Gallifreyan Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Gallifreyan Tattoo Designs For Men – Doctor Who Ink Ideas

The Gallifreyan language comes from the planet of Gallifrey. Gallifrey is Doctor Who’s home, though it is home to many Time Lords. This world remains a mystery to most fans.

There has not been much revealed about the planet, except for a few descriptions like how the skies have a burnt orange hue or that the trees have silver-colored leaves.

One thing is for certain, the language of this world has captured the imagination of many. That language is now used for mystical and awesome tattoos that fans have come to love. The language is exquisite and intricate. It resembles eyes as this is the tool used to read it. The language does contain some mathematic and Greek-like symbols. One of the most tattooed symbols mean, “Death is but a door.” This symbol is used due to its philosophical implications of an afterlife.

Many of the people who use this particular tattoo might also be implying that death is an opportunity to move through dimensions, or they could simply just love the show. Another word that is tattooed is the Gallifreyan word for “Earth.” The reason that most people use this symbol is to proclaim themselves as earthlings. It is a proud symbol that says the wearer cares about this planet and this planet’s wellbeing.


Arm Guys Gallifreyan Tattoo

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Black Lines Gallifreyan Male Full Arm Tattoo

Blue And White Ink Mens Gallifreyan Tattoo

Center Of Back Guys Gallifreyan Circle Tattoo

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Gallifreyan Themed Arm Tattoo For Men

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Guys Side Of Leg Gallifreyan Tattoo

Guy With Gallifreyan Tattoos On Inner Forearm

Guy With Gallifreyan Themed Inner Forearm Tattoo Design

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Red Ink Gallifreyan Guys Chest Tattoo

Single Gallifreyan Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo With Circle Design

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Spartan Helmet Gallifreyan Themed Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo

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Unique Gallifreyan Male Arm Tattoo Ideas

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