Ewok Tattoos For Men

60 Ewok Tattoos For Men – Star Wars Ink Ideas

Deceptively cute and cuddly-looking, Ewoks are a major player in the wildly popular Star Wars movie series. For fans of the franchise, these adorable yet deadly aliens make a humorous and unique tattoo.

Of all the strange races in the Star Wars galaxy, the Ewok more closely resembles a teddy bear than a frightening alien.

Although small and generally friendly, these little guys pack a surprising punch if need be. Perhaps it is this trait which has so endeared them to fans throughout the ages, especially in comparison to the more sinister beings that are frequently encountered in Star Wars. Wookies, as they are commonly referred to, posses cute features such as fluffy fur and large, puppy-like eyes that would give their design much interest and texture when shown in a fully-detailed tattoo.

For Star Wars fans, an Ewok tattoo would be immediately recognizable and admired. Even for non-fans, the world of Star Wars is so widespread that the Ewok is nearly as recognizable as Darth Vader or R2-D2. Because the Star Wars universe is so expansive, and the series features such a wide array of films, the Ewok could be portrayed in a whole spectrum of different environments and circumstances. As a tattoo subject, the Ewok wouldn’t look out of place among his fellow aliens and robots from the series, nor would he be unrecognizable on his own.

For a man looking to show his cute and cuddly side, as well as his appreciation for the movies, an Ewok tattoo is a clever, comical little alien to consider adding to your tattoo collection. Less cliche than Darth Maul and more recognizable than some of the human characters of the film, the little Ewok is sure to elicit interest and charm.


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