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Top 81 Chemistry Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Chemistry tattoos have turned into an indomitable craze during the new century. These academically themed presentations are the perfect blend of intelligent and classy.

For mind-boggling sophistication, there is no way to outdo a debonair chemistry tattoo.

This arena of scientific study is filled to the brim with inspiring ideas for ink. For starters, the periodic table is packed with hundreds of elements that each come with their own atomic formula. Furthermore, these components can be suavely featured in comprehensive combinations to form any compound on the planet!

On the mathematical side, this field is loaded with intricate equations that will swiftly show off your smarts. Laboratory equipment also packs a stylish punch, and the options are seemingly endless. The most prevalent choices here are bubbling beakers, goggles and hazmat suits. Noble gases are uniquely revered among those with collegiate backgrounds.

The states of matter grant additional room for dabbling in chemistry ink, and none of them are more stellar than plasma. In a similar regard, symbols for toxic radiation offer more potent choices for your chemistry tattoo.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so put on your lab coats, because this ensemble that we have compiled is going to be a chemically induced doozy!

1. Atom Chemistry Tattoos

The famous atom symbol looks more skateboard logo than chemistry geek. That makes it perfect for the cool science guy. Ok, maybe not that cool. The atom symbol is extremely versatile and can be well cast as the centerpiece in a chest tattoo. The atom can be tiny and hidden, and/or be highly stylized and hypercolored.

The atom creates the most flexibility in design out of all the chemistry tattoo staples. Pretty much no matter what tattoo style you’re into, if you want to add a tribute to science the atom symbol will work conceptually and be applied within your tastes.

2. Molecule Chemistry Tattoos 

Molecules and chemistry are like the old school lumberjack and saw – inseparable. What better way to pay homage to your passion than with a piece of an actual chemical structure. The molecule is also the symbol that speaks. You can have the chemical structure of a relevant molecule or even a combination of molecules to communicate what defines you.

Serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin round out the top three molecules in the chemistry tattoo hall of fame. But there’s plenty of room for creativity. Other popular choices include caffeine and chocolate (mostly amongst women we’ll admit) and THC and LSD have their own special place. There’s nothing stopping you putting your thinking goggles on and coming up with an appropriate choice for yourself.  

3. Periodic Table of Elements Chemistry Tattoos 

While not exactly a work of art in itself, the periodic table of elements still has huge potential to make art when put into tattoo service. It’s consistent, recognizable and beautifully structured, all elements that can create cool body art. There’s a certain type of person – scientists mostly – who will see the beauty in a periodic table of elements tattoo.  

That said, most chemistry tattoos choose to incorporate elements of the periodic table rather than simply tattooing the whole thing onto a body part. Don’t let that hold you back. If you’re really into science, and chemsitry particularly,  you get the whole thing and re-set all parameters.  

But if you’re not sure you’re that committed then consider including elements to say something important. Some famous creative ones are Li Fe, Th In K and B Re At He. If you can spell it with elemental abbreviations then it’s probably going to make an innovative and interesting chemistry tattoo.   

4. Colorful Chemistry Tattoos 

Color is not called upon much when considered when representing a molecule or an atom in ink. This type of understatement makes it a bold, intriguing choice for a chemistry tattoo. While the majority are simple fine line black ink expression, yours is going to stand out from the crowd if you commit to the use of a vivid, vibrant color paletteThis is particularly suitable for those who have a current aesthetic they are working with but want to include an ode to science.  

There is nothing stopping you from incorporating American traditional or neo traditional styles or even going down the path of psychedelic or cartoon color applications. You can also keep to minimalist themes by having one or two primary colours – typically blue and red – used appropriately in highlighting your chemistry tattoo in an alternative fashion.

5. Large Scale Chemistry Tattoos

Why go small when you can go large? If you’ve got the space on your canvas then you can get a masterpiece of chemistry themed ink. Many of the common elements of chemistry tattoos are simple, elegant designs that can be scaled up or down – size is only depending on you concept of the work and wider tastes.

You could go all in on symbolism and include everything: atoms, molecules, elements, the double helix, lab equipment, and even a sexy calculator. And thre would still be room left for at least a bunsen burner, and set of PPE. Conversely, you could go for a zoomed in, heavily stylized version of one of the elements. Have a single atom cover your entire back for example. Because of the naturally minimalistic nature of element symbols you can leave space for a clean, effective look.

6. Lab Equipment Themed Tattoos  

All great artisans become one with their tools, sporting legends, tradesman and musicians alike. Scientists are no different, often forming a mysterious bond with their fondest tools. Some of them, like the microscope for instance, are integral to any great work the scientist may achieve. In that way the tool becomes a symbol so much greater than the sum of its parts, and eminently worthy of a permanent reminder of its importance.

If you really want to show off your dedication to the craft of science, you can’t go past lab equipment. A microscope, bunsen burner or beaker catapults your commitment to a few levels beyond your casual molecule sporting tattoo enthusiasts. They’re must consider ink for serious scientists.

7. Portrait Chemistry Tattoos

There can be no greater expression of admiration and respect than getting your hero’s likeness tattooed onto your skin. Quality portraits are extremely difficult to pull off and require a skilled artist. Make sure you shop around and check out some examples before committing.  

Most portraits are done with fine line black and grey but the sky’s the limit. Traditionally portraits are done to look realistic but they don’t have to be. Especially in the case of a celebrity it can be great to for something a little more stylized.  

When planning for a chemistry tattoo framed around a portrait there’s great scope to include other elements reflecting your love of chemistry. Einstein and the atom go hand in hand as does E=Mc2. Don’t be shy about mixing styles here. Go for what you want included.  

Chemistry Tattoo FAQs

What does the molecule tattoo mean?  

The molecule tattoo can mean a generalized nod in the direction of the sciences, through to a very specific and personal relationship with a certain molecule. The beauty of a molecule tattoo is it allows you to say what you want to say without being in your face about it.

Most molecule tattoos are serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin – chemicals released by our bodies that make us feel good. If you’re really into other pastimes besides science then you can get the LSD or THC molecule. Either way molecule tattoos are going to have a specific meaning based on the molecule. This will be individual to the wearer.  

What does a DNA tattoo symbolize? 

DNA is the symbol of humanity distilled down to its chemical essence. A DNA tattoo symbolizes that connection with yourself as a human and with the modern understanding of the building blocks of life.  

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