Forearm Band Tattoos For Men

Top 55 Forearm Band Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

The forearm band tattoo is bold, sleek, minimalist, and profoundly effective. This tattoo is for a man full of meaning who understands that a tattoo must age like wine.

The band, on its own, is nothing more than a band but mutates when used as a forearm tattoo. The mutation depends on the man who tattoos the band on his arm.

For some, the band represents someone who was left in the past. The person who passed on could not travel the seas of the present time but lives on anyway. The symbol is a permanent mark, announcing to the world that he or she once was.

The person wearing a band could also be attempting to foreshadow his own passing. This type of man is not afraid to face the truth of existence. He knows that time on this earth is limited, and he has decided to fly this band before death claims his life.

It should be noted that a man wearing this type of tattoo also understands that bands are aesthetically perfect. The band will work with t-shirts or polo shirts. It will look great on a beach or that next social media photograph. In short, the armband tattoo is nothing short of awesome and any man wearing it is worth a second look.

1. Dotwork Forearm Band Tattoos

Black Band With Dotwork Design Guys Forearm Tattoos

Tree Root Negative Space Mns Forearm Band Tattoo

Black Band With Dotwork Design Male Forearm Tattoos

Mens Geometric Flower Of Life Forearm Band Tattoo

Cool Black Ink Mens Dotwork Forearm Band Tattoo Ideas

Mens Ornate Dotwork With Script Forearm Band Tattoo

This type of band tattoo is found on the forearm and is made up, at least to some degree, of the dotwork technique. This technique is an interesting and unique way to form a tattoo on the skin by means of a collection of tiny dots.

Many of such tattoos have more than one band and only some of them are made of dotwork. Others are simply one solitary band made using the technique. The dotwork is often only applied to a portion of the band or bands. That being said, this is by no means a rule or limitation and ultimately the dotwork method can be done in more than one way. 

The specific placement of this tattoo on the forearm is also important. On the forearm, a band (or multiple bands) is in a position that is fairly straightforward. In other words, it is not only easy to conceal or show, whichever the particular man wishes to do at a particular time, it is much more. Primarily, for example, it is also incremental in the sense that it is often quite aesthetically pleasing. The dotted forearm band tattoo is both interesting and appealing. 

2.Tribal Black Band Forearm Tattoos

Black Ink Triangles Guys Patterned Band Forearm Tattoo

Zig Zag Mens Black Ink Pattern Forearm Band Tattoo

Tribal Mens Hawaiian Forearm Band Tattoo Ideas

Polynesian Forearm Tribal Band Tattoo Designs For Men

Tribal Polynesian Forearm Band Tattoos For Males

Negative Space Triangles Guys Forearm Band Tattoo Ideas

Pattern Unique Guys Polynesian Forearm Band Tattoo

Male With Forearm Band Tattoo With Polynesian Tribal Design

Masculine Guys Forearm Band Tribal Polynesian Tattoo Ideas

Knots Mens Forearm Band Tattoo

Polynesian Mens Tribal Forearm Band Tattoo

Designed in a variety of styles, tribal black band forearm tattoos are consistently creative and impressive. These fantastic works of art showcase different signs and symbols in unison with solid black bands. Sometimes these symbols are found between the bands, other times within.

No matter how they are formatted, however, tribal black band tattoos are definitely something that can carry a great deal of value. The meanings of their symbols are not always apparent but there is no doubt that they always carry a great deal of significance. 

3. Eastern Inspired Forearm Band Tattoos

Cool Unique Flower Forearm Band Tattoos For Guys

Guy With Cool Pattern Tribal Forearm Band Tattoo Design

Decorative Floral Guys Forearm Band Tattoo Designs

This type of forearm band tattoo is quite interesting. While it has many of the usual characteristics of a band tattoo it also stands out as it incorporates various symbols and geometric shapes form Eastern cultures and religions. These elements do a great deal to separate Eastern forearm band tattoos from other forearm tattoos as well as many other tattoos in general.  

These tattoos, being Eastern in nature, often include symbols such as the lotus flower (a symbol of rebirth), letters as well as pieces of Eastern language and writing. They may also include a variety of different shapes and geometric patterns. 

4. Geometric Forearm Band Tattoos

Masculine Pattern Guys Forearm Tattoo Band

Triangle Pattern Guys Forearm Band Tattoo

Gentleman With Thin Black Ink Lines Forearm Band Tattoo Design

Geometric Mens Pattern Cubes Forearm Band Tattoo

Hawaiian Tribal Guys Forearm Band Tattoo Design Ideas

Small Detailed Ornate Mens Forearm Band Tattoos

Triangular Male Forearm Band Sleeve Tattoos

These tattoo bands, coming in multiple different ranges of thickness, are often mesmerizing to see as a viewer. In a similar way they are surely badass pieces of ink to feature on one’s arm. These tattoos come in many different designs and patterns and often represent much more than one might think.

They may appear to some as mere bands of neat and badass-looking collections of shapes. In all actuality, however, they are truly meaningful and often mesmerizing pieces of body art. 

5. Innovative Forearm Band Tattoos

Manly Forearm Band Woodgrain Mens Tattoo Ideas

Mens Arrows Forearm Band Tattoo

Creative Forearm Band Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Eagle Forearm Band Tattoos For Men

Mens Lower Forearm Black Ink Pattern Band Tattoo Designs

Mens Moon Phases Forearm Tattoo Band

Mens Ocean Wave Viking Ship Forearm Band Tattoo

Mens Outdoors Nature Landscape Forearm Band Tattoo

Mountains With Nature Forest Guys Forearm Band Tattoo

Some forearm band tattoos are not only interesting and unique, they are also innovative. This can be true in the sense that they accomplish new feats of tattooing artistically or even just aesthetically. Tattoo innovation can also be seen in the way that an artist executes a piece when it comes to the creativity or distinctiveness given to that piece. 

6. Christian Forearm Band Tattoos

Watercolor Cross Male Forearm Band Tattoo

Negative Space Cross With Woodgrain Design Mens Forearm Band Tattoo

Mens Forearm Band Cross Tattoos

While many tattoos make references to God or any other type of religious or spiritual beliefs, some are much more direct about it than others. This is certainly true for forearm band tattoos as it is for many other types of ink.

Christian forearm band tattoos often incorporate different aspects and well known signs of the Christian faith such as a cross or other common symbol found amidst the Christian faith and tradition. These tattoos mean a great deal to many people as they may serve as a reminder of one’s spiritual direction or religious convictions. 

7. Negative Space Forearm Band Tattoo

Black Band With Quote Guys Small Simple Forearm Tattoo

Roman Forearm Band Tattoo Designs For Guys

Traditional Hawaiian Male Forearm Band Tattoos

Unique 69 Negative Space Mens Black Ink Forearm Band Tattoo

Watercolor Paint Brush Stroke Mens Forearm Band Tattoos

Some forearm band tattoos display significant signs, shapes, symbols and other characters of meaning but in a different way from those mentioned previously here. That is because instead of using the ink of the tattoo to form such symbols, shapes, etc. they essentially do the opposite.

These tattoos make great use of the negative space outlined by the ink rather than the ink itself. It is a creative and powerful way to bring out a desired piece of art in a band tattoo by means of a different approach. 

8. Black Band Forearm Tattoos

Rune Mens Black Ink Forearm Band Tattoo

Blackwork Masculine Mens Forearm Band Tattoo

Solid Black Ink Mens Forearm Band Tattoos

Three Black Bands Guys Forearm Tattoo Designs

Creative Forearm Band Male Pattern Tattoo Inspiration

Large Black And Thin Band Mens Cool Forearm Tattoos

These black band forearm tattoos are simple but strong, and minimalistic in some ways. Nevertheless, they can be quite striking as they appearance of a solid black band often draws attention in its own way but more compliments the wearer’s look and style than anything.  

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