La Catrina Tattoo Designs For Men

50 La Catrina Tattoo Designs For Men – Mexican Ink Ideas

A profound affinity with Mexican culture can be proudly displayed with a tattoo of the infamous La Calavera Catrina. José Guadalupe Posada.

This notorious icon will instill a stylish dedication to heritage that is both intensely compelling and handsomely ornate.

Catrina tattoos present an excellent way to immortalize the most famous icon associated with Mexico’s infamous Day of the Dead. The original illustration has been wowing onlookers for over a century with stylish simplicity that carries a distinctly Spanish flavor. These extraordinary artworks are bound to unleash serious Latin American charisma.

Most guys will agree that Catrina ink is the perfect mixture of cultural gravitas and sex appeal. The undead incarnation still showcases an alluring femininity that guys love to commemorate via pin-up style designs. Portrayals of decay and decomposition are proudly embraced through this expressive inked selection.

There are thousands of variations on the theme, but all Catrina tattoos share a common subject that commands respect while prominently indicating an offbeat personality. The inherent quirkiness of a zombified goddess is downright irresistible, which succinctly explains why Catrina body art has become such a huge sensation.

Mexican hairstyles and garments are often featured in detail-oriented Catrina portraits. For example, the China Poblana dress is a favorite pick around the world. Elaborate headdresses may also make a stunning cameo within the design.

To get in tune with the wild possibilities available through Catrina tattoo designs, just explore this index of options to get started. The undead has never been so undeniably amazing!

1. Forearm La Catrina Tattoos

Amazing Mens Catrina Tattoo Designs

Catrina Mens Tattoo Designs

Catrina Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Catrina Tattoo Design On Man

Catrina Tattoo Designs For Guys

Distinctive Male Catrina Tattoo Designs

Guy With Catrina Tattoo Design

Male Catrina Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Catrina Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Catrina Tattoo Design Inspiration


2. Arm La Catrina Tattoos

Mens Tattoo With Catrina Design

Remarkable Catrina Tattoos For Males

Sharp Catrina Male Tattoo Ideas

Male Cool Catrina Tattoo Ideas

Male Tattoo With Catrina Design

Male With Cool Catrina Tattoo Design

Manly Catrina Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Masculine Catrina Tattoos For Men

Guys Tattoos With Catrina Design

Creative Catrina Tattoos For Men

Artistic Male Catrina Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Catrina Tattoos For Men

Catrina Guys Tattoo Ideas

Catrina Tattoo Ideas For Males

Catrina Guys Tattoos

Gentleman With Catrina Tattoo


3. Chest La Catrina Tattoos

Catrina Male Tattoo Designs


4. Calf La Catrina Tattoos

Catrina Guys Tattoo Designs

Catrina Male Tattoos

Guys Catrina Tattoo Design Ideas


5. Sleeve La Catrina Tattoos

Unique Mens Catrina Tattoos

Mens Tattoo Ideas With Catrina Design

Catrina Tattoos For Gentlemen

Cool Catrina Tattoo Design Ideas For Male


6. Back La Catrina Tattoos

Cool Male Catrina Tattoo Designs

Incredible Catrina Tattoos For Men

Male Catrina Tattoo Ideas

Mens Cool Catrina Tattoo Ideas


7. Thigh La Catrina Tattoos

Guys Catrina Tattoo Designs

Guys Catrina Tattoos


8. Leg La Catrina Tattoos

Catrina Mens Tattoo Ideas


9. Side La Catrina Tattoos

Mens Catrina Tattoo Ideas


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