Cow Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Cow Tattoo Designs For Men – Cattle Ink Ideas

The modern man may look upon the cow as little more than a burger or steak, but early humans revered the animal as sacred.

A number of ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Egyptians, and Babylonians worshipped bovine gods, while the Norse Vikings believed the four rivers of power flowed from the god Audhumla’s udder.

Hindu and Buddhist beliefs hold the cow as a symbol of patience and piety, hence the former’s refusal to consume bovine meat.

Contrary to jokes made at its expense, the cow is a slow but methodical creature, never one to rush about in a frenzy or stupidly lumber towards what she doesn’t want. Similar to the bull, the cow is steadfast and intelligent, and woe to the man who tries to test her resilience. For that reason cow tattoos have long been a popular tattoo topic, rendered in a number of styles and carrying just as many correlations.

Whether it’s a black and white bovine skull or full scale color design, a cow tattoo is much more meaningful than a visual reverence to prime beef or farm life. Delve a little deeper and there is a world of symbolism to guide you through your individualized tattoo choice. Consider Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess depicted as a sensuous woman with the head and/or horns of a cow. Hathor was a representation of motherhood, joy, and fertility, and is the perfect way to honor the woman in your own life in a striking hieroglyph.

The cow has long been a symbol of purity, prosperity, and the quest for abundance via the slow and steadfast path. Some of nature’s most overlooked animals are actually the most significant ones, and for the man who stands apart from the crowd, the cow is a quiet leader, not a follower.


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