Celtic Cross Tattoos For Men

Top 93 Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Antique spirituality meets modern fashion with the widespread induction of Celtic Cross tattoos. These ancient symbols are imbued with vast cultural significance for men everywhere.

Celtic cross ink is ideal for those who want to emphasize the inclusive elements of Christianity.

Because it can be traced back to the Church’s most peaceful incarnation, this beatific icon transcends the violence of religion. It carries immense holiness without being embedded into Roman Catholicism.

Pagans also enjoy the Celtic Cross, and it can summarize an openness to all beliefs. In fact, the Tarot teachings regularly incorporate this conceptual image into their card reading ceremonies. The stone foundation removes some of the bonds to crucifixion, so it carries happier connotations all around.

The primary message of a Celtic Cross masterpiece is peace and love. This is a great path towards eliminating the exclusionary aspects of religion while maintaining links to a higher power. No other type of Christian artwork manages to defy the Great Schism. As such, even atheists sometimes pursue this touching artwork.

The ability to customize its appearance provides for some ornate originality alongside further divergences from standard Christian teachings. They are divinely elegant in a universally masculine manner. If you are an open-minded thinker, then explore our crafty catalog of Celtic Cross ink right here!


3d Crow With Celtic Cross Mens Forearm Tattoo

3d Green And Black Ink Celtic Cross Half Sleeve Guys Tattoos

Armor Half Sleeve Celtic Cross Plate Mens Tattoos

Armor Plate Half Sleeve Shoulder Celtic Crosses Tattoos For Men

Awesome 3d Celtic Cross Tattoo On Mans Upper Arm

Back Of Shoulder Celtic Cross Male Tattoos

Black And Green Celtic Cross Male Outer Forearm Tattoo Designs

Black And White Ink Celtic Cross Leg Tattoo On Male

Black And White Ink Mens Celtic Cross Leg Tattoos

Celtic Cross Male Forearm Tattoo With Black And Red Ink

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas For Guys On Inner Forearm

Celtic Cross Tattoo On Mans Inner Forearm

This is an interesting take on a Celtic cross that incorporates several different techniques and styles to create a one of a kind tattoo. The bold line work that forms the outline for this piece is even and consistent, letting the artist get creative with some of the other elements in the design. This piece is interesting in its incorporation of geometric designs behind and at the center of the cross, giving the feeling of a stained glass window. Another interesting aspect of this design is the artist’s use of stipple shading, which gives the piece an added layer of texture and helps it to stand out from other similar designs that use more standard black and gray shading.

Celtic Cross Tattoo With Black And Green Ink On Males Upper Arm

Celtic Cross With Claddagh Guys Tattoo Black And Grey Ink Shaded On Upper Arm

Celtics Cross Tattoo On Gentleman On Inner Forearm

Center Of Back Celtic Cross Guys Designs For Tattoos

Colorful Celtic Cross Full Back Male Tattoos

Here is an interesting piece that uses different stylistic and technical elements to create a colorful, one of a kind tattoo. At the center of this piece are the quintessential knots that set these crosses apart, however, this is where the similarities with other Celtic designs end. Surrounding the cross are blue, red and teal geometric patterns that are typical of South West Native American artwork, while the ends of the cross are bound in leather twine and holding beads and feathers, also elements associated with Native American traditions. The shading in the knots is even and consistent, perfectly capturing the intricacies of these Celtic designs.

Cool Black And Grey Ink Shaded Male Leg Calf Celtric Cross Tattoos

Cool Celtic Cross Gentlemens Tattoos On Legs

Cool Celtic Cross With Modern Design Tattoo For Guys Inner Forearms

Cool Guys Celtic Cross Back Tattoos On Leg

Cool Males Upper Arm Celtic Cross Black Ink Tattoos

Cool Stone Celtic Cross 3d Male Upper Arm Tattoo Design Ideas

Detailed Celtic Cross Male Chest Tattoo

Forearm Sleeve Irish Celtic Cross Tattoos For Guys

Gentleman With Celtic Cross Tattoo Black And White Ink On Leg

Gentleman With Celtic Cross Tattoo Inner Bicep

Gentleman With Small Celtic Cross Upper Chest Tattoo

Guys Celtic Cross Tribal Tattoos On Leg Calf

Guys Celtic Knot Cross Tattoo Half Sleeve Design Inspiration

Guys Full Celtic Cross Tattoo Sleeve Design

Guys Modern Celtic Cross 3d Neck Tattoo

Guys Stone Celtic Cross Tattoo On Leg

Guy With Celtic Cross Upper Arm Tattoo

Guy With Full Back Celtic Cross Tattoo And Flying Birds

This is another piece that takes a traditional Celtic cross and incorporates a number of different design elements to create a unique tattoo. The black that forms the background of the cross is well-saturated, increasing contrast and helping to define the negative space, fine line knot work that defines this style. The incorporation of two ravens at the top of the piece, as well as a deer skull that follows the lines of the circle, works well to set this tattoo apart from similar designs. While this tattoo does suffer from some uneven line work, the large size and excellent composition make this an interesting and unique tattoo.

Incredible 3d Celtic Cross Graveyard Male Rib Tattoos

Inner Bicep 3d Manly Celtic Cross Tattoos For Men

Irish Themed Celtic Cross With Shamrock Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Large Celtic Cross Mens Rib Cage Tattoo

Leg Calf Celtic Cross Tattoos Designs On Men

Lighting Bolt Upper Arm Celtic Crosses Tattoo On Gentlemen

Male Celtic Cross Claddagh Tattoo With Green Ink

Male Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs 3d On Back

Male With Black Ink Celtic Cross Leg Calf Tattoos

Male With Celtic Cross Back Tattoo

Male With Celtic Cross Forearm Tattoo Design

Man With Celtic Cross Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Man With Celtic Cross Tattoo Design On Back Of Leg Calf

Man With Celtic Cross Tattoos On Back Traditional Irish Design

Man With Celtic Cross Wrist And Forearm Tattoo

Man With Inner Forearm Celtic Cross Tattoo

Masculine Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs For Men Stone

Mens 3d Colorful Celtic Cross Upper Arm Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Black Celtic Cross Tattoo With Green Ink Ribbon On Arm

Mens Black Ink Shaded Celtic Cross Inner Forearm Tattoos

Mens Celtic Cross Half Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Celtic Cross Stone Tattoo With Red Leaves On Upper Arm

Mens Celtic Cross Tattoo Design Forearm

Mens Celtic Knot Cross Tattoos On Rib Cage Side

This large, simple piece is a great example of how dramatic a clean, well-applied tattoo can be, without the need for a lot of different design elements.  The black ink is fully saturated, providing a perfect background for the intricate knots in this piece, while the line work is clean and consistent. The bold placement and large size of this piece make sure that anyone who sees it fully understands the importance of his Irish heritage to the wearer.

Mens Cracked Stone Celtic Cross Black And Grey Upper Arm Tattoo

Mens Cracked Stone Celtic Cross Chest Tattoo

Mens Creative Celtic Cross With Dagger Shape Leg Tattoo

Mens Full Back Celtic Cross Sword Tattoo Design

Mens Full Sleeve Celtic Cross Tattoo

Mens Irish Shamrock Celtic Cross Tattoo On Arm

Mens Scottish Celtic Cross Rib Cage Tattoo With Black Ink

Mens Shaded Celtic Cross Smoking Upper Arm Tattoos

Mens Shaded Stone Forearm Celtic Cross Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Simple Celtic Cross Outer Forearm Tattoo

Mens Simple Celtic Cross Tattoos On Arm

Mens Stone Celtic Cross Leg Calf Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Tattoo Celtic Cross Inner Bicep

Mens Upper Arm Linework Detailed Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas

Middle Of Back Detailed Celtic Cross Male Tattoos

Modern Mens Celtic Cross Thigh Tattoo Designs

Old School Celtic Cross With Leaves On Back Of Leg Calf

Realistic Celtic Cross Grave Stone Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Realistic Irish Castle With Celtic Cross Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Red And Black Celtic Cross Leg Tattoos For Guys

This clean, well-executed color design is a great example of a classic Celtic cross tattoo. The knot work is even and precise and the black between the knots is well-saturated, creating a consistent background to help the colors pop. Another interesting element in this piece is the use of color on the outside edge of the tattoo: the artist uses a deliberately uneven application of red to expertly create the impression of marble. It is small details like this that put the artist’s skill on display and ensures this is a one of a kind piece.

Ripped Skin Celtic Cross Forearm Tattoos For Guys

Ripped Skin Celtic Cross Upper Chest Tattoo On Male

Simple Black Ink Celtic Cross Shaded Forearm Tattoos For Guys

Simple Upper Arm Celtic Cross Male Tattoo Design Ideas

Small Celtic Cross Tattoos For Males On Upper Arm

Smoking Spirit Celtic Cross Mens Upper Arm Tattoo Design Inspiration

Tattoos Celtic Cross Men On Back

Tattoos Of Celtic Crosses On Male With Shaded Black And White Ink

Tribal Celtic Cross Negative Space Guys Tattoo On Forearm

Tribal Mens Forearm Celtic Cross Tattoo With Black Ink

Upper Arm Celtic Cross Black With Green Ink Design Male Tattoos

Upper Arm Celtic Cross Symbol Male Tattoos

Upper Chest Irish Celtic Cross With Harp Tattoo On Guy

This design incorporates a number of design elements, including script, black and gray shading and clean line work to create a one of a kind memorial to the wearer’s Irish heritage. At the center of this piece, the artist utilizes well-saturated black and consistent line work to create a great example of a Celtic cross. On either side of the cross are two Celtic harps, long used as symbols of Irish heritage and strongly associated with royalty. Surrounding the harps is black and gray filigree work and Celtic knots reminiscent of four-leaf clovers. At the top of the piece is clean script work that completes this unique tattoo.

Celtic Tattoo FAQ’s

What does a Celtic cross mean?

Thanks to a series of historical events, the Irish and their descendants have spread around the globe, and with them they brought their culture and traditions. Few Irish symbols are more instantly recognizable than the Celtic cross. While this image can be found in artwork and on tattoos around the world, the true origins and meaning behind this ancient symbol is still contested. Scholars can’t even agree on who introduced the distinctive cross to Ireland in the first place, although the story goes that St. Patrick brought it back to Ireland with him from Roman Britain.

Some authors believe that the circle on the cross represents the Roman Sun god Invictus, while others say it represents Jesus’ halo when he was nailed to the cross. Still others say that it is simply a holdover from pagan religions, arguing that the iconic image is a combination of an even armed cross within a circle—a common symbol in many pagan traditions—and the Christian cross. 

Whatever the origins of the ancient symbol, in modern times it has become one of the most popular ways to commemorate Celtic heritage and stylized versions can be found around the world.  

See some more cross tattoo designs here.

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