Flame Tattoos For Men

Top 60 Best Flame Tattoos For Men – An Inferno Of Masculine Designs

Did someone say turn up the heat? How about with the flames from Oxy-dicyanoacetylene, which burns at an astonishing 4,990 °C (9,000 °F). In comparison, your average candle checks in at a cool 1,000 °C (1,800 °F).

For generations, the flame has long stood as a symbol of both substantial inspiration, destruction and remembrance. It’s been said to date back to 470 million years ago with the first fossil records of fire.

Back in 324 BC you could find Alexander The Great extinguishing one the three “Great Flames”. It was a tribute of honor in respect to the loss of his close friend Haphaestion.

Today, you can find the eternal flame shining brightly as a symbol of the Olympic Games; though, it’s eventually put out every four years.

However, what is the flame exactly? It’s visible for one, not to mention made up of mostly carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrogen and of course, oxygen. Though, what’s interesting is what happens those gases get ionized with extremely hot temperatures. The result is a production of plasma, plus a notable difference in the color of the flame and fires intensity.

All history and science aside, I’d like to share with you a blazing collection of the top 60 best flame tattoos for men. You’ll discover an inferno of cool ideas from forest and camp fires to realistic hot glowing bodies of gas on the body. Go ahead, light up your design inspiration below!

1. Forearm Flame Tattoos

Flame Forearm Tattoos For Males

Flame Tattoos On Forearms For Males

Forearm Flame Match Tattoos For Men

Male Black Flame Tattoo On Forearm

Mens Flaming Skull Tattoo On Forearm

Black Candle Guys Flame Tattoos On Arm

Creative Mens Tattoo Flames On Arm Of Lighter

Forearm Fblue Flame Tattoos For Men

3d Flaming Skulls Guys Tattoos Sleeve

Forest Trees Flaming Guys Tattoos Sleeve

Tattoo Flames Sleeve On Men

Cool Flame Tattoos For Men On Wrist

Wrist Realistic Flame Tattoos For Men

Flame Tattoo Ideas For Males With Skulls

Male Flame Tattoo Meaning

Lion Mens Up In Flames Tattoo

Forearm Flaming Eagle Tattoo Designs On Man

Simple Flame Tattoos Designs For Guys

Man With Realistic Flame Tattoo

Potion Green Guys Ghost Flames Tattoos

Red Guys Ghost Flame Tattoos

Tattoo Of Flames For Gentlemen Sleeve


2. Bicep Flame Tattoos

Man With In Flames Tattoo Of Haunted House

Quote Guys Forearm Flame Tattoos

Bear Flame Tattoos On Bicep For Men


3. Arm Flame Tattoos

Blue Campfire Tattoos Of Flames For Men

Ship Flames Male Tattoo Sleeve

Male Flame Arm Tattoos Half Sleeve

Mens Flaming Dragon Tattoo On Arm

Flame Sleeve Tattoo Designs On Men Of Deer


4. Sleeve Flame Tattoos

Mens Flame Tattoo On Arm

Cool Flames Tattoos For Men Japanese Sleeve

Masculine Mens Lion Hair Flame Tattoos Sleeve

Mens Flames Tattoo Of Bird Half Sleeve

Sleeve Mens Tattoo Flames


5. Wrist Flame Tattoos

Male Skull Flames Tattoo On Wrist

Small Lighter Flame Tattoo For Men Above Wrist

Wrist Flame Camp Fire Tattoo On Man


6. Chest Flame Tattoos

Chest Flames Tattoo Designs For Guys

Guys Fire Flame Tattoos On Chest


7. Calf Flame Tattoos

Back Of Leg Blue Flames Tattoos Designs On Man

Half Sleeve Skull Building Flames Mens Tattoos

Candle Male Flame Tattoo On Leg Calf

Latern Flame Tattoo Sleeve For Guys On Leg

Mens Blue Flame Tattoo On Legs


8. Leg Flame Tattoos

Skull Flame Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Male Arm Flame Tattoos Full Sleeve

Male Blue Skull Tattoos With Flames


9. Shoulder Flame Tattoos

Mens Flame Tattoos On Shoulder With Eagle


10. Skull Flame Tattoos

Candl Flaming Skull Tattoos For Men

Manly Mens Skull And Flames Tattoos

Skull Tattoos Flames For Males

Wrist Flame Tattoo For Men With 3d Skull


11. Thigh Flame Tattoos

Skull With Flames Tattoo For Men

Black Exploding Jet Plane Flame Mens Tattoos


12. More Flame Tattoo Ideas

Ligher Ghost Flames Tattoo For Men

Mens Flame Tattoo Designs With Candle

Small Match Tattoos With Flames On Men In Blue Ink


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