Blink 182 Tattoos For Men

50 Blink 182 Tattoos For Men – Rock Band Ink Ideas

Back in the early ‘90s, Tom DeLonge showed up drunk to one of his high school basketball games at Poway High outside of San Diego.

He was expelled and forced to attend another school where he played the Battle of the Bands.

At the event, he met Scott Raynor. When the two met Mark Hoppus shortly thereafter, they formed a band called Blink and sealed their fate.

Legend tells it that the bandmates came up with ‘Blink-182’ because Al Pacino says a certain four-letter word 182 times in the movie Scarface, but in reality, it comes from a legal dispute. When they formed, an Irish band was also performing under the name Blink, and so they changed their name to avoid getting sued.

The trio started spewing punk music all over southern California. They played hundreds of gigs, recorded a few hits, and began to develop a following. After the group replaced Raynor with Travis Barker in ’98, the band took flight.

The release of Enema of the State in ’99 solidified their fate. The album contained, among other tracks, “All the Small Things,” and the sound they achieved would define punk music and the early years of the entire millennial generation.

People mostly get Blink-182 tattoos for one reason: they’re totally rad. Their music encapsulated a moment in American youth culture and when we’re old and feeble and pissing into plastic bags, we’ll still be singing “Say it aint so, I will not go, turn the lights off, carry me home.”


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