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Top 77 Cloud Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Just one look upwards, high above the ground, and you’ll discover these divine dwelling spaces painting the sky. In Roman mythology, Mount Olympus clouds were once known as the homesteads of the gods.

Yet, when it comes to men’s tattoos they can take on a whole new meaning ranging from mystery and illusion to the thought of dreams.

Among the Chinese, their also seen as a symbol of transformation and transition. If you think about it, a man could stare as long as his heart desires into the clouds, yet within time they will eventually disappear. It’s a good reason why some men associate them with Zen, as devotion can often come with detachment.

There’s the idea of clouds being messengers of hope too with storms carrying or washing away our past worries. However, you’ll often find the most popular design being related to the traditional Japanese style. If you’re not familiar, clouds are commonly incorporated around things like demons and spirits.

With that said, go ahead and float away with these top 80 best cloud tattoos for men. You’ll discover masculine inspiration with design ideas ranging from realistic to abstract.

Cloud Tattoo Ideas

Aireplant Flying Through Blue Cloud Mens Tattoos Designs On Arm

This cloud tattoo inspiration uses the sky details as a background for an airplane. It’s soft strokes mimic that of a water color painting with some negative space in between the shades of blue as the cloud details. It has enough dark tones for contour and depth so there can be enough texture to make it appear realistic. The sharp contrast of the soft shades of blue versus the solid black tone in a single dimension illustration of the plane is starkly visible to its viewer.

Bicep Mens Japanese Cloud Tattoo

These dark clouds illustration is a Japanese traditional tattoo inherently identifiable by its dark and vibrant colors. The cloud impression itself is outlined in black and shaded in various shades of gray for a softer and lighter effect.

Bicep Mens Ship And Storm Cloud Tattoos

This is a minimalist design of an arm tattoo with some cloud details shaped like scallops. This illustration is similar to those seen in story books for children wherein the boat is travelling across the seas amidst looming dark skies. The shading style used by the artist ties up the whole creation, making it a cohesive ink work staying true to its concept and style.

Bicep Rain Cloud Tattoo For Men

The popular thunder cloud design for tattoos done in black ink in a dark background to bring the cloud forward. This arm tattoo is a great concept for a first tattoo. It is just about the right size place on a spot where the pain meter is low.

Black Lines Cloud Tattoos On Chest For Men

This is a magnificent and intricate tribal clouds in black and gray. The puff cotton cloud formation is filled in with Polynesian tribal shapes and patterns of fish hooks, unfurled fern leaves and weave after weave of fine lines to signify unity within the tribe or family. At the top of the formation a single eye was added, often called as the tiki brilliant eye. This tattoo is perfect for the modern man who has strong affinity or appreciation for tribal inspired tattoos.

Blue Clouds Tattoo Sleeve On Man

A tattoo is a permanent skin modification which can enhance the skin visually, add depth and meaning to what may be regarded by tattoo dudes as blank canvas. To commit to a sky inspired full sleeve tattoo is truly admirable. This is not an easy task to accomplish both for the artist and the wearer. The shades of blue on this arm is truly remarkable. The artist has taken into consideration movement and function of the arms, and how the light will hit the shading of this well-toned arm.

Cloud And Sun Ray Tattoos For Men With Doves

The dark clouds on this religious piece is used as a background for the doves to further standout. It looks like puff of round cotton pieced together in gentle contrast to the feather details of these white birds. This is a great idea for front of the leg tattoo.

Cloud Shading Tattoos For Males Of Ship Sailing The Seas

This is simply an astonishing creation of a sailboat splashing through the waters in its full splendour. A black and gray, muted tattoo on one side of the body. The clouds at the background looks like it’s been sketched by charcoal, gently smudged and contoured to complement the musculature of the canvas.

Clouds On Chest Tattoo For Males With Sunrays

A chest piece of the winged angel in black and gray realism tattoo. This piece looks very ethereal and intricate with in its detailing. The artist worked meticulously in adding depth and texture into his work that you can almost touch it. The clouds, layers of it, is the background of this creation.

Cloud Tattoos Sleeve For Men

A full sleeve tattoo dedicated to the birth of his daughter. There are several proud dads who choose to express their happiness on the birth of their children through a tattoo. The clouds serve as the main background of this piece tying all the collection in one cohesive piece. The portraits are indeed stunning and looks ethereal against a bed of clouds in black and gray.

Color Stormy Cloud Mens Tattoos On Wrist

This is a fast rising trend in the tattoo arena. A water color style of tattooing which mimics its strokes and effect with the use of highly diluted colored inks to produce the desired effect. It is a stunning night scene by the bay with partial dark clouds covering the moon.

Creative Mens Full Sleeve Cloud Tattoo In Black Ink

The Japanese themed tattoo in very bold black and gray creation using the clouds as the background to tie the creation of this captivating mythical pieces. These clouds represent prosperity and good fortune.

Dagger Going Through Cloud Mens Tattoos On Back Of Arm

If the dark thunder cloud is regarded as bad omen, then this dagger definitely has put an end to it. This is the traditional dagger piece at the back of the arm.

Dot Work Forearm Man With Storm Cloud Tattoo

Another version of the thunder cloud in black and gray softened with dot details. This is another concept of a cloud design which can be explored for arm tattoos.

Dragon Japanese Cloud Tattoo Sleeve For Men

These dragons are regarded as generous, benevolent forces that use their strength for the good of mankind wrapped around a full sleeved tattoo on a bed of dark clouds spread out like dark cottons. This is a magnificent Japanese traditional ink work, in bold strokes and darker tones. It takes a remarkable amount of work to finish a whole arm in full bodied ink and intricate design.  

Eye And Dove Cloud Tattoos On Arm For Men

This black and gray creation features a very beautiful and realistic eye extended to a cluster of doves flying across the skies. The clouds are once again taking a backseat and serves as a background. Cumulus clouds seem to be the favorite of the artists since it’s easily recognized and for its aesthetic beauty.  The top player of soccer of the decade, Lionel Andres Messi, has a tattoo of the eye of his wife as a tribute and declaration of his love. This sleeve ink has the same vibe. It looks very real and whatever the woman was thinking when this photo was taken, he got it and translated into this masterpiece.

Firearm Lighthouse Cloud Tattoos For Men

This lighthouse enveloped by the dark raging waters, and smoky angry clouds at the background. This a remarkable arm piece for an ink work. Its concept and execution is stellar that the focal piece is seen and recognizable even from afar.

Forearm Purple Clouds Forest Mens Tattoos

This purple cloud piece is a different take on the thunder cloud. If the popular version looks cartoonish then this creation takes it a few steps further and made it surreal by adding deep dark purple tones into the tattoo. Underneath the thunder looks like there’s a smoke of cloud about to deliver its wrath to whatever is beneath it.

Full Sleeve Mens Cloud Tattoos In Black Ink

This arm peace is adorned with a collection of tattoos meticulously pieced together to make it look cohesive and appear that it’s a full sleeved creation from the shoulder down to the wrist adhering to one common theme. It is indeed a splendid modified skin with the clouds featured at the upper shoulder section, setting up the mood for the raven and the portrait right under the mystical bird.

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