Lego Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Lego Tattoo Designs For Men – Toy Building Block Ink Ideas

A non-cheesy Lego tattoo may sound impossible, but, with the right research and an open mind, you can have the dopest tattoo on the block. The key, however, is capturing its signature yellow color.

Lego tattoos (as well as the actual toys) have soared in popularity with the release of The Lego Movie in 2014.

Since then, these little bricks have been showing up on the arms and legs and backs of dudes across the world. And it’s not limited to just the bricks, either: a dope Lego Man will no doubt be your most stand out piece. The iconic little guy can amp up your tattoo real estate, and guarantee to garner a few compliments.

Whether you decide on him or a set of blocks, the best style to go with is heavy with color and punch. Going a more subtle or abstract route can work, but it may take folks a little time to figure it out and the last thing you want is someone squinting at your tattoo.

These sunshine-colored bricks inspire both kids and grown ups alike, and a tattoo is an updated way to keep your young heart happy. These last few years have celebrated Lego and, in turn, inspired a churning of new characters and character adaptations. Going for a detailed style will require a little more thinking outside of the (Lego) box, but it will give it a fresh take. Whichever style you choose, your new ink will be on point.


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