Bull Tattoos For Men

70 Bull Tattoos For Men – Eight Seconds Of 2,000 Pound Furry

One ride on this 2,000 pound beast and you’ll understand why eight quick seconds feels like an eternity. With one hand to grip on, your bet of getting bucked off are almost guaranteed.

Regardless, it still doesn’t stop a 150-pound cowboy from taking a chance at the rodeo.

Nor the 300 rides who were thrown off the legendary Red Rock bull back in the 80s. Throughout his entire pro rodeo history, not a single man could manage to hang on for the full eight seconds.

After being retired the bull was brought out for one more special match against the World Champion rider, Lane Frost. With considerable bravely and a bit of luck, Frost became the first to qualify, though not with a fierce battle.

Modern day bull riding aside, many have held great respect and firmness with the bull historically. Take for instance, the Minoan culture who had deep roots in the taming of bulls.

Not to mention, when you think of bulls you might also be reminded of bullfighting which still remains popular today in places like Spain. A popular belief has been that red angers this animal but it could be further from the truth! In reality, bulls are red-green color blind, which means it’s really the matador’s cape doing all the provoking.

With that said, get ready to strap your hand to the bull’s massive backside. You’re about to discover the top 70 best bull tattoo designs for men. From the aggressive and feared to the casual bull roaming nature’s land, there’s plenty of dangerous and cool ideas to hang on to!

1. Forearm Bull Tattoos

Red Matador Bull Tattoo On Man's Forearm

Forearm Bull Head Tattoos For Men

Back Of Forearm Bull Horn Tattoos For Males

Men's Tattoo Of A Bull

Tattoos Of A Bull For Guys

Blue Bull Riding Tattoo For Males

Men's Bull Tattoo Meaning

2. Bicep Bull Tattoos

Men With Bull Rider Tattoos

Small Men's Bicep Bull Tattoo

Guy's Tattoo Bulls On Bicep

Bicep Bull Tattoo Men's Design

Tattoos Bull Male

3. Arm Bull Tattoos

Simple Bull Tattoo Designs For Men

Men's Tribal Bull Tattoo

Upper Arm Tattoos Of Bull Man

Small Arm Bucking Men's Bull Tattoos

Bull Head Tattoo For Men On Arm

Arm Bulls Tattoo For Men

Agressive Men's Bull Tattoo On Arm

Smoking Black Bull Charging Animal Tattoo For Men

Cool Bull Tattoos For Guys

Male Taurus Bull Tattoos

Men's Bull Tattoo Designs

Raging Bull Tattoo On Men

Bull Head Male Tattoo Designs

4. Sleeve Bull Tattoos

Bull Skull Tattoos For Men

Sleeve Bull Skull Tattoo Designs For Men

Half Sleeve Bulls Tattoos For Men

Tattoos Of Bulls For Men

Black Bulls Tattoo Designs On Men

Charging Bull Tattoo For Guys

5. Chest Bull Tattoos

Chest Man With Bull Tribal Tattoos

Abstract Chest Bulls Head Men's Tattoo

Men's Black Bull Tattoo On Chest

Guy's Bull Tattoo Ideas On Chest

Colorful Men's Bull Tattoo On Chest

Men's Taurus Bull Tattoo

Male Longhorn Bull Tattoos

Men's Bull Tattoos

Men's Bull Skull Tattoo

Arm Angry Bull Men's Tattoo

Male With Angry Bull Tattoos

6. Back Bull Tattoos

Running Back Body Bull Tattoo For Men

Masculine Raging Bull Tattoos For Men On Back

Full Back Tattoo Of Bull On Men

Back Shoulder Men's Bull Tattoo Designs

Back Bull Tattoos For Men

Tattoo For Guys Of Bulls

7. Side Bull Tattoos

Side Rib Cage Bull Horns Tattoo Men

Spanish Bull Tattoo For Males

Men's Bull Tattoo

8. Rib  Bull Tattoos

Tribal Bull Tattoo For Men On Arm

Tattoo Bull Men

9. Leg Bull Tattoos

Black Bucking Bull Guy's Tattoos

Raging Bull Tattoos On Man

Men's Bull Leg Tattoo

Leg Black Bull Tattoo For Guys

Guy's Tattoos Bulls On Leg Calf

Best Bull Male Tattoos On Legs

Back Of Leg Bull Tattoo For Men

Red Cool Bull Designs For Men's Tattoos

10. Calf Bull Tattoos

Tattoo For Men Of Bull

Man With Bull Horn Tattoo In Color Ink

Longhorn Bull Skull Male Tattoos

Men's Running Bull Tattoo On Calf

11. Shoulder Bull Tattoos

Men's Bull Tattoo On Shoulder

12. Thigh Bull Tattoos

Simple Bull Tattoos On Man

13. Hand Bull Tattoos

Hand Male Bull Tattoos Designs

Bull Face Tattoo For Guys On Hands

14. Tribal Bull Tattoos

Tribal Bull Riding Tattoos For Men



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