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Top 102 Best Dandelion Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Trends come and go, across all mediums and art forms. Whether its hairstyles and clothes, or hotrods and motorcycles, popular styles are constantly changing and evolving as people’s taste and sensibilities shift from one generation to the next. Tattoos are no different.

One design element that has gained popularity over the last several years in the tattoo world is the dandelion. These tattoos incorporate a number of different styles, although the most common are simple, fine line black work, often accompanied by some sentimental or motivational quote. Here we will examine a few of the better examples of this growing dandelion tattoo trend.

Realistic Dandelion Tattoos

black and grey dandelion, realistic little flower

This tattoo takes a more realistic approach to these little flowers and incorporates the seeds blowing in the wind, another common design element for these tattoos. The black and grey shading is well done and provides a depth to the image that adds to the overall piece. While this is a nice piece, an inconsistency hurts the design: the stem of the plant on the right hand side does not connect to the flower itself, leaving the tattoo feeling a bit unfinished. This can easily be fixed however and this tattoo remains a nice example of the style.

memorial black and gray dandelion

little Dandelion back tattoo

dandelion tattoo, realistic flowers, fine black line

Dandelion Tattoo

Small Dandelion

Black Dandelion Tattoo

Wrist Dandelion Tattoo

Arm Black Dandelion Tattoo

Colored Dandelion Flower

Wrist Small Dandelion Tattoo

small black dandelion tattoo


Tiny Dandelion Tattoos

tiny colored dandelion tattoo

This piece is interesting in the ways that it strays from the norm for these tattoos. This design maintains the simple, fine line work that is common, but incorporate splashes of color into the illustrative piece. This red dandelion tattoo also adds a small flourish that looks like a piece of string tied to the stem of one flower. This could symbolize a reminder of something sentimental, similar to the common design of a string tied around a finger as an aide-mémoire. This lovely little piece, placed on the inside wrist, is a nice choice for a subtle, feminine design.

small dandelion tattoo with numbers

This funny little piece is a great example of a dandelion tattoo for men. Here, the design takes the femininity and delicate elements of these tattoos and turns them on their head. This playful little tattoo of a dandelion man, hopping along down the road, uses nice details like the shadow beneath the figure and the seeds trailing behind, to create an interesting piece. The text beneath looks to be an existing piece, with this addition most likely adding some significance to the wearer and completing this design concept.

small black dandelion, tiny side tattoo

dandelion hand poked tattoo

Dandelion wrist tattoo

tattoos for women small, small tattoos on neck, on the ear tattoo

small wrist dandelion simple tattoo


Dreamy/Surreal Dandelion Tattoos

musical dandelion tattoo

Here is another example of some of the more creative designs that incorporate dandelions into the tattoo. Again, simple black line work is used, with dots and stippling to create the seeds blowing in the wind. The musical notes—obviously symbolic of the wearer’s love of music—add an interesting element and set this piece apart from other similar tattoos. The composition and technique create a slightly chaotic aesthetic making for a unique and well-executed piece.

dandelion with lead tattoo

This lovely little tattoo stands out in the field (bad pun) of dandelion tattoos for its unique design and tight execution. While this tattoo is almost abstract in its minimalist design, it maintains the essential elements of the flower, leaving no doubt that it is a dandelion. The bold lines and smooth black and grey shading, as well as the use of negative space for the flower itself, help make this simple tattoo catch the eye and make it a one-of-a-kind piece.

creative dandelion tattoo

son and daughter dandelion tattoo

simple leg dandelion tattoo

gay pride colorful dandelion tattoo

colorful dandelion flower

inside arm dandelion tattoo


Delicate Dandelion Tattoos

dandelion bird tattoo

Here is an excellent example of the creative possibilities for these tattoos. The well saturated black of the stem provides wonderful contrast with the delicate, black and grey line work and used for the seeds blowing in the wind. As the seeds disperse they are joined by birds flying, another common design. The placement on the shoulder, flowing up the neck, makes great use of the body’s natural lines, creating a well-executed, dynamic tattoo.

arm sweet dandelion tattoo

Here is a good example of the simplicity of these designs. The fine line technique on display here epitomizes the clean, uncomplicated aesthetic that is common for dandelion tattoos. The light stipple shading used to illustrate the seeds conveys the delicate nature of these flowers while the placement on the inside arm allows the wearer to show off their tattoo as well as keeping the option of incorporating it into a larger piece later on.

tiny black dandelion tattoo

This tattoo takes a minimalistic approach to an already simple concept, to great effect. A single line creates the stem while delicate hatching is used for the flower and seeds. Negative space is used to imply the center of the flower, or bud, helping to convey the gossamer nature of these delicate plants. A few seeds blowing in the wind also help to impart the feeling of weightlessness that the best of these tattoos are able to achieve. This is a great example of this popular style.

small black dandelion tattoo

tiny fine line dandelion tattoo

dandelion stick and poke tattoo

back dandelion tattoo

small dandelion seeds tattoo

simple and small minimalist dandelion tattoos

minimal arrow dandelion tattoo

stick and poke dandeliontattoo

blow ball dandelion tattoo

flower wrist dandelion tattoo


Tattoos of Dandelions Within a Bouquet

lovely floral dandelion tattoo

This piece, while not strictly a dandelion tattoo, is a lovely floral piece that incorporates a number of different flowers and plants: poppies, ferns, dandelions and a bumble bee are all used to create a nice composition. Like most tattoos, special meaning is associated with the images, and it is safe to assume that these different species have a specific importance to the wearer. The black line work and interesting placement—wrapping around the inner forearm— make for a lovely tattoo. The latitude and longitude coordinates above the image add to the unique and personal nature of this piece.

dandelion with leaves tattoo

wild flowers dandelion tattoo

simple dandelion with leaves tattoo

rose with dandelion tattoo

dandelion make a wish tattoo

unique back dandelion tattoo.png

leg flowers dandelion tattoo


Tattoos of Dandelions with Birds

watercolor bird dandelion tattoo

While many dandelion tattoos stick with a simple, black style, the beauty of the art is that the only limits are the imagination of the artist and the client. Here we can see the watercolor style incorporated to create a vibrant and unique tattoo. The loose, uninhibited use of color exemplifies that watercolor aesthetic, while the line work of the dandelions provides some structure to the design. The way the birds are incorporated into the paint style and the placement, moving from the foot up the shin, create a nice flow and interesting composition for this one of a kind piece.

neck dandelion tattoo

Here we have the popular design elements of the dandelion and birds again. This tattoo uses black and grey shading to create a more realistic image of the flower with white highlights used to create contrast and help the small details pop. The placement on the upper shoulder blade, extending up the back of the neck, makes good use of the body’s natural lines, while the shading on the outside of the flowers helps the design to standout against the wearer’s pale skin tone.

bird dandelion tattoo

neck tattoo dandelion with birds

leg tattoo dandelion with birds

black and dandelion tattoo

small meaningful dandelion tattoo

collar bone dandelion tattoo


Color Dandelion Tattoos

colorful dandelion bird tattoo

Here is another tattoo that incorporates the watercolor style into a dandelion design to create an interesting piece. This tattoo uses a more conservative application of color which adds to the piece without over powering the dandelion in the composition. Instead of the broad swaths of bright color that are often used in the watercolor style, here colorful accents are utilized to create a more subtle design. The long lines and placement on the upper arm, leading up the shoulder, help create an interesting composition that takes advantage of the natural lines of the body.

dandelion wine moonshine leg tattoo

This is another great tattoo that incorporates dandelions but uses different stylistic elements than most of the other tattoos we’ve looked at. Here, an illustrative style uses aspects of American Traditional tattoos like a limited color palate and bold outlines to create a unique piece. This simple but robust image of a bottle of dandelion wine, standing in a field of grass and flowers, pops despite being unfinished.  This is a great example of a design incorporating dandelions into a masculine and one of a kind tattoo.

watercolor dandelion butterfly tattoo

watercolor musical dandelion tattoo

watercolor minimalist dandelion tattoo

small watercolor dandelion tattoo

beautiful watercolor dandelion tattoo


Traditional Dandelion Tattoos

black flower wrist dandelion tattoo

This tattoo successfully uses an illustrative style to create a simple but pleasing image. The design used for the seeds blowing in the wind eschews realism for a more child-like, animated style. This single line characteristic of the seeds contrasts nicely with the more realistic black and grey shading that is used on the stem and leaves of the flower. The bottom of the stem, where it was cut, is a nice feature that helps complete the design and adds a detailed consistency that compliments the tattoo well.

large floral dandelion tattoo

mouse dandelion tattoo

self love floral dandelion tattoo

large colorful dandelio tattoo

black and grey dandelion with leaves tattoo

black dandelion with leaves tattoo


Geometric Dandelion Tattoos

arm fine line dandelion tattoo

Once again, we see a dandelion inspired piece that uses the flower as a jumping off point for a more elaborate and interesting design. This tattoo incorporates aspects of the trash-polka style, like the collage-like composition and the realistic depiction of the dandelion seeds. The use of simple geometric shapes in conjunction with the perfectly straight lines adds a graphic contrast that is not only interesting to look at, but is a testament to the skill and attention to detail of the artist. This is a unique piece that is sure to turn heads.

black and grey tiny dandelion tattoo

black and grey flying dandelion tattoo


Black and Gray Dandelion Tattoos

small back dandelion tattoo

soft minimal dandelion tattoo

simple flower dandelion tattoo

flower fine line tattoo

shoulder dandelion tattoo

small black and grey dandelion tattoo

dandelion fluff tattoo

simple dandelion fluff tattoo

simple arm dandelion tattoo

small black dandelion with hearts tattoo

fresh dandelion with leaves tattoo

black dandelion arm tattoo

black dandelion sleeve tattoo


Dandelion Tattoos with a Woman

dandelion with face tattoo

little girl blowing dandelions tattoo

little angel girl blowing dandelions tattoo


Large Dandelion Tattoos

leg flying dandelion tattoo

watercolor dandelion tattoo

black dandelion tattoo on arm

intricate dandelion tattoo on leg

intricate dandelion tattoo on leg


Tattoos of Dandelions with a Quote

intricate dandelion flower tattoo

rib dandelion flower tattoo

watercolor dandelion with texts tattoo

delicate watercolor dandelion tattoo with script

black dandelion tattoo with quote

delicate fine linedandelion tattoo with quote

black fine line dandelion tattoo with quote


Dandelion Tattoo FAQs

What does the dandelion symbolize?

Dandelions have a significance that is in stark contrast to their reputation as a pest or weed in common times. Historically, these simple yellow flowers were given as gifts, symbolizing love, friendship and absolute faithfulness.

In more recent times dandelions have come to represent struggle and perseverance through times of hardship: as the flower blooms brightly and then fades, the seeds survive and are blown into the wind only to spark life anew and be reborn.

While every tattoo has a unique significance to the person wearing it, these are strong themes associated with these lovely little flowers.


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