Coffin Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 91 Coffin Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

To illustrate an intimate connection with the dark side of being alive, many men are tapping into gallantly macabre handsomeness thanks to coffin tattoos. Goth guys unanimously agree that nothing beats cunning casket ink!

Tattoos are widely seen as a celebration of life, but savvy followers of the industry know that more and more men are using ink to express a fondness of death.

While this trend has been resurrected several times in the past, the nicely nihilistic designs are finally being immortalized in pop culture. Although the fascination comes from multiple angles, the lasting outcome is a mainstream obsession with existentialist imagery.

The current prevalence of vampires and zombies has definitely contributed to the resurgence of coffin tattoos, but there are more explanations than just television shows. In fact, a lot of people get this twistedly titillating ink to forge a fantastical link to literature lords like Bram Stoker.

There are a lot of ways to put your own personal touch on a coffin tattoo. Victorian-era sketches have always been in vogue, but you can literally experiment with all kinds of curious caskets. To see some attention-getting examples, just scroll ahead from some stylish ink of death on living flesh!


Yellow Cross Coffin Design With High Hopes Mens Leg Tattoo

Wood Coffin Guys Tattoo With Yellow Rose Flowers

Wood Coffin Bicep Male Tattoo With Hand Opening Door

Wish Youwere Here Wood Coffin With Blue Clouds Guys Tattoo

Wide Awake Coffin Tattoo For Men With Wide Wake Words

Tribal Coffin Mens Hand Tattoo Design

Tooth Coffin Rip Male Tattoo On Forearm

The Past Should Stay Dead Male Thigh Coffin Tattoos

Sword Through Hearts Coffin Tattoo On Gentleman

Staircase Coffin 3d Optical Illusion Tattoo For Men

Spider Web Mens Arm Coffin Tattoos

Smoking Eye Coffin Mens Tattoo

Small Red And Black Mens Coffin Casket Tattoo

Small Chained Coffin Arm Tattoo For Men

Skull Top Hat Coffin With Keyhole Mens Tattoo

Skull Shaped Coffin Male Tattoo

Skull Popping Out Of Coffin Mens Tattoo

Skull Moon Neck Tattoo Of Coffin For Men

Skull And Cross Bones Mens Coffin Tattoo

Skeleton Hand With Yellow Rose Mens Coffin Tattoo

Skeleton Hand Poking Out Of Coffin Casket Tattoo For Gentlemen

Skeleton Cross Coffin Mens Tattoo With Red Rose

Shaded Eye Tears Mens Forearm Coffin Tattoo For Men

Running Coffin Tattoo Design On Mans Arm

Rose Flower Skull Bone Coffin Shaped Tattoo For Males

Rose Flower Neo Traditional Coffin Male Tattos

Religious Cross Skeleton Holding Coffin Tattoo On Guy

Realistic Coffin Scene Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Pine Coffin With Skeleton And Flames Tattoo Forearm Mens Tattoo

Outer Space Earth Stars Mens Wood Coffin Tattoos For Guys

Old School Wood Coffin Eye Tattoo With Red Ink Sun For Men

Old School One For You One For Me Coffin Tattoos For Men On Arm

Old School Guys Coffin Tattoo With Wish You Were Here Words

Old School Coffin With Cross And Stars Tattoo On Mans Inner Forearm

No Exit Stars Coffin With Clouds Mens Arm Tattoo

Nautical Themed Mens Coffin Tattoos

Mummy Coffin Old School Mens Tattoo Sleeve On Leg

Mountains With Red Half Moon Mens Coffin Tattoo

Monster Coffin Mens Negative Space Forearm Tattoo

Middle Ages Knight Coffin Tattoo Design For Men On Forearm

Mens Tattoo Of Coffin With Lay Me To Rest On Arm

Mens Hand Palm Coffin Tattoo Black Ink Outline

Mens Coffin With Roses Tattoo On Arm

Mens American Traditional Sooner Than You Think Coffin Tattoo Design On Forearm

Man With Coffin Eye And Cross Tattoo

Male With Handshake Coffin Tattoo On Arm

Male With Eye Coffin Tattoo

Kill The Hate Within Me Mens Old School Coffin Tattoos On Bicep

Japanese Ocean Waves Coffin Tattoo For Guys On Bicep

Japanese Mens Coffin Tattoo

Holy Cross Coffin Tattoo With Tear Drops For Men

Head Tattoo Of Coffin Straight Razor Design On Man

Handshake Wooden Coffin Tattoo With Eye For Guys

Half Sleeve Male Coffin Tattoo Old School Style

Half Moon Wod Coffin Mens Forearm Tattoo

Guys Nature Cofffin Tattoo On Foot

Guys Letlive Flaming Coffin Tattoo Design On Bicep

Guys Handshake Eye Shovel Coffin Tattoo On Legs

Guys Eye Coffin Tattoo Design On Bicep

Guys Coffin Tattoo On Leg With Skeleon Hand Holding Beer

Geometric Skull Coffin Tattoo On Male

Gentleman With Tattoo Of Black Shaded Coffin And Cross

Full Back Cross Skeleton Coffin Mens Tattoo Design Inspiration Ideas

Forearm Guys Cross Coffin Tattoo In Black Ink

Flaming Skeleton Male Coffin Tattoo Inspiration

Flaming Eye Coffin Mens Tattoo

Eye Skull Mens Small Coffin Leg Tattoo

Eye Moon Coffin Black And Red Ink Male Tattoo

Eye Coffin Spider Web Mens Tattoos On Arm

Creative Mens Coffin Tattoo On Bicep

Cool Mens Coffin Vampire Tattoo

Cool Coffin Negative Space Male Tattoo Designs In Black Ink

Colorful Eye Coffin Tattoo For Men With Dripping Red Tears

Coffin Wih Eye And Roped Mens Foot Tattoo

Coffin Skeleton Rib Cage Side Male Tattoo

Coffin Mens Cross Wooden Casket Coffin Tattoo On Arm

Cloudy Coffin Tattoo For Men

Chained Coffin Tattoo On Bicep For Men

Centapede Mens Foot Coffin Tattoo Design

Broken Coffin Bicep Tattoos For Males

Black Ink Negative Space Forearm Male Tattoos

Black Cross Mens Coffin Tattoos On Arm

Bicep Skeleton Hands Coffin Male Tattoo

Bearded Skull Coffin Male Tattoo On Arm

Bat Eyes Black Coffin Mens Forearm Tattoo

Arm Holy Cross Coffin Guys Tattoo Design With Scroll

All Seeing Eye Coffin Tattoo For Men

3d Mens Black Ink Skull Bones Hourglass Coffin Tattoo Design

3d Blue Skull With Coffin Mens Sleeve Tattoo

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