Dog Tag Tattoos For Men

30 Dog Tag Tattoos For Men – Masculine Design Ideas

The ionic dog tag you know today stems of the Taiping revolt which took place in the 19th century. The Imperialists and the Taiping rebels could both be seeing sporting engraved wooden tags with each combatants age, unit, enlistment date, birthplace and of course, name.

By the time of the American Civil War, soldiers started pinning tags in the form of paper notes to the inside of their coats.

While others used the soft lead backing of their military-issued belt buckles as an opportunity to inscribe their address and name. Within time, the identification badge manufactures would reach the same discovery.

After realizing the market potential, they began to produce shaped pins that indicated branch of service, along with a stamping of the soldier’s unit, name and selectively, a list of their participation in battles.

From what was once wood, has since been change to brass and lead over time. Yet, that’s not all that has changed with dog tags aside from their corrosion resistant metal construction. Take for instance, today’s American military tags which can display blood type and even religious beliefs.

Now, if you’re not too familiar with them, you be curious to know why soldiers wear two at once. The first is to be collection from a deceased solider for notification. The second is to remain with the corpse when immediately recovery is not possible due to battlefield conditions.

With that said, take a look at these 30 dog tag tattoos for men and you’ll discover plenty of inspiration. From the classic around the neck designs to the more abstract memorial tribute ideas.


Abstract Dog Tag Tattoo Ideas For Men

Armband Guys Dog Tag Tattoo Design

Army Dog Tags Tattoos On Men On Upper Arm

Bicep Dog Tag Tattoos For Males With American Flag

Chest Male Marine Dog Tag Tattoos

Forearm Dog Tags Tattoos For Men With Angel Wings

Half Sleeve Army Dog Tag Tattoos For Men

Male Dog Tags Tattoo Around The Neck

Man With Cross Tattoos With Dog Tags

Man With Dog Tag Tattoos On Rib Cage Side

Mens Back War Dog Tag Tattoos

Mens Bicep Solider Dog Tag Tattoo

Mens Dog Tags Tattoo For Marines On Shoulder

Mens Dog Tags Tattoo Praying Hands Designs On Chest

Mens Dog Tag Tattoo On Upper Arm

Mens Dog Tag Tattoos With Folded American Flag On Back

Mens Dog Tag Tattoo With Jesus Cross

Mens Rose Dog Tag Tattoo Designs

Military Dog Tag Tattoos For Men

Outer Forearm Mens Dog Tag Tattoo With Wings

Shoulder Blade Guys Tattoos Dog Tags

Simple Male Tattoo Of Dog Tags

Skull Military Dog Tag Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

Small Dog Tag Tattoos Designs For Guys

Tattoo Dog Tags For Males

Tattoos Of Dog Tags For Men On Foot

Tribal Sleeve Dog Tag Tattoos For Guys

Wrist Blue Ribbon Military Dog Tags Tattoos On Men

Wrist Mens Cross With Dog Tags Tattoo

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