Knot Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Knot Tattoo Designs For Men – Ink Ideas To Hold Onto

From traditional nautical knots to more updated imagery, knotted ropes have been a mainstay of the art of tattooing for generations, and with good reason. The multitude of symbolic meanings associated with knots ensures they will always be popular, both for personal as well as aesthetic reasons.

Among sailors, a rope knot traditionally meant one was a “Four Knot Sailor”, or one who had crossed the equator.

Many people choose to get a simple knot to symbolize that they have successfully traversed a difficult time in life, or to remind themselves that they are bound to something larger than themselves.

It’s popular now to design knot tattoos where the rope forms a different image. By using the physical mass of a knotted rope to create an almost sculptural effect, this type of tattoo design looks fresh and masculine and can be used in a variety of ways.

The thing about knots is that they are meant to bind, to hold fast two things in order to create something larger. In this way, a frayed knot can represent the loss of something that seemed permanent, lending an air of sorrow but strength. A knot with no ends can represent that same strength, one that has been tried and tested but never broken.

These knot tattoos will tie you to the present while evoking a bygone age.


Ankle Band Knot Mens Tattoos

Ankle Mens Knot Tattoo

Armband Male Knot Tattoo Designs

Armband Mens Rope Knot Tattoo

Arrows With Knots Male Bicep Tattoo

Awesome Knots Male Rope Forearm Tattoo Designs

Back Of Lower Leg Mens Knot Tattoo

Bicep Male Knot Bow Tattoo Design

Black Ink Male Wrist Traditional Knot Tattoo

Black Ink Outline Guys Knot Tattoo

Black Ink Outline Knot Tattoo On Male

Brown Rope Knot Guys Old School Arm Tattoo Inspiration

Brown Rope With Red Ink Mens Knot Wristband Tattoo

Brown Wristband Male Rope Knot Tattoo With Traditional Design

Circular Twisted Rope Mens Knot Arm Tattoo

Cool Forearm Mens Detailed Knot Tattoos

Detailed Rope Knot Guys Stomach Tattoos

Gentleman With Two Ropes Knot Leg Tattoo

Guys Outer Forearm Tattoo Of Rope Knot

Guys Traditional Wrist Knot Tattoo Ideas

Heart Knot Mens Rope Chest Tattoos

Inner Arm Guys Knot Tattoo

Knot Mens Neck Tattoos

Knot Monkey Ball Mens Hand Tattoo

Knots Male Rope Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Design Ideas

Male With Old School Black Ink Knot Tattoo Design

Manly Knot Tattoo Design Ideas For Gentlemen

Man With Monkey Ball Knot Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Masculine Geometric Storm Knot Mens Leg Tattoo Ideas

Mens Inner Forearm Knot Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Old School Rope Knot Wrist Tattoos

Monkey Ball Knot Male Inner Forearm Tattoo

Nautical Male Rope Knot Arm Tattoo Ideas

On Your Side Banner Knot Mens Chest Tattoos

Outer Forearm Knot Guys Tattoos

Outer Forearm Small Simple Mens Rope Knot Tattoo Designs

Quarter Sleeve Guys Knot Tattoos

Rope Knot Collar Bone Mens Tattoo Ideas

Sailing Ship With Knot Arm Tattoos For Guys

Sailing Ship With Rope Mens Old School Arm Tattoos

Small Mens Simple Knot Tattoo

Small Simple Mens Old School Knot Arm Tattoos

Traditional Male Inner Arm Knot Tattoo Designs

Twisted Knot Male Shaded Armband Tattoos

Unique Key Knot Rope Mens Forearm Tattoo

Upper Arm Knot Tattoo On Gentleman

Upper Chest Knot And Anchor Mens Tattoo Ideas

Watercolor Knot Mens Blue Ink Foot Tattoos

White Ink Shaded Knot Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Wrist Knot Tattoos For Men With Old School Design

Wrist Tattoos Of Knots On Man

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