Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs For Men – Knot Ink Ideas

The unmatched intricacy of the Celtic dragon tattoo has deep connections to Celtic folklore and symbolic meaning. These fierce beasts are a masculine addition to your collection of body art.

Dragon tattoos incorporate a certain sense of fearlessness into your style.

These majestic mystical creatures usually are illustrated in thick, black ink lines and depict a fearsome dragon with horns, sharp fangs, and a long snake-like tongue. The creature is usually twisted into a variation of the Celtic knot to exhibit exactly where the tradition originated from. Because of this twisted and intertwined body along with its striking similarities to a snake, the dragon is often associated with evil and fire.

The Celtic dragon is meant to symbolize courage and great power despite these negative connotations. Today many proudly show off the tattoo simply as a homage to their ancestry and heritage. In Celtic society these demonic appearing dragons were once thought to be able to predict the future and have magical healing powers.

Enjoy our compiled list of various Celtic dragon tattoos and the incredible history that has been passed down through folklore for countless generations.

1. Forearm Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Blue And Grey Shaded Guys Celtic Dragon Inner Forearm Tattoo

Flying Celtic Dragon Mens Forearm Tattoos

Geometric Negative Space Celtic Dragon Forearm Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Old School Traditional Celtic Dragon Knot Mens Forearm Tattoo

Small Guys Celtic Dragon Tattoo Design On Inner Forearm

Forearm Male Celtic Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas


2. Arm Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Amazing Mens Celtic Dragon Fire Flames Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Awesome Mens Black And Grey Ink Shaded Celtic Dragon Tattoo On Arm

Blackwork Mens Tribal Celtic Dragon Upper Arm Tattoo

Circular Knots Celtic Dragon Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Dotwork Mens Pattern Celtic Dragon Arm Tattoo

Knots Guys Dragon Celtic Tattoo Design On Arms

Masculine Guys Celtic Dragon Arm Tattoos

Mens Arm Celtic Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas

Red And White Ink Celtic Dragon Forearm Tattoos For Men

Small Arm Dragon Head Celtic Tattoo Ideas For Men


3. Sleeve Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Full Arm Sleeve Mens Celtic Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Manly Full Sleeve Guys Knots Celtic Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas

Unique Celtic Dragon Full Arm Male Tattoos

Rune With Celtic Dragon Guys Half Sleeve Tattoos


4. Chest Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Celtic Dragon Head Guys Upper Chest Front Of Shoulder Tattoo

Celtic Knot Mens Upper Chest Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Dragon Mens Celtic Heavily Shaded Shoulder And Chest Tattoo

Gentleman With Black Ink Dotwork Celtic Dragon Head Tattoo On Upper Chest


5. Back Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Amazing Mens Celtic Dragon Black And Grey Ink Upper Back Tttoos

Manly Full Back Skull Viking Celtic Dragon Tattoos For Men

Celtic Cross With Dragon Guys Back Tattoo Designs

Celtic Dragon Male Shaded Upper Back Tattoo

Guys Celtic Dragon Negative Space Knots Black Ink Upper Back Tattoo


6. Side Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Dragon With Celtic Knots Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoo Designs

Mens Full Side Of Body Rib Cage Celtic Dragon Dotwork Tattoos

Mens Side Of Leg Celtic Dragon Tattoo Ideas


7. Rib Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Mens Knots Celtic Dragon Rib Cage Side Tattoos


8. Leg Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Cool Dragon Celtic Knot Leg Tattoos For Males

Mens Leg Calf Celtic Dragon Tattoo Inspiration

Mens Side Of Leg Shaded Dragon Celtic Tattoo Design


9. Thigh Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Celtic Dragon Thigh Tattoos For Guys


10. Shoulder Celtic Dragon Tattoos

3d Wood Celtic Dragon Mens Shoulder Tattoo

Battle Armor Guys Celtic Dragon Shoulder And Arm Tattoo

Mens Arm And Shoulder Stone Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs


11. 3D Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Cool Celtic Dragon Guys Shaded 3d Arm Tattoo


12. Dotwork Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Arm Guys Dotwork Celtic Dragon Tattoos


13. Celtic Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Celtic Dragon Black Ink Outline Back Tattoos For Men

Sleeve Male Celtic Dragon Knot Tattoo Design Ideas

Upper Arm Guys Shaded Celtic Knot Dragon Tattoo Designs


14. More Celtic Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Celtic Dragon With Wings Mens Knot Thigh Tattoo

Small Ornate Mens Celtic Dragon Inner Forearm Tattoo Designs


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