Davy Jones Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Davy Jones Tattoo Designs For Men – Sailors Devil Ink Ideas

There are some poor souls who spend their days slogging through the rocks, mud and rubble, hauling their loads atop their backs, driving a plow, or typing away in a cubicle like some diseased fowl.

But you have found freedom. You are a man of the sea.

With the salt spray bleaching your whiskers, the setting sun lighting your pipe, and Polaris, the north star, keeping your course, you struggle to feel at peace unless the boards beneath your feet are rocking to the gentle motion of the waves.

If the ocean is your home, you’re already a marked man. You may as well take on a Davy Jones tattoo when next you’re in port.

Davy Jones is none other than the drowned soul that walks below the waves, and saves a spot for all sinking men in his locker at the bottom of the sea. Some say that, when he still breathed air, he was known as Jonah, and he believed he could escape god himself. He fled across the land, and when he came to the sea, captained a ship and made off toward the sunset. But before long, a whale bigger than any man has known rose up and swallowed him whole.

Ever since, Davy Jones has walked among the kelp and the coral, welcoming all who seek a final resting place below the waves. Get yourself a tattoo design of old Davy Jones himself and let him know that it’s going to be a couple years, but you’re on your way.


3d Hand Guys Davy Jones Tattoos

Amazing Mens Davy Jones Tattoo Designs On Arm

Arm 3d Realistic Davy Jones Tattoo On Men

Arm Davy Jones Mens Tattoo Ideas

Cheat Heart Themed Davy Jones Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

Chest 3d Davy Jones Tattoos Male

Cool Davy Jones Leg Calf Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Creative Davy Jones Tattoos For Men Forearm Band

Davy Jones Guys Tattoo Designs Half Sleeve

Davy Jones Guys Tattoo Ideas Thigh

Davy Jones Guys Thigh Black And Grey Ink Shaded Tattoos

Davy Jones Male Tattoo Designs On Thigh

Davy Jones Male Tattoos On Hand

Davy Jones Tattoo Design Ideas For Males Full Arm Sleeve

Davy Jones Tattoo Design On Man Leg Sleeve

Detailed Shaded Full Back Davy Jones Male Tattoo Ideas

Distinctive Male Davy Jones Leg Tattoo Designs

Full Back Black And Grey Davy Jones Themed Mens Tattoo Designs

Gentleman With Davy Jones Half Sleeve Tattoo

Guys Davy Jones Half Sleeve Traditional Old School Tattoo Design Ideas

Guys Davy Jones Tattoo On Arm Deisgns

Guy With Davy Jones Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo Design

Incredible Davy Jones Sailing Ship Forearm Tattoos For Men

Inner Arm Bicep Mens Davy Jones Tattoo

Inner Forearm Awesome Ink Davy Jones Tattoos For Men

Inner Forearm Davy Jones Tattoo Ideas For Males

Leg 3d Davy Jones Tattoos For Gentlemen

Leg Artistic Male Davy Jones Tattoo Ideas

Male Back Shoulder Blade Tattoo With Davy Jones Design

Male Cool Davy Jones Leg Tattoo Ideas

Male Davy Jones Chest 3d Tattoo Design Inspiration

Male Davy Jones Half Sleeve 3d Tattoo Ideas

Male With Cool Davy Jones Inner Forearm Tattoo Design

Manly Davy Jones Tattoo Full Arm 3d Design Ideas For Men

Masculine Arm Davy Jones Tattoos For Men

Mens Arm 3d Davy Jones Tattoo Ideas

Mens Cool Davy Jones Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo With Davy Jones Design

Mens Outer Forearm Davy Jones Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Quarter Sleeve Arm Tattoo Ideas With Davy Jones Design

Mens Tattoo Hand Davy Jones Design

Outer Forearm Heavily Shaded Davy Jones Tattoos Men

Outer Forearm Sleeve Mens Davy Jones Tattoo Design Ideas

Quarter Sleeve 3d Guys Tattoo Ideas Davy Jones Designs

Realistic 3d Inner Arm Bicep Davy Jones Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Remarkable Thigh Davy Jones Tattoos For Males

Side Of Leg Cool Male Davy Jones Tattoo Designs

Thigh Colorful Davy Jones Tattoo Designs For Guys

Unique Mens Davy Jones Tattoos On Arm

Upper Arm Realistic 3d Davy Jones Tattoos Guys

White And Grey Ink Shaded Arm Guys Tattoos With Davy Jones Design

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