James Bond Tattoo Designs For Men

30 James Bond Tattoo Designs For Men – 007 Ink Ideas

Since the post-WWII inception of 007, generations of men have set their clocks by the iconic spy’s deliciously dangerous verve.

Defined by his impeccable tastes in cocktails, cars, and women, with a style yet to be matched by a contemporary archetype, James Bond is more than a man’s man, he’s a man for men of all walks of life.

Immortalized by some of Hollywood’s best leading men and depicted in multiple settings, eras, and scenarios, the character of James Bond was meant to be adapted by and tailored to every man’s unique persona. Perhaps you are drawn to the decade that gave birth to Ian Fleming’s agent, with a certain nostalgia for the martini-soaked allure of the 1950’s; maybe you prefer a more updated Bond with 21st Century sensibilities to match. Regardless of where your appreciation lies, there are as many potential 007 tattoos as there are secret agents.

The classic black and white circular spiral with the spy’s silhouette is just the beginning of possible James Bond tattoos. Popular inspiration includes the 007 number, “Shaken not stirred,” and various portraits of particularly irresistible Bond Girls. And let’s not forget the treasure trove of automobiles driven by Bond, that were equally lusted after.

James Bond was more than just a fictional masculine ideal, he offered an escape from the monotony of everyday life, opening the door for infinite possibility. The man who wears a 007 tattoo isn’t just a fan, but a figure of similar taste and philosophy. With pleasure comes danger, and only a blessed few can dance between the two with little more than a wink and devilish grin.


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