Ganesh Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 83 Ganesha Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

It is common to see someone who has a Hindu background or someone who is spiritually enlightened to have a Ganesha tattoo. Ganesha is recognizable by his elephant head and human body.

He is the Hindu Lord of Good Fortune who provides fortune, success, and prosperity.

While Ganesha tattoos can be unique, the typical Ganesha tattoo is rife with symbols you may want to consider. Ganesha has a big head and big ears to remind us to think big and listen to others, but he also has a small mouth to remind us to talk less. Ganesha has only one tusk which symbolizes keeping the good and not being afraid to get rid of the bad.

In one hand, Ganesha holds a piece of rope that is to be used to pull you toward all your dreams and goals. However, in the other hand, he holds an ax, which reminds us that it is okay to cut off the people and things in our lives that are keeping us from reaching our dreams. This is because Ganesha is also the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles of both the material and spiritual kind.

If you are turning over a new leaf in life and are focusing your life on being a success, no matter what you are doing, a Ganesha tattoo will forever memorialize that on your body.

1. Forearm Ganesha Tattoos

Amazing 3d Realistic Ganesh Forearm Sleeve For Men

Creative Ganesh Elephant Head Tattoos For Gentlemen On Forearms

Gold Elephant Ganesh Guys Forearm Tattoos

Green Ganesh Mens Amazing Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Guy With Forearm Tattoo Design Of Ganesha

Man With Ganesh Stone 3d Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Ganesh Religious Black And Grey Shaded Ink Inner Forearm Tattoos

Shaded Black And Grey Ganesh Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Small Simple Guys Dotwork Ganesh God Tattoo Design Ideas


2. Bicep Ganesha Tattoos

Colorful New School Male Ganesh Tattoo On Inner Arm Biceps


3. Arm Ganesha Tattoos

Black Ink Arm Outline Mens Ganesh Tattoos

Blue Ganesh With Gold Crown Guys Arm Tattoos

Cool Shaded Religious Male Tattoo Of Ganesh On Arm

Dotwork Detailed Ganesha Mens Arm Tattoo Designs

Full Arm Sleeve Pattern Male Ganesh Tattoo Ideas

Golden Ganesh Elephant Head Male Upper Arm Tattoo

Incredible Detailed Ganesh Guys Arm Tattoo Design Inspiration

Male With Trash Polka Ganesh Tattoo On Arm

Man With Dotwork Cool Ganesh Inner Arm Tattoo Design

Mens Floral Ganesh Full Arm Tattoo Inspiration

Nice Ganesha Hindua God Shaded Male Arm Tattoos

Pattern Ganesh Arm Tattoo On Male

White And Grey Ink Stone Ganesh Mens Arm Tattoos

Mens Ganesh Arm Tattoo Inspiration

New School Mens Tricep Ganesh Tattoo Designs


4. Sleeve Ganesha Tattoos

Blue Ganesh Mens Colorful Half Sleeve Tattoos

Detailed Realistic Ganesh Male Tattoo Full Sleeve Designs

Full Sleeve Mens Hindu God Ganesh Tattoo Design

Full Sleeve Religious Hindu God Ganesha Male Tattoo Ideas

Ganesh Mens Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Guy With Realistic Ganesh Watercolor Half Sleeve Tattoo

Half Sleeve Masculine Ganesh Guys Tattoos

Half Sleeve Tattoo On Male Of Ganesh Design

Japanese Floral Ganesh Male Tattoo Sleeve Designs

Male With Tattoo Sleeve Of Ganesha On Lower Legs

Man With Ganesh Tattoo Half Sleeve Design

Mens Geometrical Pattern Ganesh Full Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Hinduism Colorful Ganesh 3d Half Sleeve Tattoos

Shaded Half Sleeve Ganesh Tattoo Design Ideas On Male

Sun Rays And Clouds Ganesh Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Manly Ganesh Elephant Head Half Sleeve Design Tattoos

Dotwork Indian Religion Ganesh Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Gentleman With Dotwork Ganesh Half Sleeve Tattoo

Full Sleeve Hinduism Themed Mens Ganesh Tattoo Design

Full Sleeve Pattern Floral Male Ganesh Tattoo Design Ideas

Half Sleeve Male Ganesh Tattoo Design Inspiration

Half Sleeve Ornate Ganesh Tattoos For Guys


5. Chest Ganesha Tattoos

Cool Ganesh Male Tattoo On Chest

Creative Ganesh Male Chest Tattoo

Man With Ganesh Tattoo On Stomach And Chest

Mens Half Chest Ganesh Elephant Head Tattoo Design Ideas

Red And Black Ink Male Ganesh Shoulder And Chest Tattoos

Upper Chest Elephant Head Ganesh Mens Tattoos

Red Flower With Black Shaded Ink Ganesh Mens Chest And Shoulder Tattoos


6. Back Ganesha Tattoos

Amazing Stone 3d Ganesh Realistic Male Full Back Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Tattoo Of Ganesh On Mans Back

Dotwork Pattern Male Ganesh Full Back Tattoo Designs

Ganesha Hindu God Male Full Back Religious Tattoos

Indian Religious Ganesha Hindu God Mens Full Back Tattoo Ideas

Man With Hindu Tattoo Of Ganesh On Back

Man With Shaded Ganesh Tattoo Designs On Back

Mens Ganesh Full Back Tattoo Ideas

Religious Male Ganesh Full Back Tattoo Design Ideas

Upper Back Guys Ganesh Dotwork Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Upper Back Ganesh Watercolor Tattoos

Black And Grey Shaded Ganeshmale Tattoos

Full Back Hinduism God Ganesha Mens Tattoo Ideas

White Ink Ganesh Mens Full Back Tattoos


7. Side Ganesha Tattoos

Awesome Ganesh Male Rib Cage Side Tattoo Design Ideas

Crazy Mens Ganesh Full Rib Cage Side Outer Space Tattoos

Hindu God Ganesh Guys Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Rib Cage Side Mens Shaded Black And Grey Ink Ganesh Tattoo


8. Rib Ganesha Tattoos

Awesome Ganesh Rib Cage Side Tattoo Ideas For Men

Rib Cage Side Of Body Ganesh Tattoo On Male With Black Ink Design


9. Leg Ganesha Tattoos

Lower Leg Male Dancing Ganesh Tattoo Design

Man With Ganesh Lower Leg Tattoo Design

Man With Leg Tattoo Of Ganesh

Small Simple Mens Dotwork Ganesh Leg Tattoo Ideas

Full Leg Sleeve Male Ganesh Themed Religious Tattoos


10. Thigh Ganesha Tattoos

Man With Ganesh Thigh Tattoo


11. Stomach Ganesha Tattoos

Guys Ganesha Stomach Tattoo Designs


12. Hand Ganesha Tattoos

Cool Male Ganesh Hand Tattoo Inspiration

Ganesh Elephant Trunk Finger And Hand Tattoo On Man

Ornate Male Ganesh Hand Tattoo Design Inspiration

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