Cool Tattoos For Guys Part Two

Top 103 Cool Tattoo Ideas Part Two [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Get ready to take in more of the top 100 best cool tattoo designs for guys with part two. Below you’ll find even more breathtaking talent paired with top-notch creativity.

In this masculine ink guide, I’ve included everything from full sleeves to back tattoos, and much more.

Of course, you’ll also find smaller pieces too for plenty of ink inspiration!

Tattoos are a great way to show off your personality and style and are a more expressive way to tell the world a little more about who you are. Many men already have a small idea of the kind of tattoo design they want to have, but with all the design options, it can be challenging to narrow it down. Plus, a tattoo is forever, so you want to make sure it is exactly how you want it.

Guy With Cool Rose And Skull Tattoo Forearms

Guy With Majestic King And Cool Heart Pendant Tattoo Full Sleeves

Male Arms Cool Pliers Tattoo

Male Chest Cool Rose And Skull Tattoo With Wordings

Male Forearms Black Eyed Cool Skull Tattoo

Male Forearms Cool Ethnic Knife Tattoo

Male Forearms Cool Explosion Fireball Tattoo

Male Forearms Cool Grey Time Piece Tattoo

Male Full Sleeves Cool Galaxy Tattoo

Male Lowerlegs Cool Tattoo Of Jack Daniels

Male Upper Arms Cool One Eyed Skull Candles And Feather Tattoo

Male Upper Arms Cool Warrior Mask Tattoo

Male With Cool Skull Tattoo Upper Arms

Man With Cool Leaden Eagle Tattoo On Hands

Man With Cool Realistic Tiger Tattoo On Back

Menc Arms Cool Mechanical Geared Clock Tattoo

Mens Arms Cool Amber Eyed Tattoo

Mens Arms Cool Bikers Tattoo

Mens Arms Cool Bone Skull And One Eyed Triangle Tattoo

Mens Arms Cool Golden Skull Tattoo

Mens Arms Cool Orange Rose Tattoo On Grey Backdrop

Mens Arms Cool Sharpnosed Guy Tattoo

Mens Arms Cool Skull In Rose Tattoo

Mens Arms Cool Smoky Greek God Tattoo

Mens Back Cool Skull And Sleeping Women Tattoo

Mens Chest Cool Color Splashed Underwater Life Tattoo

Mens Chest Cool Royal Patterns Tattoo

Mens Chest Cool Tattoo Of Angry Lion

Mens Chest Cool Tattoo Of Sailors And Ship

Mens Chest Cool Universe Tattoo

Mens Forearms Cool Cracked Ancient Timepiece Tattoo

Mens Forearms Cool Grey Crossed Axe Tattoo

Mens Forearms Cool Grey One Eyed Tattoo

Mens Forearms Cool Hypnotic Eyed Girl Tattoo

Mens Forearms Cool Tattoo Of Einstein

Mens Forearms Cool Tattoo Of Greenish Skull And Withered Rose

Mens Forearms Cool Tiger Eyes Tattoo

Mens Forearms Dark Crow And Angel Cool Tattoo

Mens Full Back Cool Cobra And Horned Beast Tattoo

Mens Full Back Cool Dusty Grey Tattoo


Mens Full Back Cool Realistic Tiger Tattoo


Mens Full Sleeves Cool Tiger And Orange Butterfly Tattoo

Mens Lower Legs Cool Grey Large Winged Dragon Tattoo

Mens Neck Cool 3D Tattoo

Mens Shoulders Pink Flower And Cool Buddha Tattoo

Mens Torso Cool Clear Eyed Female Face Tattoo

Mens Upper Arms Cool Glowing Blue Centered Rose Tattoo

Mens Upper Arms Cool Sparkling Metallic Clock Tattoo

Skull Rose And Sensual Woman Cool Tattoos For Men Full Sleeve

Upper Arm Tattoos

Upper Arm Tattoos

If you want a good-sized tattoo but still want to be able to hide it away when needed, then the upper arm may be the best placement for you. It can be hidden relatively easy with a t-shirt because it starts at your shoulder. It is also a decent area to work with, so you have enough room to make the tattoo as bold and as intricate as you want. The roundness of your shoulder also lends to a more interesting canvas for your tattoo design.

If you want something simple, you can still find a cool tattoo design for your upper arm and shoulder area that can be displayed when you want it to be as well. Even the most minimal detail and simple design can be breathtaking when done correctly.

Colorful arm tattoos instead of simple black ink are also popular tattoo ideas for men and allow you to add more detail to the piece. It also makes the tattoo stand out and pop even more.

Tribal arm tattoos are a popular choice as well and can be inked with black and color. This area is also one of the best on the body if you choose a tribal tattoo because of the roundness of the shoulder.

Inner Arm Tattoos

Inner Arm Tattoos

Another place men can proudly display their tattoos is the inner arm. Again, the placement will greatly depend on how you want the tattoo to be displayed. The lower arm is going to be harder to cover, and depending on your design, it may be easier or harder with this inner arm placement.

If you want a more detailed tattoo design, however, the inner arm offers a good amount of skin to do so. So, if you want a portrait tattoo, landscape tattoo design, or something more intricate, this can be the ideal location.

You can also go for a simple inner arm tattoo and choose an arrow tattoo. It will fit nicely in the space you have on your arm.

Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve tattoos tend to be much larger, or you can choose a collection of smaller tattoos to display that have a unified theme. A sleeve tattoo can cover most or all of your arm. Sleeve tattoos also tend to make a big impact and the designs can be more detailed, intricate, and larger.

A half sleeve tattoo is one that can be placed on the upper half of the arm and can be easily concealed when necessary. A full sleeve tattoo is perfect for a Japanese design in black and white or for something more illustrated to allow their personality to shine through.

Tribal sleeve tattoos are intricate and can be very powerful. It can be culturally significant to you, as well. However, you will want to find a tattoo artist with experience because this kind of design and its size can sometimes prove to be challenging. It may also take several sessions to complete.

Cool Tattoos for Men

Below, you will see a small sampling of some of the more popular tattoo design choices for men.

Anchor Tattoos

The meaning of anchor tattoos hasn’t changed much over the years, but if you are a lover of water or you are a sailor, then this is a tattoo to consider. It is a more traditional tattoo choice for men and can symbolize a person’s strength in their ideals.

Arrow Tattoo

An arrow tattoo for men is a more minimalist approach and is often conveyed as a symbol of friendship. However, the placement and number of arrows you use can convey different meanings. For example, an arrow tattoo that consists of arrows pointed against each other can represent war, while a bundle of arrows can represent unity.

Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo

When you think cool and masculine tattoo design ideas for men, your mind might not wander to a rose tattoo. However, it is a flexible option and is good for placement on different areas of the body. A rose tattoo can also be inked in a variety of different styles and looks great in black ink as well as color.

Cross Tattoos for Men

Cross tattoos for men can symbolize and represent a number of different things, including faith. They can be bold or simple and are one of the more common tattoo choices for men. Cross tattoos for men are also highly customizable.

Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are another popular option for men. They are also a popular choice for couple tattoos, inspirational tattoos, and is a good place to convey a short message. Lettering is common for finger tattoos as well as small tattoos like anchors, a heart, crown, or other small and intricate designs.

Neck Tattoos

Neck Tattoos

If you are looking for a way to grab people’s attention, you can definitely do so with an intricate neck tattoo. A neck tattoo, however, can be a pretty painful process since the skin in this area is so sensitive. So, keep this in mind as you choose how intricate and detailed you want your neck tattoo to be.

Below you will find 100 best cool tattoos for guys. It is a large assortment of different tattoo design options for men. Some of the ideas are inked in simple black, while others boast more colorful designs. You will find many of the same tattoo design choices we have gone into depth with above, along with a variety of other options to choose from.

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