Dragon Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Dragon Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Men – Manly Ink Ideas

In the heart of every man beats the soul of the mighty dragon. A legendary creature with an ancient heritage, the ink of the dragon is a warrior’s brand of honor, signifying conquest on the battlefield. The dragon tattoo is the ultimate and tangible representation of the complex human spirit.

Ruler of the skies and master of fire, these massive beasts personify the spirit a courageous and brave warrior.

Men who pursue the mythical ink of the dragon desire to commemorate the achievement of their own legendary fantastical feats through the awesome image of the dragon.

Fiercely majestic, the mark of the dragon is most glorious when splayed out across the width of the shoulder. Each amazing part of the dragon artistically inked across the curvature of the shoulder blade, giving rise to the semblance of flight when in motion.

Utilizing vivid tattoo colors and liberal artistic license, a dragon tattoo becomes a personal sigil representing the achievement of wisdom and the attainment of honor. Striking tattoo images of razor sharp sabers and noble castles add to the overall dragon mystique, making the image a legendary tale.

A dramatic statement piece, the dragon tattoo begs for consideration from all that are fortunate to gaze upon its brilliance. Copious amounts of praise will spring forth, begetting enthusiastic pleas from admiring fans to hear the tale of the dragon.


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