Calf Tattoos For Men

Top 51 Best Calf Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

No matter if you skip leg day or are religious about it, one thing remains true. The truth is, the calf area is one of the easiest and lowest pain points on the body to get inked.

Sure, some bodybuilders neglect their calf just like some tattoo aficionados forget about this prime area of canvas.

When it comes to the calf, you might be surprised to know it’s actually made up of two different muscles.

The gastrocnemius, which is the largest and most visible calf muscle, has two heads giving the illusion of a diamond-like shape.

However, all science aside, I’d like to share with you a collection of 50 incredible calf tattoos for men. From full sleeves to smaller artwork that’s sure to impress, you’ll discover a wide range of quality design ideas.


Awesome Calf Tattoos For Men

Lion Calf Tattoos For Men

Mountain Block Calf Tattoo For Men

Skull Tattoos On The Calf For Men

Ship Tattoo On Man's Calf

Tattoo On Calf For Men

Tattoo Calf For Men

Fox Men's Upper Calf Tattoos

Mechanical Gear Men's Tattoos On Calf

Nature Men's Lower Calf Tattoos

Men's Lower Calf Tattoo Ideas

Men's Lower Calf Tattoo Designs

Ship Men's Front Calf Tattoos

Flower Men's Calf Tattoo Sleeve

Snake Men's Calf Tattoos

Men's Calf Tattoo Designs

Men's Calf Tattoo

Grim Reaper Men's Calf Sleeve Tattoos

Mountain Men's Calf Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Astronaut Space Men's Calf Muscle Tattoo

Men's Back Of Calf Tattoo Quote

Men Calf Tattoos

Masculine Calf Tattoos For Men

Man With Calf Tattoo

Manly Men's Calf Tattoos

Male With Calf Tattoo

Male Masculine Calf Tattoo Designs Men

Male Calf Tattoos

Lower Calf Tattoo For Men

Guys Front Calf Tattoo Ideas Skull

Indian Gentleman With Calf Tattoo

Creative Men's Calf Tattoos

Cool Calf Tattoos For Men Tribal

Shark Calf Tribal Tattoos For Men

Calf Tattoos Men

Letters Calf Tattoos For Men

Outer Space Calf Tattoos For Guys

Triangle Calf Tattoo Designs For Men

Calf Tattoo Inspiration For Men

Tribal Calf Tattoo Ideas For Men

Owl Calf Tattoo For Guys

Globe Calf Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Ocean Waves Calf Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Octopus Calf Muscle Tattoos For Men

Calf Muscle Tattoo Designs For Men

Cal Leg Tattoos For Men

Warrior Samurai Calf Leg Tattoo Designs For Men

Best Calf Tattoos For Men

Back Of Calf Tattoo Designs For Men

Batman Back Of Calf Men's Tattoo

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