Goose Tattoo Ideas For Men

60 Goose Tattoo Ideas For Men – Geese Designs

“Silly goose,” goes the saying, and so too goes the infinitely more honorable reputation of the goose.

Far from its folktale roots depicting it as a perpetually foiled creature of prey, the goose is in fact an ancient symbol of freedom, courage to travel afar to seek one’s fortune, and loyalty to loved ones and those in need.

Suffice to say, the goose is prime tattoo inspiration.

If you’re someone who regards the goose as more than mere Dickensian Christmas fodder, but an emblem of all the oft-overlooked virtues you yourself possess, then these goose tattoo ideas are your own inner spirit animals waiting to be committed to ink. Cultures around the world have long regarded the goose with respect, as it supplied food to families and down for their beds; similarly, the goose represents stability and the ability to provide and prosper.

Not too shabby, even by modern standards. However you choose to wear your goose tattoo, you are telling the world that you put down roots and conversely spread your wings in your own time, and in between provide for those who depend on you.

When we think of spirit animals it’s often in regard to mighty beasts and birds of prey,creatures that demand our awe and, at times, fear. The goose requires no such threats, for the goose is here to provide comfort and sustenance, which are every bit as valuable as courage and valor.

The goose knows to take flight and roost at alternating intervals, and never allows another to seize its fate. If that’s not worthy of tattoo commemoration, then what is?


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