Cool Tattoos For Men

Top 113 Cool Tattoos For Men [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Here’s a fact of life: there are tattoos, and then there are cool tattoos. To make sure your ink falls into the latter category, just adhere to the following lessons.

Tattoos have started to seep into mainstream society, and while this is a welcomed development, widespread acceptance also means that it takes more effort to have ink that stands out in a positive light.

This shouldn’t be a cause for alarm, but it is a reminder to showcase a little more discernment with your proclivities at the parlor.



The first key to a cool tattoo is originality. Cookie-cutter designs are getting more prevalent by the hour, so a unique piece will command extra respect. Although your ink doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, it is wise to emphasize unorthodox creations and avant-garde inclinations.

Detailed Designs

Another essential element for cool ink revolves around the importance of highly detailed designs. Ornate concepts will trump simple icons every single time.

Deep Meaning

Finally, a cool tattoo has to be more than a striking picture; instead, it must convey a deep meaning that can be suavely articulated and extrapolated in casual conversation. If this all sounds subjective, then you need to observe the objective difference on your own!

If you’re still wondering what really makes a tattoo cool, then you’re about to find out by scrolling ahead!


Blue Color Cool Crow Tattoo Male Chest

Cool 3D Eye And Surfer Tattoo Mens Arms

Cool 3D Pink Rose Tattoo Male Forearms

Cool 3D Tattoo Of Sharp Beaked Eagle Male Upper Arms

Cool Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Cool And Realistic Panther Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Cool Aquamarine Dragon And Viscious Face Tattoo Mens Full Sleeves

Cool Asian Red Dragon Tattoo Mens Full Sleeve

Cool Black Grey Tattoo Male Chest

Cool Black Leafy Design Tattoo Mens Neck

Cool Black Pencil Design Tattoo Fox Male Torso

Cool Black Tattoo Male Back

Cool Blue Night Tattoo Male Elbows

Cool Collared Smoking Dog Tattoo Male Shoulders

Cool Colored Cross Formed By Lines Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Cool Crossed Geometric Pattern Tattoo

Cool Crystal Clear Eye Tattoo Mens Upper Arms

Cool Dark Ghost And Berry Shrub Tatto Male Legs

Cool Dark Mandala Patterned Tattoo Mens Full Sleeve

Cool Deep Black And White Check Tattoo Male Forearms

Cool Dotted Design Tattoo Mens Foot

Cool Dotted Grey Tattoo Of Sunlit Hills Male Upper Arms

Cool Double Horned Beast Tattoo Male Chest

Cool Fantastic Colored Hourglass Tattoo Male Torso

Cool Fox And Universe Tattoo Mens Upper Arms

Cool Gray Black Circular Tattoo Mens Torso

Cool Green And Red Feathered Bird Tattoo Male Arms

Cool Green Tattoo Mens Foot

Cool Grey Caramel Eyed Bird Male Arms

Cool Grey Dragon Tattoo Guys Arms

Cool Grey Roaring Angry Beast Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Cool Grey Tattoo Of Handsome Guy On Arms

Cool Hairy Lion Tattoo Mens Chest

Cool Jet Black Block With Open Mouthed Skull Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Cool Large Shark Tattoo Male Chest

Cool Magenta Leaved Horrific Face Tattoo On Male Hands

Cool Majestic Ship And Red Octopus Tattoo Mens Full Sleeves

Cool Man With Good Aim Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Cool Monochrome Hexagon Tattoo Male Back

Cool Moonlit Night And Contemplating Owl Tattoo Guys Forearms

Cool Muticolored Large Beak Bird Tattoo Mens Full Sleeve

Cool Octopus And Anchor Tattoo Male Arms

Cool Open Mouhted Cobra Tattoo Male Torso

Cool Owl And Fish Tattoo Male Torso

Cool Pair Of Birds With Colored Wing Tattoo Guys Full Sleeves

Cool Planetary Orientation Tattoo Mens Forearms

Cool Reflective Glasses Tattoo Male Ankles

Cool Retro Car Boomer Blocks Tattoo Guys Ankles

Cool Rose And Veiled Skeleton Tattoo Mens Arms

Cool Sailor Tattoo And Lighthouse Male Arms

Cool Spaceman Tattoo Upper Arms

Cool Spiral Black Design Tattoo Mens Ribs

Cool Star Hat And Skull Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Cool Tattoo Of A Girl With Revolver Tattoo Upper Arms

Cool Tattoo Of Antler At Night Mens Arms

Cool Tattoo Of Beast With Large Teeth Mens Forearms

Cool Tattoo Of Bones Inside Skull Mens Forearms

Cool Tattoo Of Crows On Leafless Trees Male Torso

Cool Tattoo Of Fighting Scorpions Tattoo Male Chest

Cool Tattoo Of Fire Red Bird Tattoo Mens Chest

Cool Tattoo Of Looped Rope Mens Arms

Cool Tattoo Of Mans Portrait Male Arms

Cool Tattoo Of Orange Skull Mens Torso

Cool Tattoo Of Red Indian With Large Feathers On Lower Legs

Cool Tattoo Of Yellow Tongued Dragon Male Arms

Cool Tiny Blue Space Tattoo Male Arms

Cool Waves Tattoo Mens Full Sleeves

Dark Indigo Cool Night Tattoo Male Arms

Fabulous Grey Cool Mushrooms Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Fantastic Cool Black Tattoo Full Sleeves Men

Fiery Red Cool Dragon Tattoo Male Full Sleeves

Guys Cool Arrow Piercing Anatomical Heart Tatoo

Guys Forearm Plaited Bearded Warrior Tattoo

Guys Full Sleeves Cool Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Long Horned Cool Antler Tattoo Male Torso

Male Arms New Moon And Cool Cottage Tattoo

Male Chest Cool Ship Tattoo

Male Full Back Rough Grey Waves Tattoo

Male Full Sleeve Black Floral Design Tattoo

Male Full Sleeves Cool Black Ghost Tattoo

Male Full Sleeves Cool Colored Birds Tattoo

Male Full Sleeves Tattoo Of Roses And Skull

Male Upper Arms Cool Tiger Face Tattoo

Mens Arms Cool Tattoo Of Horned Beast

Mens Arms Cool Tattoo Of Lips On Black Face

Mens Arms Cool Travel Bag Tattoo

Mens Arms Realistic Cigarette Tatto

Mens Bak Cool Floral Tattoo

Mens Cool Lee Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Mens Cool Train And Ghost Tattoo Upper Arms

Mens Forearm New Moon Cool Crow Tattoo

Mens Forearms Cool Red Fox Tattoo

Mens Forearms Cool Tattoo Of Bald Man Lashing

Mens Forearms Tiny Dotted Cool Head Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeve Cool Lines And Waves Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeves Cool Black Red Dragon Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeves Cool Dark Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeves Cool Greek God Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeves Hairy Beast Tattoo

Mens Fulls Sleeve Cool Black Tattoo

Mens Fulls Sleeves Cool Magenta And Navy Blue Tattoo

Mens Shoulders Cool Pitch Black Tattoo

Mens Shouldes Cool Black Waves Tattoo

Mens Torso Pitch Black Cool Demon Tattoo

Red Blue Spiral Tattoo Male Forearms

Roaring Tiger Cool Tattoo For Men On Chest

 Different Tattoo Designs for Different Reasons

Men will all have their own reason for choosing a particular tattoo design. They also all have their own reasons as to why they want to get tattooed in the first place. Some may be feeling the need to honor a loved one, while others are simply trying to find another way to express themselves and showcase their style and personality.

Then there are those who get tattooed because they feel as if it looks good on them. It is these men that tend to go for the cooler tattoo designs and often go much bigger.

Animal Based Tattoos

Animal Based Tattoos

Some choose animal tattoos. Some examples of the more obvious animal tattoos include lions, tigers, and wolves. If you go this route, many feel that the bigger you go, the better. Eagle tattoos are another popular tattoo design choice. When this is chosen, people are often inspired by mythology, religion, or patriotism.

Fictional Characters

Portraits of fictional characters are another popular choice, and many consider this kind of tattoo cool in itself. From your favorite character in Game of Thrones to a childhood favorite, there is no shortage of inspiration you can pull from.

Masculine Tattoo Designs

Masculine Tattoo Designs

For those who wish to go bold, then something more intimidating may be on the menu. Dragon and demon tattoos are just a couple of examples of going big and bold. Others opt for symbols from their favorite bands or go more cultural with a Japanese style inspired tattoo design.

The Traditional Tattoo

Finally, there is also a more traditional tattoo. This kind of tattoo may be smaller and may convey more meaning and be on a deeper level than some of the other choices we have discussed. For example, a small angel tattoo, anchor tattoos, arrow tattoo, and smaller geometric tattoos are good choices as well.

The options are nearly endless for a traditional tattoo. You can have an arm sleeve done if you want to go bigger, or you can keep the tattoo small and more intricate. Even a simple tattoo design that is more minimalistic is popular and stylish.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos have ancient roots and have been tattooed on a person as a symbol of strength and power. They often have bold patterns with an interlocking design and are definitely an eye-catching choice.

Lettering Tattoo

When you choose to get a lettering tattoo, you have the choice of the different script styles. There are many ways you can design this tattoo that emphasizes what you want to say.

Star Tattoo

Star tattoos have become more and more popular for men over recent years and have been the inspiration for many different stylish and masculine tattoo options for men.

Angel Tattoo

Angel Tattoo

Angels are symbolic and may hold a greater meaning for you, which would make an angel tattoo a cool design choice. It is also considered a religious symbol for many, as well.

Arrow Tattoo

If you want more of a simplistic design that is stylish and will look great anywhere you put it, then an arrow tattoo is something to consider. It is also a good choice if this is going to be your first tattoo.

Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpion Tattoo

Many men who love getting tattoos have considered the power of a scorpion tattoo at some point. While everyone has their own reason for choosing it, a scorpion tattoo shows off your fighting spirit and is also a Zodiac sign that appeals to many.

Tattoo Placement

Once you have finally decided on which tattoo design to get, you then have to decide where to put it. Choosing the right placement can prove to be just as challenging as choosing your tattoo design.

Sleeve tattoos are a popular choice for men and allow them to express themselves through a colored tattoo, a tribal design, or even something with more of a Japanese style. Shoulder tattoos are also cool, and the round shape of your shoulder can provide the perfect canvas for an artistic design choice.

Chest tattoos give you more space to work with and is one of the more popular places to get inked. However, the wrong tattoo artist can be disastrous for any design on this area of the body, so choose wisely.

Want more choice? A forearm tattoo is perfect for a variety of tattoo designs and is a great place to display your work of art.

Ready for more tattoo ideas for men? See more cool tattoos for men that can help you narrow down your choices and offer you some inspiration for your next tattoo.

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