Computer Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Computer Tattoo Designs For Men – Technology Ink Ideas

Proud of your Central Processing Unit (CPU)? Computer tattoos cleverly display the ability to control and execute any daily operation that life catapults into the universe.

A Type A personality does not have to always walk a straight path. These tattoos are the perfect way to reboot others perception of the highly efficient and organized man. There are so many avenues to spotlight.

The monitor serves as the key to the soul by projecting the result of covert work. It provides a crisp and clear image of the personality. The keyboard speaks to the public. It expresses the innermost thoughts and ideas. The mouse becomes the conductor of the intricate orchestra. Start something interesting and stop something displeasing. Indeed, a computer tattoo is more than meets the eye.

Men can boldly bespeak that knowledge is power. Computer tattoos can also display the inner hardware. A man that treats his mother right is always hit in the eyes of the public.The reason this man is always in control is due to the smooth flow of information via his motherboard. There is never a need to tie a knot around his finger because his RAM symbolizes his rich ample memory.

Computer tattoos imply so many intriguing facets to a man’s personality. At first glance, computers are square and sometimes rough around the edges. However, take time to figure out his coding language. Then it is obvious that what is inside makes the biggest impression. Geek gratification at its very best.


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