Hannya Mask Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 103 Hannya Mask Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

For a dose of Japan’s most revered folklore, guys of all descents are enjoying the menacing magic of Hannya mask tattoos. This harrowing icon is a mainstay of the country’s ancient theater, and it is a potent archetype that can strike a daring chord with everyone.

The most recognizable facet of a Japanese Noh play seems to be the Hannya mask.

These purposefully terrifying countenances were meant to signify the spirit of a scorned female lover. Thus, any man who has a vengeful ex-girlfriend can appreciate the captivating fear that looms in one of these ancient creations.

Hannya mask tattoos are beatifically reviving the legacy of a 14th century demon. Their ostentatious visage will be instantly striking while adding international attitude to your outlook. The horns serve as a potent warning in the name of impending devastation.

Because the original masks required ample care and attention during construction, they are also ideal symbols of discipline and dedication. Furthermore, they showcase an affinity with monks, particularly since the facial features were concocted in a chaste spiritual circle.

To become a sovereign recipient of unquestionable cultural flair, all you have to do is experiment with one of the upcoming extraordinarily glorious Hannya mask tattoos.

Their primary prerogative is to offer you cavalier composure!


3d Hannya Mask Bicep Arm Tattoos For Guys

This is a tremendous abstract Irezumi mask tattoo. It differs from normal in the way the colors have been applied with shadowing rather than flat, bright application. The artist’s ability to create a metallic quality through the mask – particularly the teeth and nose – give it a fearsome cast.

3d Mens Hannya Mask Sleeve Tattoo On Inner Forearm

An interesting lower forearm tattoo in black and gray. The tattooist has opted to keep the image narrow down the arm rather than totally wrap it around as other complete half sleeves would. The piece does a good job contrasting between black, gray, and negative space.

3d Mens Red Ink Hannya Mask Bicep Tattoos

A tremendous Oni tattoo that creates a wonderful demonic style through the application of a single, garish red. Love how just this single technical innovation moves it from a regular mask into unusual and innovative. 

Amazing Hannya Mask 3d Tattoo Sleeve On Male

This tattoo is an excellent take on the Hannya mask in black and gray. The arm piece is thickly textured, but utilizes clever shade applications to give the artwork the appearance of being carved into skin.

Amazing Mens Hannya Mask Sleeve Tattoo Design Inspiration

A traditional Irezumi, this sleeve tattoo builds on the central mask with popular shade motifs such as waves and flowers to give it more extensive contrast between color and shade. The poached egg yellow of the character’s eyes is an especially well applied technique, making them stand out from the blue, purple, and red throughout the remaining image.

Awesome Male Emotional Hannya Mask Shaded Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Awesome Shaded Mens Full Back Tattoo Of Hannya Mask

This is a bad ass full back piece etched in black and gray. It’s a masterful work linking mask and dragon to create a full back tattoo in the Irezumi style. Love the application of pattern within the different shades of gray – dragon scales, demon’s horn and hair – all work well off each other in forming the individual textures. Also, the use of negative space as an alternative filler adds layers of shadow folded into the entire artwork. 

Black And Grey Guys Shaded Hannya Mask Half Sleeve Tattoos

This half sleeve tattoo uses a unique application of shadow to give the piece a cool, unique aspect. The alternating layers of swirling gray and negative space etching are an effective fill for the mask, and for the other elements of the tattoo not pictured. They are a nifty way to join everything up and create consistency in the Japanese theming.

Black Ink Hannya Mask Dark Mens Tattoo Ideas

The darkness of this tattoo may be affected by the way the image was photographed. The piece looks to be a lower face mask tattoo, that separated from the hairline – it could be another tattoo. Like the details of the nose and teeth, aided by some clever white ink highlights to create a meaner visage, and the masks angle on skin is also cool.

Blue And Purple Hannya Masks Tattoos On Mans Hands

These twin Japanese hand tattoo tattoos are well etched. The use of color here is important to give the masks adequate fill. Like the mixture of white ink internally on the tattoo to aid detail, and the gray shadow giving it some pop off the skin.

Blue Ink Hannya Mask Male Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Love the blue ink applied precisely into the ink of this Japanese mask. By keeping it pale, and combining the sky blue with negative space highlights there is a lot more subtlety to the mask. It has been designed with skill to stand out against the black line and negative space of the rest of the full sleeve, and achieves an interesting sense of disembodiment from the rest of the work.

Cool Guys Shaded Hannya Mask Chest Tattoo Inspiration

Cool Hannya Mask With Bull Horns Mens Leg Shin Tattoos

The archetype for a Japanese mask tattoo. The mixture of fiery red, tempered with heavily detailed black shading creates a fearsome visage. Love the clarity of the eyes and teeth in white, topped off by the blue fill color contrast. 

Cool Hannya Mask With Sorrowful Design Tattoo On Male

Another tattoo given the fancy photo treatment, the mask seems like a TV show lurker. The degree of gray shade is the key component, it’s light and simple enough to allow detail to come from the clever application of flat black and fuzzy line work. It’s hard to tell here, but using pink flower flourishes would help ease some heaviness from the rest of the work.

Cool Metallic Eyes Guys Hannya Mask Sleeve Japanese Tattoo

A bad ass mask as part of a bloodthirsty full arm sleeve Irezumi. Love it being so chock full of color, and the fill space of the mouth in tightly patterned wicker is a cool technical expression by the artist. You see the severed head on the far left of the image? That is known as a Namakubi and could symbolize respect for an enemy, courage, or an expression of fear.

Cover Up Mens Hannya Mask Chest Tattoos

This is a unique yet unfinished piece of body art to cover up old, faded work. The demon mask will eventually be a full black, densely shaded tattoo covering the entirety of the subject’s upper body. Expect there will also be some dark colored shadow added outside of the mask to finish the job. Getting a solid glimpse of the outline on skin shows the monumental task ahead of the artist as he looks to move on from the old piece.

Dark Mens Hannya Mask Tattoo Sleeve With Orange Flowers

Love the new school flavor of this full sleeve. It incorporates some heady color choices to give it some individual flair, such as the emerald eyes and core of the flowers. The contrast between the orange petals and heavy black gray shade elements giving the mask its expression stands out and gives the tattoo a very intense effect, lightened somewhat by clever use of trailing negative space placement.

Demonic Guys Hannya Mask Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Dragon Hannya Mask Mens Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Fall Leaves Mens Hannya Mask Upper Arm Tattoo

Female Portrait With Hannya Mask Mens Chest Tattoos

Forearm Sleeve Hannya Mask Tattoo On Male

Forearm Sleeve Mens Flower Hannya Mask Tattoos

Full Back Guys Shaded Black And Grey Hannya Mask Tattoo

Full Back Hannya Mask Tattoo On Guy

Full Back Shaded Hannya Mask Tattoos For Males

Full Chest Hannya Mask Tattoo On Gentleman

Full Leg Sleeve Fu Dog And Hannya Mask Tattoo On Male

Full Leg Sleeve Hannya Mask Outline Black Ink Guys Tattoos

Full Sleeve Guys Hannya Mask Japanese Tattoo Ideas

Gentleman With Hannya Mask Japanese Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

Gentleman With Japanese Hannya Mask Floral Sleeve Tattoo

Gentleman With Shaded Arm Tattoo Of Grey And Black Hannya Mask

Gentleman With Tattoo Of Hannya Mask Japanese Design Ideas

Glowing Yellow Eyes Hannya Mask Guys Back Tattoos

Green Dragon And Blue Hannya Mask Chest Tattoo On Male

Green Hannya Mask With Arrows In Mouth Male Tattoo On Arm

Guys Colorful Hannya Masks Tattoo On Upper Chest

Guys Hannya Mask Dotwork Upper Chest Japanese Tattoo

Guys Hannya Mask Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Guys Hannya Mask Shaded Sleeve Tattoo

Guys Hannya Masks Japanese Tattoo Design Ideas Forearm Sleeve

Half Sleeve And Chest Guys Hannya Mask Japanese Tattoos

Half Sleeve Hannya Mask Male Tattoo Ideas

Half Sleeve Hannya Mask Tattoos For Guys

Hannya Mask Blowing Wind Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo

Hannya Mask Foot Tattoos For Guys With Metallic Design

Hannya Mask Full Sleeve Black And Shaded Male Tattoo Inspiration

Hannya Mask Tatto With Leering Mouth Guys Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Huge Hannya Mask Mens Full Back Tattoo With Japanese Design

Incredible Gold Hannya Mask Mens Tattoos

Japanese Hannya Mask Mens Full Back Tatotos

Japanese Hannya Mask With Clouds Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Koi Fish Hannya Mask Mens Full Back Tattoos

Koi Fish With Hannya Mask Mens Japanese Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Leg Sleeve Hannya Mask Tattoo Designs For Men

Lower Forearm Hannya Mask Male Tattoo Ideas

Lower Leg Blue Ink Hannya Mask Male Tattoos

Male Hannya Mask Forearm Sleeve Teal Ink Tattoo Designs

Male With Noh Theater Hannya Mask Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Manly Hannya Mask Demonic Male Tattoo On Full Chest

Manly Red Ink Hannya Mask Mens Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Man With Full Leg Hannya Mask Sleeve Tattoo

Man With Hannya Mask Wearing Samurai Helmet Forearm Tattoo

Man With Old School Hannya Mask Tattoo On Leg Calf

Man With Sleeve Tattoo Of Hannya Mask

Man With Tiger Hannya Mask Sleeve Tattoo Design

Masculine Hannya Mask And Dragon Full Back Tattoos For Men

Mens Back Of Arm Hannya Mask Cloud Japanese Tattoo Designs

Mens Back Of Shoulder Hannya Mask Shaded Tattoos

Mens Hannya Mask Dotwork Full Back Tattoo

Mens Hannya Mask Japanese Chest And Shoulder Tattoo

Mens Hannya Mask Mens Sleeve Tattoo With Floral Design

Mens Hannya Mask Shin Tattoo Design

Mens Inner Arm Bicep Hannya Mask Tattoo

Mens Japanese Hannya Mask Upper Chest Tattoo With Water Waves

Mens Noh Theater Hannya Mask Upper Chest Tattoos

New School Mens Hannya Mask Thigh Tattoo

Ocean Waves Hannya Mask Japanese Chest Tattoos For Gentlemen

Old School Guys Hannya Mask Tattoo Design Inspiration

Purple Mens Hannya Mask Hand Tattoo Designs

Realistic 3d Hannya Mask Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Hannya Mask 3d Male Tattoo On Arm

Realistic Mens Hannya Mask Upper Chest Tattoo

Red And Black Hannya Mask Male Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Red And Black Ink Hannya Mask Tattoo On Guys Chest

Red Hannya Mask Mens Hand Tattoos

Red Ink Hannya Mask Shoulder Blade Tattoo For Men

Red Ink Hannya Mask With Glowing Blue Eyes Mens Arm Tattoo

Samurai Helement With Hannya Mask Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo

Shaded Black And Grey Hannya Mask Bicep Tattoo On Man

Shaded Hannya Mask Black And Grey Male Center Of Chest Tattoos

Shaded Hannya Mask Hand Tattoo Inspiration For Men

Shaded Hannya Mask With Snake And Flowers Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Shaded Male Tattoo Of Hannya Mask With Shaded Grey And Black Design

Shark Hannya Mask Mens Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Smoking Hannya Mask Male Half Sleeve Tattoo

Snake And Hannya Mask Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Snake Wrapped Around Hannya Mask Arm Tattoo On Male

Sorrowful Mens Hannya Mask Half Sleeve Tattoos

Stomach And Chest Hannya Mask Tattoos For Males

Thigh Hannya Mask Tattoos For Men

Tormented Guys Hannya Mask Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Tree Branch Mens Hannya Mask Shaded Upper Arm Tattoo

What is the meaning of a Hannya mask tattoo? 

Hannya masks are commonly used in Shinto religious rites and traditional Japanese Noh theatre. Hannya masks depict a woman so completely overcome with anger, envy and a thirst for vengeance that she takes on the form of a jealous demon. Hannya masks are popular tattoos because the fearsome visage is used to represent different stages of emotion when etched into skin using different colors. 

What’s the difference between Hannya and Oni? 

The Japanese Oni (demon) mask differs from the Hannya mask in that the demon describes aspects of good and evil. Traditionally, Oni mask tattoos represent the punishment of humans for acts of evil and injustice. The Oni mask tattoos are particularly popular with Yakuza Irezumi tattoos because of the connection to criminality. 

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