Deer Tattoos For Men

Top 87 Deer Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

From hunters to explorers of nature, deer have a long standing history among men in the great outdoors. They may be elusive at times to hunt, however their history has literally been carved into stone.

Hidden among the woods you’ll find these gracious animals roaming around the Earth. Though, you might be surprised to know there’s more that just one species when it comes to deer. Not to mention, their large and attractive set of antlers can only be found on males.

Speaking of antlers, in the velvet stage they have been widely used in Asia for over two-thousand years as a medicinal supplements. Even in the western world, athletes and bodybuilders have been seen using extracts to build and restore muscle tissue. However, in reality, the evidence of this extract actually working is just not there, making it more of a placebo.

If you were take a trip back to the past you’d find antler is almost everything from tools to weapons and even toys. Even the Vikings once viewed it as a prized possession for comb-making. Since then, it’s become more a ivory substitute and found its way into things like saddles, guns, powder flasks, and more. Of course, decorative displays too with a pair of antlers mounted to the wall like in the old medieval times.

With that said, take a moment to explore the beauty of these top 90 best deer tattoos for men. From realistic outdoor scenes to cool deer skulls, there’s plenty of design ideas to admire.


3d Realistic Deer Track Tattoo For Males

Abstract Deer Tattoos For Men On Inner Forearm

Abstract Male Deer Tattoos On Outer Forearm

Abstract Red Background Mens Deer Head Tattoos On Inner Forearm

Awesome Deer Tattoos On Mans Back

Back Of Shoulder Blade Mens Deer Tattoo

Bicep Best Male Deer Tattoos

Bicep Creative Male Tattoo Deer

Bicep Creative Tree Deer Antlers Male Tattoos

Bicep Skeleton Male Deer Skull Tattoos Designs

Black Ink Deer Head Mens Chest Tattoo

Black Ink Wolf And Deer Mens Tattoos

Black Work Ink Tribal Deer Tattoos For Men

Chest Sun Ray Mens Deer Skull Tattoo

Cool Mens Back Of Leg Deer Head Tattoos

Cool Mens Chest Tattoo Of Deer Head And Antlers

Deer Antler Tattoos For Men On Rib Cage Side

Deer Head Guys Tattoo Design On Chest

Deer Head Tattoos For Men On Bicep

Deer Tattoo Ideas For Men On Upper Arm

Forearm Deer Skull Tattoo Designs For Guys

Framed Deer Tattoo For Men In Full Color On Arm

Full Chest Mens Deer Tattoos

Full Color Inner Wrist Deer Tattoo For Men

Full Color Mens Leg Calf Deer Tattoo With Blue Sky And Orange Leaves

Full Sleeve Mens Nature Deer Tattoos

This is a stunning black and gray, full sleeve design that incorporates a deer as well as other natural features to create a unique tattoo. The level of detail in this piece is remarkable and the expert use of grey wash shading allows the artist to achieve a photo-realistic tattoo. The shading in the face of the deer perfectly captures the texture of the fur and the overall composition makes great use of the leaves and other elements to frame the deer’s face. The negative used to create space wisps of smoke helps to draw the eye up and down the entirety of the design and helps make this a more dynamic tattoo. This is a great example of a realistic tattoo and a testament to the skill and patience of the artist.

Green And Yellow Mens Deer Tattoos

Guys Deer Antler Tattoo Designs On Stomach

Guys Deer Head Tattoo Designs On Upper Thigh

Guy With Tattoos Deer On Ribcage

This design goes with a more stylized, illustrative strategy to create an interesting tattoo. Most striking is the use of stipple shading to create swirls and whorls that are reminiscent of fingerprints, or the rings of a tree. The use of negative space for highlights creates contrast with the dense patterns and balances the design. The line work is precise and consistent and the incorporation of a tooth and a key hanging from the antlers is a personal touch that further sets this design apart from other tattoos featuring deer. This large and striking design is sure to turn heads.

Half Deer And Eagle Mens Back Tattoo In Black Ink

Half Sleeve Deer Hunting Mens Tattoo Designs

Hands Deer Hunting Tattoo Ideas On Men

Knuckle Male Deer Tattoo With Antlers

Leg Calf Deer Tattoo Design Men

Leg Calfwhitetail Deer Tattoos For Men

Lower Arm Sleeve Traditional Deer Tattoo For Men

Lower Leg Deer Hunting Tattoo For Guys

Male Back Of Arm Deer And Moonlight Tattoo Inspiration

Male Deer Skulls Tattoos On Stomach

Here is a design that uses black and gray ink with a number of different shading techniques to create a big and bold tattoo. The whip shading on the face of the deer creates the appearance of fur while the stipple shading in the ears adds another texture to the design. The loose cross-hatching in the antlers further differentiates the textures achieved and demonstrates the artist’s attention to detail. Finally, the negative space coming from the deer’s mouth adds another gradation that contrasts starkly with the other portions of the design. The precision in the line work and interesting composition make this a tattoo that both artist and wearer can be proud of.  

Male Deer Tattoos Designs On Arm

Man With Deer Tattoo On Chest With Arrows

Man With Tattoo Of Deer On Lower Wrist

Mens Back Tattoos Of Abstract Deer Design

Mens Bicep Tattoo Of Deering Roaming Through The Woods

Mens Chest Deer Hunting Tattoos

Mens Deer Antler Tattoo On Bicep

Mens Deer Head Tattoo On Forearm

Mens Deer Hunting Tattoos Designs Upper Arm

Mens Deer In The Woods Tattoo Design On Forearm

Mens Deer Skull Tattoos On Chest In Black Ink

This stunning design uses black ink, negative space and a realistic, horror aesthetic to create a one of a kind deer tattoo. Perhaps the most striking aspect of this tattoo is the level of detail achieved in the antlers and skull. The artist was able to perfectly capture the cracked and worn surface of the skull using stipple shading and negative space, while the rough texture of the antlers looks almost as if it is raised off the skin. The use of flecks and dripping ink gives this tattoo a loose feel while maintaining a realistic level of detail and the bold placement and unique design make this a striking tattoo that serves as a testament to the artist’s skill.

Mens Deer Tattoo Designs Forearm

Mens Deer Track Tattoos Of Hoof On Bicep

Mens Leg Calf Deer Tattoo Design

Mens Tattoo Deer Designs

Mens Tattoos Of Deer Heads

Modern Mens Outer Arm Deer Tattoo With Ship And Stars

Old School Deer Tattoo On Mans Chest

Outdoors Deer Tattoo For Men On Thigh In Color

Realistic Deer In The Woods Mens Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Rib Cage Side Deer Tattoo For Men With Woods Background

Rib Cage Side Deer Tattoos For Men

Rib Cage Side Male Tattoos Of Deers

Simple Masculine Deer Rack Tattoos On Guys

Sleeve Guys Tattoos Of Deer

Small Male Deer Hunter Tattoos

Small Manly Deer Horn Tattoos For Guys

This is a lovely design that uses an American traditional style to create a simple but pleasing tattoo. The bold line work and limited color palette are staples of this style and are put to great use here. The consistency of the line work is outstanding: the outline is smooth and clean; it looks like it could have been a single line pulled in one pass. The color gradation in the bird is excellent as well and adds a level of texture that perfectly captures the appearance of feathers. The use of negative space for highlights and the densely packed color creates contrast without sacrificing the simple, elegant appeal of the American traditional style.

Small Simple Deer Hunter Mens Tattoo

Tattoo Near The River Tattoo For Men On Arm

Tattoos Of Deer Antlers For Men

Thigh Deer Tattoo For Males

Thigh Green Deer Tracks Tattoo For Males

Thigh Leaf Deer Mens Tattoos

Tribal Deer Antler Tattoos For Men

Two Deers Bucking Antlers Tattoo On Chest For Men

Under Elbow Mens Deer Tattoo Design Ideas

Upper Arm Cool Deer Tattoos For Guys

Upper Arm Half Sleeve Mens Deer And Mountain Tattoos

Upper Chest Buck Deer Tattoos For Men

Wall Mounted Deer Head Mens Tattoo On Thigh

Whitetail Deer Guys Tattoo Designs

Whitetail Deer Male Tattoo Ideas

Wilderness Forest Deer Tattoo Leg Sleeve Mens Tattoo

Wildlife Tattoos Deer On Mans Forearm

Wrist Deer Tribal Tattoos For Males

Wrist Nature Themed Mens Deer Tattoos

Wrist Whitetail Deer Tattoos Designs

Deer Tattoo FAQs

What does a deer tattoo symbolize?

Deer thrive around the globe, from the Scottish Highlands to the rainforests of South East Asia, and everywhere they are found they are incorporated into the myths and cultures of the local peoples. For many, deer represent the strength and majesty of nature; they are powerful guardians of the natural world.

Male deer, with their large antlers and the battles that they engage in during rut, have also come to represent virility and leadership. They are thought of as spiritual advisors in some Native American traditions and often represent regeneration due to the way their antlers fall off and are regrown throughout their lives. For others, deer represent the peace and harmony of the natural world as well as the importance of recognizing this interconnectedness.  

These powerful creatures are chosen as the subjects for tattoos for many of these characteristics that they represent, along with other reasons more personal to the individual. Whatever they may symbolize to different people, these majestic animals make for great tattoos.

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