Geometric Hand Tattoos For Men

40 Geometric Hand Tattoos For Men – Pattern Design Ideas

Our hands tell the story of our lives: our hardships, our pursuits, and the ultimate triumph of our strengths. Hand tattoos not only showcase but enhance those stories, and geometric designs make for ideal inspiration.

From animals forged from delicate black perforation lines and squares to intricate crop circles ascending the fingers, sometimes the smaller the subject, the greater the impact.

A cacophony of circular and triangular shapes can form an exquisite “glove,” with a focal centerpiece drawn above the center of the hand, while a bold black & white mandala stemming from the wrist leaves an equally poignant impression.

Hand tattoos hold a unique place in the world of ink, and for good reason. The artistic skill required is both delicate and courageous, with the wearer’s full awareness called to task as they work with their hands day in and day out. With a geometric tattoo a handshake, wave goodbye, and raising of the glass for a toast make everyday gestures into performance art.


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Not sure about these geometric designs? Here are 40 more hand tattoo ideas to inspire you.

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