Hellraiser Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Hellraiser Tattoo Designs For Men – Cenobite Pinhead Ink Ideas

Since its debut in 1987, Hellraiser has truly set the bar for what nightmares are made of.

The Cenobite Pinhead left a lasting imprint on the minds and imaginations of a generation, and pulp camp enthusiasts are committed to keeping the badass bludgeoning of the 80’s alive and well in ink form.

With symbols and characters ranging from the aforementioned Pinhead, fellow Cenobite The Engineer, and the infamous puzzle box, there is truly no limit to the wealth of tattoo subjects waiting to be committed to the flesh–yours, specifically. Embodying all the controversial elements of humanity–fear, pain, pleasure, sin–a Hellraiser tattoo is nothing less than an acknowledgement of the twistedly seductive darkness that dwells in each of us.

There was a time when horror movies were truly works of cinematic art, relying on analogue effects and storytelling aimed towards the individual, rather than the blank-eyed masses. Hellraiser–and its ingenious tattoo homages–evoke such a time and terrifying place. Add the mastery of design, and you may just find yourself transforming the fearsome into the downright fashionable.


Amazing Mens Hellraiser Tattoo Designs

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Gentleman With Hellraiser Tattoo

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Guys Hellraiser Tattoo Design Ideas

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Hellraiser Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Hellraiser Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

Hellraiser Tattoo Designs For Men

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Hellraiser Tattoos For Men

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