This “Blessed” tattoo displays a beautiful, black and gray floral background. It is a layer of smooth but crisp rose-filled design. Over this layer lies the magic word, “Blessed”, which appears to be composed of a pleasant use of negative space. The floral element could have something to do with the tattoos back story but it is likely, and in no way detrimentally, only meant to be an attractive backdrop. It is still quite enjoyable to view and is very likely a piece of the tattoo its owner is quite proud of.

Rose Flower Tattoo Blessed Design On Man

Last, but certainly not least, here is a rugged “Blessed” tattoo that is particularly noteworthy because of the additional lettering below it that spells out, “Struggle Hustle Never Give Up”. These words are done in a unique and interesting style of their own and bring a certain flavor to the piece that aids its look and feel in a distinctly-nuanced way. It also stands apart from the rest by virtue of the rugged, ultra-creative flower composed of hundred dollar bills that sits to the left of the central word. This all calls to mind the roles played in life by hard work, dedication and, to be honest and realistic, the almighty dollar.

Script Blessed Guys Upper Back Tattoo

Simple Lettering Blessed Male Outer Forearm Tattoos

Small Guys Blessed Upper Chest Tattoos

Small Simple Blessed Tattoo For Men On Inner Forearm

Small Wrist Blessed Guys Tattoos

Solid Black Ink Forearm Blessed Male Tatoto Design Inspiration

Tribal Blessed Lettering Guys Tattoo On Arm

Unique Script Blessed Lettering Male Forearm Tattoo

Upper Back Old School Font Blessed Tattoos For Guys

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