Broken Glass Tattoo Designs For Men

30 Broken Glass Tattoo Designs For Men – Shattered Ink Ideas

There are two types of people in this world: those who tiptoe around shattered glass to avoid getting hurt, and those who yell “Hoppa!”

Broken glasses, plates, and mirrors have been viewed as marks of misfortune and celebration alike, and your point of view will largely determine the purpose of your tattoo.

Perhaps you have ended a toxic relationship or bad habit that was holding you back, symbolized by a broken or cracked bottle. Maybe you are impervious to vanity and ego now, with a shattered mirror to prove it, or perhaps you are ready to walk over life’s dangers and disasters like the most brazen of sideshow stuntman. Regardless of your reasons–and only you can truly know them–broken glass tattoos are a powerful testament to one’s resilience and resolve.

Even a single shard of glass running the length of your forearm can send a message to the world that you are not afraid to draw blood, that you will defend yourself at any cost, with any object; a shard of glass can similarly denote the removal of a painful obstacle or factor of abuse. Either way, the world will have no choice but to adhere to your warning, as well as your declaration that freedom can seldom be gained without a little pain.


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