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Top 87 Demon Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

For a devilish exterior, demon tattoos for men are unparalleled. They strike a perfect balance between occult imagery, masculine energy and goth sex appeal. Plus, they can be construed with a variety of counterculture connotations.

To craft a physique that is simultaneously slick and forceful, mysterious gentlemen prefer demon tattoos. These magnificent beasts exude powerful personality, and their presence can be tied to a variety of distinct backgrounds.

At the most basic level, male demon tattoos reflect proclivities in the way of nihilism and darkness. Baphomet, the goat-headed figure, is probably the most popular choice, but there are endless satanic critters to get inked!

Countless demonic icons fill history’s canon, and you can combine all sorts of monstrous deities for an anachronistic amalgamation of evil. From chiseled gods to decrepit gargoyles, you can fine-tune your demonic possession precisely!

Some guys also get demon tattoos to remind themselves of the inner demons they are personally overcoming. The constant threat of relapsing to an old way of being can be placed in a permanently visible area to keep you on the right trajectory. Still, the following gallery of demon tattoos for guys is so righteous that no one will want to overcome the fabled lords of chaos pictured ahead!


Angel And Demon Fighting Mens Tattoos

Angel And Demon Mens Tattoo Sleeves

Angel And Demons Tattoo For Guys

Angel And Demons Tattoos For Guys

Angel And Demon Wing Guys Tattoos

Angel And Demon Wings Tattoo On Guys

Angel Fighting Demon Tattoo For Men

Angels And Demons Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

This is a large black and gray piece that uses shading to create a life-like demon. The fully saturated black in the eyes increases contrast and helps the negative space and white highlights to standout. The coils in the mouth of the demon also have a bio-mechanical feel that contrasts stylistically with the flames on the top of the piece and works well to set this piece apart from other demon designs. Another interesting feature in this tattoo is the way the artist expertly left negative space at the bottom of the design, giving the impression of the flesh being torn away to reveal the demon beneath.

Angels And Demons Tattoo Sleeve On Men

Angels Fighting Demons Tattoos For Males

Angels Vs Demons Tattoo For Males

Angels Vs Demons Tattoos For Men

Angel Vs Demon Tattoos For Men

Bicep Mens Demon Cross Tattoo In Black Ink

Cool Mens Tribal Demon Tattoo

Crazy Demon Male Tattoos

Creative Mens Demonic Tattoo Ideas

This is a great black and gray tattoo that takes a time-honored “Old Nick” depiction of the devil and gives him an American traditional makeover. The bold lines that form the outline and main features of the face are precise and consistent while the whip shading that adds texture is excellent. While some may prefer the bright reds associated with the devil the choice of eschewing color for a simpler black and gray color scheme also works excellently here and helps to set this classic design apart from other, similar tattoos.

Demon And Angel Male Tattoos

Demon And Angel Tattoo On Men

Demon Angel Tattoo For Males

Demon Angel Tattoos For Males

Demon Back Tattoo For Men

Demon Clown Tattoo Style For Men On Back Fo Leg Calf

Demon Face Tattoo For Men

Demon Face Tattoos On Man

Demon Hand Tattoo On Gentlemen

Demon Head Mens Tattoo

Demon Hunter Tattoo For Men

Demon Hunter Tattoos On Guys

Demonic Angel Mens Tattoos

Demonic Mens Tattoos Designs

This is a great black and gray piece that uses different demonic themes to create an original creature. The tentacles around the mouth are a unique and key feature of Cthulu, the demon God of author H.P. Lovecraft’s nightmare mythos, and their incorporation demonstrates the wearer’s love for this master of horror. The artist uses black and gray shading in combination with fully saturated black and white highlights to increase contrast and give definition to this intricate piece. The level of detail in this tattoo is also worth noting: the highlights in the eyes and skulls, as well as the shadows of the tusks on the beast’s face, are a testament to the meticulousness of the artist.

Demonic Skull Tattoos On Man

This is a great black and gray American traditional piece that uses excellent shading to create a fierce demon. Judging by the tusks and wide eyes it appears the design is based on the traditional demons of southeast Asian culture, possibly from Bali. The artist uses smooth and consistent line work to create the outline of the tattoo while exceptional whip shading and saturated black ink are used to great effect in adding details and texture to this striking tattoo. This tattoo is a great example of a dramatic black and gray tattoo. 

Demonic Tattoo Designs For Men

Here, the artist uses black and gray shading to create a photo-realistic portrait of a horned demon. The gradation in tones, from saturated black all the way negative space for the highlights, is excellent and allows the artist to capture all the details in the folds of cloth and the demon’s face without the need for bold line work. The consistent use of shadow and light demonstrates the forethought that went into the design, resulting in a more realistic image. It is also impressive how perfectly the artist is able to capture the wicked smirk on the demon’s face, creating a lifelike nightmare creature.

Demonic Tattoo For Men

Demonic Tattoo Sleeves For Men

Demon Ink Tattoo For Guys

Demon Mens Back Tattoos

Demon Skull Tattoos For Men

Demon Sleeve Tattoos For Males

Demons Tattoo On Men

Demon Tattoo Ideas For Men

This is a bright, bold American traditional tattoo that has some very interesting things going on. First, the saturation of the vibrant colors is striking, while the consistent, bold line work creates a strong outline that holds everything together. This tattoo is also interesting for the interactive aspect: it is a two-sided image of a demon and a woman, depending on which angle you looking at it from. While this is a testament to the artist’s skill and the planning that went into the design, the wearer might find himself doing a lot of handstands to show off just how unique this vibrant demon tattoo is.

Demon Wing Tattoos For Men

Evil Demon Tattoos For Guys

This large back piece uses black and gray along with a limited color palette to capture the fierce grimace of this southeast Asian demon. The shading in the face is well-executed and gives the skin a rough texture and while the face of the demon is definitely the centerpiece of this striking tattoo, it is the details that help to set this tattoo apart from other large designs. The ornamental filigree around each of the skulls on the crown is detailed and consistent and the line work in the strands of hair is excellent. The restrained use of color is also interesting: the red on the eyebrows uses smoke-like shapes to take this tattoo to the next level. 

Evil Spirit Mens Demon Tattoo On Upper Arm In Black

Fight Off Your Demons Tattoo For Men

Guys Angel Demon Tattoos

Guys Demon Mask Tattoo

Guys Demon Tattoo Sleeve

Guys Oni Demon Tattoo

Guys Tattoos Of Angels And Demons

Guy With Tattoo Demons

Half Angel Half Demon Tattoo For Men

Half Demon Half Angel Tattoo For Men

Inner Demon Tattoo For Men

Japanese Demon Mask Tattoo For Men

Japanese Demon Tattoos For Guys

Male Angel Demon Wings Tattoo

Male Demonic Sleeve Tattoos

Male Demon Sleeve Tattoo

Male Demons Tattoo Designs

Male Demon Tattoos Designs

Manly Angel Vs Demon Tattoo Designs

Man With Demon Faces Tattoos

This is a great American traditional tattoo of a motorcycle demon. The line work is smooth and bold and the color gradation and use of negative space for highlights is well-executed. The details in this piece are what set it apart from other simple designs: the consistent use of highlights across the goggles and onto the helmet as well as the negative space around the face and at the tip of the tongue all help to create a more interesting, complete and balanced tattoo.

Man With Japanese Demon Tattoo Designs

Masculine Demons And Angels Tattoo

Mens Angel And Demon Tattoo

Mens Angel And Demon Tattoos

Mens Angel Demon Tattoo

Mens Angels And Demons Tattoo

Mens Angels And Demons Tattoos

Mens Angel Vs Demon Tattoo

Mens Apanese Demon Tattoo

Mens Demonic Tattoos

Mens Demons Tattoos

Mens Demon Tattoo

Mens Demon Tattoo Designs

Mens Demon Tattoos

Mens Demon Wings Tattoo

Mens Supernatural Demon Tattoo

Mens Tattoo Demon

Men With Tattoos Angels And Demons

Realistic Demon Tattoo Designs For Men

Red Demon Tattoo For Men

Screamin Demon Tattoo For Men

Skull And Demon Mens Tattoos

Skulls And Demons Tattoos For Men

Tattoos Demons For Men

Tattoos Of Demons For Men

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