Chi Rho Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Chi Rho Tattoo Designs For Men – Christian Symbol Ink Ideas

Chi-Rho tattoos are passionate emblems that come filled to the brim with spirituality. This metaphysical realm of imagery is dynamically appealing to Christian practitioners of all backgrounds.

For a classic display of arcane Christian values, nothing contains more keenness than a Chi-Rho tattoo.

These cosmopolitan emblazonments are composed of a merger between two Greek letters. Their esteemed eloquence has transcended the centuries to arrive at the pinnacle of modern body art.

As the original Christogram, this exquisite emblem has established roots going all the way back to Emperor Constantine of Rome. In this regard, historians often attribute the symbol to the empire’s vast armies. This edition is widely known as the labarum, and its precursor was referred to as the vexillum.

This soulful icon can be modified in several manners to amplify and alter its meaning. For example, a wreath enclosure signifies the impassioned wonder of Christ’s resurrection.

When accompanied by Alpha and Omega, Chi-Rho ink becomes imbued with the notion of eternity. In fact, archaeologists have located the four characters on a variety of Roman tombs for this very purpose.

Get directly in touch with your faith by taking some inspiration from this lively library of adventurous Chi-Rho tattoos:

1. Forearm Chi Rho Tattoos

Inner Forearm Chi Rho Tattoo On Male With Black Ink Design

Modern Mens 3d Lettering Chi Rho Arm Tattoos

Male With Chi Rho Shield Forearm Tattoo

Nautical Rope And Anchor Guys Chi Rho Forearm Tattoos

Small Simple Guys Christian Symbol Chi Rho Tattoo On Inner Forearm


2. Bicep Chi Rho Tattoos

Manly Mens Chi Rho Bicep Tattoos

Shaded Black And Grey Chi Rho Male Alpha Omega Upper Chest Tattoos

Inner Arm Male Chi Rho Tattoo Design Inspiration


3. Tricep Chi Rho Tattoos

Back Of Arm Male Chi Rho Tattoo Designs With Olive Branches

Black Ink Outline Chi Rho Tattoo On Male Back Of Arm


4. Arm Chi Rho Tattoos

All Seeing Eye Mens Chi Rho Pyramid Tattoo On Arms

Stone Chi Rho Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Outer Arm Chi Rho Black Ink Masculine Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Mens Red And White Ink Chi Rho Triceps Tattoos

Tricep Guys Chi Rho Tattoos

Floral Mens Chi Rho Upper Arm Tattoos

Guys Chi Rho Anchor Tattoo On Upper Arm

Jesus On The Cross Mens Negative Space Chi Rho Arm Tattoos

Negative Space Dove Red And Black Ink Guys Chi Rho Tattoo On Upper Arm

Ornate Chi Rho Cross Tattoos For Guys On Arms

Small Simple Mens Chi Rho Arm Tattoos

Upper Arm Olive Branch Male Chi Rho Tattoo Design Ideas


5. Elbow Chi Rho Tattoos

Black Ink With Thin Outline Mens Chi Rho Symbol Arm Tattoos


6. Wrist Chi Rho Tattoos

Cool Chi Rho Stone Small Circle Mens Wrist Tattoos


7. Chest Chi Rho Tattoos

Double Chi Rho Mens Tattoos On Outer Chest

Inner Arm Bicep Chi Rho Tattoos For Guys

Male With Olive Branch Shaded Chi Rho Upper Chest Tattoos

Mens Chi Rho Decorative Shield Chest Tattoos


8. Back Chi Rho Tattoos

Cool Triangle Male Chi Rho Upper Back Tattoos

Banner Cross Chi Rho Mens Back Of Leg Tattoos

Christian Chi Rho Mens Upper Back Tattoo With Circular Word Design

Gentleman With Black Ink Chi Rho Olive Branch Tattoo On Back

Mens Back Of Leg Calf Chi Rho Tattoos

Negative Space Chi Rho Triangle Male Back Tattoos


9. Side Chi Rho Tattoos

Chi Rho Black Ink Outline Olive Branch Rib Cage Side Tattoos For Men


10. Hand Chi Rho Tattoos

Mens Old School Traditional Chi Rho Eagle Tattoo On Hand


11. Head Chi Rho Tattoos

Back Of Head Mens Chi Rho Anchor Tattoos


12. Palm Chi Rho Tattoos

Palm Chi Rho Guys Tattoos


13. Skull Chi Rho Tattoos

Skull With Warrior Helmet Chi Rho Upper Chest Watercolor Tattoo For Men


14. Negative Space Chi Rho Tattoos

Negative Space Guys Tricep Tattoo Of Chi Rho


15. More Tattoo Ideas

Black Ink Chi Rho Christogram Symbolism Male Tattoos


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