Collar Bone Tattoos For Men

Top 51 Collarbone Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

A collar bone tattoo can transmute any manly torso into a crazy canvas of epic proportions. These grandiose masterpieces embody the next step for masculinity in the present year.

Men are finally getting to indulge in the chic appeal of collar bone tattoos!

This region is being propelled straight to the forefront of body art for guys. In addition to reveling in fabulous artistry, this kind of ink is associated with killer physiques.

To accentuate your pecs and biceps, it’s time for you to dabble in the intrinsic machismo of collar bone tattoos. These designs come in all shapes and sizes, but their strapping results are always present. For maximum sex appeal, these luxurious logos should curve around the base of the neck.

Most collar bone tattoos are comprised of lavish language. The calligraphy is key to driving the message home. These phrases are usually meant to reveal succinct exaltation, and they enhance any dude’s godly stature.

As an alternative to linguistic flourish, a lot of fellows are striking a chord with wild wings and ferocious creatures. Tribal décor is also exceedingly welcomed in the world of collar bone tattoos. To get inducted in this phenomenal new battlefield of body art, just look ahead for some mind-blowing ideas.

1. Abstract Clavicle Tattoos

Modern Pattern Collar Bone Mens Tattoos

3d Spiral Optical Illusion Collar Bone Tattoos For Men

Realistic 3d Nails And Blood Collar Bone Male Tattoos

Realistic Bullet Holes Collar Bone Tattoos For Men

Creative Colorful Watercolor Flower Mens Collar Bone Tattoo

Antatomical Collar Bone Mens Bone Tattoo

Light Bulb With All Seeing Eye Collar Bone Male Tattoos

Clavicle tattoos are generally quite an interesting and all-around unique look as is the nature of their placement. One type of clavicle tattoo that is particularly different and intriguing, however, is the abstract clavicle tattoo.

This category of clavicle ink is fairly broad as it encompasses all sorts of different images and designs. It could be anything from an everyday object with some unexpected twist to a combination of two things that don’t necessarily fall into the norm of conventional tattooing. What is perhaps most interesting about this type of tattoo is the inner-symbolism (or lack thereof) of seemingly meaningless or just simply bizarre pieces of body art. 

2. Winged Collarbone Tattoos

Collar Bone Angel Wings Guys Tattoos

Cool Guys Collar Bone Tattoo With Trust Your Stuggle And Angel Wing

Decorative Mens Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas

A set of wings (or just one wing) on the collarbone can be a badass addition to a man’s look. These collar bone wing tattoos are an awesome way to upgrade or compliment a man’s style as they come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and designs that can bring out an intended masculine look for a man or just simply serve as an accent for the rest of his desired appearance. The winged collarbone tattoo is a particularly strong one as it places the wings of a chosen bird on a central bone structure of a man. 

3. American Traditional Clavicle Tattoos

Flying Sparrows Collar Bone Guys Tattoos

Rose Flower Old School Mens Collar Bone Tattoo Design Inspiration

Find God Sparrows Collar Bone Male Tattoos

Man With Bleed With Me And You Will Forever Be My Brother Collar Bone Tattoo

The clavicle is also a great place to have American Traditional tattoos done. These rich pieces of art often include particular fonts, particular symbols (such as sparrows) and various other objects that maintain a vintage feel. While American Traditional tattoos can be somewhat hard to describe and define, once you’ve seen one, they are quite recognizable due to their originality and flare. 

4. Tribal Clavicle Tattoos

Tribal Collar Bone Guys Tattoo Ideas

Henna Collar Bone Male Tattoos With Black Ink

Pattern Collar Bone Tattoos For Gentlemen

Norse Rune Collar Bone Male Tattoos

These tattoos can involve everything from simple yet interesting patterns to more elaborate and both conceptually and individually-intricate designs. These designs are the results of a strong, aesthetically resonating and symbolic style that can certainly go well on the clavicles. Additionally, these tribal tattoos can be easily complemented when other similar designs are inked elsewhere on the body.

5. Leaves and Flowers Collarbone Tattoos

Intricate Collar Bone Male Tattoo Designs

Rose Flower Collar Bone Tattoos For Guys

Abstract Geometric Leaf Collar Bone Tattoo On Male

Olive Branch Mens Collar Bone Tattoos

Some of these collarbone tattoos consist of various arrangements of leaves. Others consist of different types of floral arrangements. These tattoos come in several varieties. While leaves and flowers may sound boring or mundane to some, they absolutely can be much more than just that. These tattoos can be quite intricate and ornate and definitely have a lot more potential than many who haven’t seen them might think. 

6. Delicate Clavicle Tattoos

Ruman Numerals Collar Bone Male Tattoos

Cool Collar Bone Moon Phase Tattoos For Guys

Sign Language Hands Mens Collar Bone Tattoo

Moon Phases Collar Bone Tattoo On Man

These clavicle tattoos contain a variety of different designs. They can essentially range quite broadly in their scope of content and style. These can be extremely fascinating works. They are often anything but simplistic, both in terms of form and symbolism. They often appear simple upon first glance and can range from an image or set of images with a meaning to a set of numbers or letters. Delicate clavicle tattoos are definitely distinctive and creative and should never be overlooked. 

7. Collarbone Script Tattoos 

Rule Every Moment Sieze Every Day Lettering Collar Bone Mens Tattoo

Flying Birds And Lettering Guys Collar Bone Tattoos

Decorative Lettering Collar Bone Tattoos For Gentlemen

Small Collar Bone Roman Numeral Tattoos For Men

Trust Your Strength Collar Bone Mens Tattoos

Unique Lettering Words Collar Bone Male Tattoos

Male With Trust Your Stuggle Collar Bone Tattoo

This is a type of collarbone tattoo that you may very well have seen before as the collarbone script tattoos are fairly common in many places. Whether they be in the form of a quote or saying someone holds dear, or a word or phrase they rally by, collarbone script tattoos can be extremely significant. Not to mention, seen in a variety of fonts and letterings. 

8. Animal Collarbone Tattoos

Mens Lion And Words Collar Bone Tattoos

Deer Antler Collar Bone Male Tattoos

Flying Crow Collar Bone Tattoos For Men

Abstract Flying Sparrows Collar Bone Tattoos For Men


Scorpion Collar Bone Tattoo On Man With Realistic Design

Mens Collar Bone Deer Antler Tattoo

Deer Chest And Collar Bone Tattoo On Man With Watercolor Idea Inspiration

This category of tattoos can come in all shapes in sizes, just like your favorite animals. Whether you want matching snakes, a bird of prey of some kind, or essentially any other animal that is meaningful to you, the collarbone could be one place to consider placing them. Animal tattoos can certainly bear a great deal of meaning and it is not surprising that they are popular amongst animal lovers and casual fans alike. 

9. Chicano Script Clavicle Tattoos

Cool Mens Collar Bone Lettering Tattoo Design Ideas

Watercolor Letting Collar Bone Male Tattoos

Guys See My Tears Collar Bone Lettering Word Tattoo

Ornate Collar Bone Tattoo On Man Lettering Design Ideas

Lettering Skin And Bones Collar Bone Male Tattoos

Alpha And Omega Collar Bone Lettering Tattoos For Guys

Lettering Cursive Collar Bone Male Tattoo Ideas

Clavicle tattoos of Chicano Script are nothing to overlook. With their detailed lettering and words of meaning or thought-provoking messages of many kinds, these designs can be dynamic pieces of body art. 

Collarbone Tattoo FAQs 

Do clavicle tattoos hurt? 

Well, firstly, you’ll be hard pressed to find a tattoo that doesn’t hurt. Whether they hurt more than getting tattoos on other parts of the body is another question and can intend on the particular person’s body.

Speaking from my own personal experience of having a tattoo on my left clavicle, it was fairly painful to get. The only tattoo I had at the time when I had that one done was on my wrist and the clavicle piece definitely hurt more.

That being said, it can be dependent on your personal pain threshold and a variety of other factors. One thing to keep in mind is that there the clavicle area is made up much thinner cushioning than many other parts of the body. Tattoos done here are essentially closer to the bone itself and for this reason can be more intense when it comes to pain. 

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