Fallout Tattoo Designs For Men

70 Fallout Tattoo Designs For Men – Video Game Ideas

Over a century ago, things fell to pieces when resources grew scarce. When China invaded Alaska in search of oil, all hell broke loose.

After a violent annexation of Canada and decades of war, the major nations of earth annihilated each other with nuclear weapons. This is the Fallout.

For those who remember, the year is 2161. You have to leave Vault 13 on a simple mission: recover a water chip. This means a trek through the wasteland, a post-industrial, post-nuclear swamp filled with children of radiation and lead poisoning.

If you believe, like Matthew McConaughey in True Detective, that in a couple of years, this whole world is going to be underwater, then a Fallout tattoo might just be right for you. The Fallout aesthetic is almost unparalleled in the world of video games. Set in the future and facing the problems that many forward-looking environmentalists, activists, and people who generally avoid sticking their heads in the sand, Fallout also has an amazing retro post WWII style.

Your love for your earth and your country is bittersweet. Oh, and Fallout is a downright kickass RPG. Memorialize what was, what is, and what has not yet come to pass with a Fallout tattoo.


3d Small Nuka Cola Botle Cap Mens Fallout Tattoo Design Inspiration

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Arm Creative Fallout Tattoos For Men

Arm Shaded Black And Grey Ink Fallout Male Tattoo

Arm Unique Mens Fallout Tattoos

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Guy With Fallout Arm Tattoos

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Knee Cap Radioactive Fallout Tattoos Male

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Small 3d Nuka Cola Botle Cap Lower Mens Tattoo Ideas With Fallout Design

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Video Game Nuka Cola Bottle Cap Forearm Fallout Tattoos For Gentlemen

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