Jurassic Park Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Jurassic Park Tattoo Designs For Men – Dinosaur Ink Ideas

Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking feat of visual and technological storytelling has spawned multiple sequels and franchise merchandising, but nothing compares to the original that started it all.

Few can forget their first introduction to the towering Brachiosaurus, terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex, and panoramic depiction of a world previously viewed only in museum exhibits and fossilized remains.

While the classic Jurassic Park logo is a fantastic jumping-off point when perusing the iconic film’s many tattoo homages, steadfast fans have dedicated their time and skin to intricate and awe-inspiring renderings of their favorite dinosaurs and movie stills, as well as specific details.

The mosquito fossilized in amber, which studded the walking stick of John Hammond, gives a stunning nod of recognition, while Samuel L. Jackson’s now-famous “hold onto your butts” line is an instant fan favorite. For more devoted prehistoric enthusiasts there are a number of elegant skeletal outlines of the film’s dinosaur cast, as well as dramatic lifelike portraits, to choose from.

Whether you wish to immortalize a moment of cinematic nostalgia or show off your love of the Jurassic era and its other-worldly inhabitants, there is no denying the showstopping splendor of a Jurassic Park tattoo. Like the smart, swaggering, and fearless men who trekked onto Isla Nublar expecting an amusement park and making history, this is a tattoo for the man who intends to leave similar tracks.

1. Forearm Jurassic Park Tattoos

3d Dinosaur Forearm Mens Tattoo With Jurassic Park Design

Cool Forearm Shaded Black And Grey Ink Jurassic Park Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Forearm Sleeve Dinosaur Themed Jurassic Park Tattoos For Gentlemen

Guy With Forearm Sleeve Dinosaur Jurassic Park Tattoo Design

Incredible Jurassic Park Themed Forearm Tattoos For Men

Inner Forearm Logo Male Jurassic Park Tattoo Design Inspiration

Male Cool Forearm Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas

Masculine Jurassic Park Mosquito Inside Amber Rock Inner Forearm Tattoos For Men

Mens Jurassic Park Tattoo Dinosaur Forearm Design Inspiration

Outer Forearm Dinosaur Bones Mens Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas

Mens Jurassic Park Mosquito In Amber Stoone With Tree Branch Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas

Realistic 3d Dinosaur Jurassic Park Male Tattoo Forearm Sleeve Designs


2. Bicep Jurassic Park Tattoos

Leg Mens Cool Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas

Awesome 3d Jurassic Park Logo Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos For Men

Cool Realistic 3d Inner Arm Bicep Male Jurassic Park Tattoo Designs

Inner Arm Bicep Dinosaur Skull Jurassic Park Tattoo Design On Man

Manly Jurassic Park Tattoo Dinosaur Skull Design Inner Arm Bicep Ideas For Men


3. Arm Jurassic Park Tattoos

Guys Jurassic Park Logo Upper Arm Black Ink Tattoos

3d Dinosaur Arm Jurassic Park Tattoo Designs For Guys

Arm Mens Tattoo Jurassic Park Design

Guys Jurassic Park John Hammond Arm Tattoo Deisgns

Male With Cool Jurassic Park Dinosaur Skeleton Bones Arm Tattoo Design

Old School Traditional Male Jurassic Park Movie Arm Tattoo Ideas

Unique Mens Jurassic Park Amber Rock Arm Tattoos


4. Sleeve Jurassic Park Tattoos

Shaded Full Arm Sleeve Jurassic Park Mens Tattoo Ideas


Guys Jurassic Park Themed Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas


Half Sleeve Jurassic Park Male Tattoos



5. Chest Jurassic Park Tattoos

Roaring Dinosaur Jurassic Park Tattoo Design Ideas For Males On Upper Chest

Gentleman With Jurassic Park Dinosaur Upper Chest Tattoo

Old School Traditional Dinosaur Jurassic Park Tattoos For Men On Upper Chest


6. Foot Jurassic Park Tattoos

Black Ink Dinosaur Chasing Jeep Side Of Foot Male Jurassic Park Tattoo Designs


7. Leg Jurassic Park Tattoos

Side Of Leg Logo Jurassic Park Guys Tattoo Designs

Guys Tattoos With Jurassic Park Dinosaur Egg Design On Arm

Amazing Mens Jurassic Park Dinosaur Neo Traditional Leg Tattoo Designs

Heavily Shaded Dinosaur Jurassic Park Mens Tattoo Designs On Leg


8. Calf Jurassic Park Tattoos

Leg Calf Dinosaur Skeleton Jurassic Park Tattoos Guys

Leg Movie Logo Jurassic Park Guys Tattoo Ideas

Movie Scene Leg Mens Tattoo Ideas With Jurassic Park Design

Hyper Realistic 3d Dinosaur Leg Jurassic Park Guys Tattoos


9. Thigh Jurassic Park Tattoos

Guys Dinosaur Thigh Tattoo Ideas Jurassic Park Designs

Thigh Black Ink Outline Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Thigh Male 3d Realistic Tattoo With Jurassic Park John Hammond Portrait Design

Thigh Dinosaur Head Jurassic Park Male Tattoo Ideas


10. Skull Jurassic Park Tattoos

3d Dinosaur Skull Jurassic Park Arm Tattoos For Men


11. 3D Jurassic Park Tattoos

3d Mens Dinosaur Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas For Males

Upper Arm 3d Heavily Shaded Black And Grey Jurassic Park Tattoos For Males


12. Dotwork Jurassic Park Tattoos

Dotwork Small Dinosaur Claw Male Jurassic Park Tattoo Ideas


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