Geometric Chest Tattoos For Men

60 Geometric Chest Tattoos For Men – Upper Body Design Ideas

Unlike the neck, hands, and arms, a man’s chest area isn’t commonly viewed by many, making it a seductive canvas for unique tattoo designs.

Dots, perforated lines, and diamond patterns are just the beginning: nothing is off limits in the geometric language.

A realistic heart placed over your own is a dramatic opener in the world of geometric chest tattoo ideas. Comprised of intricate shapes that make way for a hyper-detailed organ that all but mimics the real thing, a geometric heart can be shaded in black and bold red hues, with a combination of the real and interpreted.

Precious mandalas are also ideal for the chest area, intended to protect and unblock one’s passage to enlightenment; expert line work and precise cubing form the foundation of an unfolding hexagonal mandala symbol. Conversely, modern symbolism transferred into geometric renditions make for a uniquely sophisticated charm, such as a series of interlocking wooden beams crowned with fire to represent burning logs over one’s metaphorically burning heart.

Ancient anatomists believed the chest to be the protective armor for a man’s most treasured organ: his heart. And while you may not bear yours to just anyone, all the more reason to dedicate it to equally sacred and eternal ink.


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If you’re not sure about getting inked on your chest, check out these geometric forearm tattoos instead.

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