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Top 101 Best Knuckle Tattoos Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Just like hand tattoos, some artists are a little touchy when it comes to putting ink on the knuckles. As one of the more visible spots on the body, even small designs can make a significantly bold impression.

Sure, space is limited but the knuckles still offer room for two groups of four-letter words, or if you prefer, a single eight-letter word. Not to mention, you can also fit plenty of other ideas like symbols and even realistic portraits with some creativity and serious talent.

However, one of the most popular styles of them all, dates back to a 1955 American Film titled, The Night of the Hunter. If you were to watch it you’d see the famous character Reverend Harry Powell with the words “love” and “hate” tattooed across his knuckles.

As of today, the combinations have become literally endless, with everything from lettering like east and west, to patience, and more showing up on the knuckles of guys. You’ll also find really sharp ideas like the four symbols in a deck of playing cards. Which by the way, can act as a symbol of good luck.

To help you get some design ideas going, I’ve put together a collection of the top 101 best knuckle tattoos for men. Consider a punch of inspiration as your explore each masculine inked fist.

1. Finger and Knuckle Tattoos 

Knuckle tattoos are a common placement choice for men. Whether you’re thinking about small individual designs on the fingers and knuckles or a larger piece that encompasses the entirety of the hand, the possibilities are endless. Use each finger as an individual canvas that relates to a larger idea, paying homage to a figure on each finger.

Play with illustrative designs on the knuckles. Since hands are one of the most prominent places, make sure you’re set on the piece, because you’ll be seeing a lot of it! 

2. Simple Knuckle Tattoos 

Knuckle tattoos don’t have to be an extravagant affair. Using minimal illustration or focusing the design on a single finger can add a little embellishment. Stick with thinner needles in order to ensure that the lines don’t blur and bleed, especially since the artist should go over a few times to get the ink to stick. You can use linework for added flair on the knuckles, with minimalist dotwork or symbolism. If your artist is particularly skilled it’s possible to have incredibly realistic pieces in a remarkably small space.  

3. Black Filler Knuckle Tattoo 

A common choice is to have large parts of the hand and knuckles filled in with black ink. This is especially appealing for a more modernist or Dadaist feel. Or combine black filler with another style for a combination linework and black filler piece.

Geometric designs are also a great choice to combine with black filler, allowing you to utilize the negative space to create an image.The heavy black inking might be painful due to the intensity with which it should be inked. And be sure to lotion regularly in order to maintain a consistent black.

4. Linework Knuckle Tattoos 

Linework knuckle tattoos are a great choice for creating a coherent tattoo sleeve that blends among the body. Stick with a traditional tribal pattern for a simple but bold design. Or explore a more intricate design reminiscent of a henna tattoo. You can also incorporate linework with another design. One of the best parts of linework is that it will move with the motions of your knuckles so there’s a lot of potential for creative and unique designs.

5. Merging Knuckle Tattoos 

Knuckle tattoos are a great place to go wild with merging designs. Depending on how you link your hands or knuckles together, make your tattoo spell out a word or morph into an image. The most common version is that of knuckle tattoos that form a word or two when the fists are combined. But there are so many different ways you put your hands together as well as different designs and ideas to spell out. The sides of the thumbs is a unique choice, or when the fingers are linked like in prayer. And if you pick a piece that’s naturally fragmented, it’ll look even cooler when put back together.  

6. Intricate Knuckle Tattoos 

Go all out with an intricate knuckle tattoo! The skeleton is a common motif that you can embellish with an x-ray feel. Or using detail and shading for a more elaborate depiction. Incorporating the movement of the body can also be done to add to the complexity of the piece, like staring in the fingers and running back onto the knuckles. It’s best to have an experienced artist, as with more intricate pieces there is more of a chance for the ink to blur and spread and undo the design

7. Skin Breakthrough Knuckle Tattoos 

Skin breakthrough pieces are some of the coolest ones out there. Using negative space, they give the three-dimensional appearance of the tattoo cutting through the skin, or breaking through one side and emerging from another.

This is most often done with daggers, with the traditional style being the most bold and recognizable version. It also works particularly well on opposing sides of the knuckles, since it avoids tattooing the knuckles and incorporates the unblemished skin into the imagery of the piece. For a less bold piece, consider using a fadeout technique with a skeleton motif.  

Knuckle Tattoo FAQs 

How bad do hand tattoos hurt?  

Hands are one of the more painful areas to get tattooed, due to the fact that the area is mostly bone and ligament. And since the tattoo artist will have to repeatedly go over some areas, the skin may feel especially tender.  

How long do hand tattoos last? 

Hand tattoos last just as long as other tattoos and are equally permanent. However, because hands have more bone and ligament, it’s more difficult to get the ink to hold, so the artist may go over areas repeatedly. Due to the constant exposure and wear that hands undergo hand tattoos may also fade much more easily This can be combated through regular moisturizing.

Enjoy these knuckle tattoo examples? Check out the galleries below for more digit ink inspiration:


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