Lightning Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Lightning Tattoo Designs For Men – A Surge Of High Voltage Ideas

All it takes is one to two microseconds to witness the awe-inspiring powerful burst of electric jolting through the clouds. In a single blink of the eye, millions sometimes billions of volts surge the sky at temperatures reaching an impressive 36000 °F.

While your chances are being struck by lightning may be quite rare, the truth is every single second there are 100 strikes hitting the earth at any given time.

It’s a good reason why these electrical storms have long-standing meanings and symbolizes behind them.

For instance, in Heraclitus, you’ll find mentions like, “the Thunderbolt that steers the course of all things”

Not to mention, in Hittite methodology, people of the Bronze Age considered it a symbol of Teshub, the god of the skies and storms.

When it comes to religions, like Vedic, the main choice for the god of Indra has been said to a thunderbolt. In Greek mythology, you’ll find the same is true for Zeus who was gifted the thunderbolt by Cyclops. Originally, it started off as a gift from Jupiter ,which is why you’ll see it on all sort of Roman and Greek coins. Most commonly with the eagle clasping a thunderbolt in between it’s claws.

For the Celtics, Tararis was the god of thunder. While, Thor in Germanic mythology was the god of all thunder and lighting.

Over time, the symbolism of lightning has literally transformed into numerous meanings. For some it’s a reminder of keeping grounded and staying focusing on the things that seem to become distant over time. You can also look at it as a homecoming for major life changes or significant moments in life.

No matter how you view this electrostatic discharge in the clouds, I’d like to share with you a collection of the top 60 best lightning tattoo designs for men. You’ll truly be shocked by some of these creative and masculine design ideas!

1. Forearm Lightning Tattoos

Beach Shore Superbolt Lightning Tattoo Ideas For Men On Forearm

Guys Lightning Tattoo Inspiration For Forearm

Black Ink Lightning Cloud Tattoo On Man

Mythology Gods Bolt Of Lightning Tattoos For Men

Purple And Red Lightning Bolts Tattoos For Men

Weather Balloon Storm Lightning Tattoo Designs For Guys

Wrist Rainstorm Lightning Tattoos On Men

Ship In Clouds And Lightning Tattoos For Men


2. Bicep Lightning Tattoos

Bicep Dove Flying In Dry Lightning Tattoos For Men

Electrical Storm Lightning Tattoo For Men On Bicep

Forked Lightning Tattoos For Men On Arm

Bicep Electrostaic Discharge Lightning Mens Tattoos With Dragon


3. Arm Lightning Tattoos

Thunder And Lightning Tattoos For Men With Sailing Ships

Small Ship In A Bottle Lightning Tattoos Designs For Guys

Ocean Ship Lightning Flash Tattoo For Men

Windstorm And Lightning Tattoo On Man

Skull Tattoos Of Lightning Bolts For Guys

Small Mens Lightning Tattoo Meaning

Pine Tree Camping Forest Lightning Tattoo For Men

Mens Lightning Strike Tattoo

Man With Thunder And Lightning Tattoos

Half Sleve Cloud And Lightning Tattoo For Men

Arm Eye Lightning Tattoo For Men

Upper Arm Guys Clouds With Lightning Tattoos


4. Sleeve Lightning Tattoos

Tattoos Of Lightning For Males

Nature Tattoo Lightning For Guys

Color Mens Double Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Creative Lightning Tattoo Design Ideas For Men Half Sleeve

Full Sleeve Cool Lightning Tattoos For Men

Manly Lightning Mens Tattoos Half Sleeve

Mens Eye And Lightning Tattoo Sleeve

Mens Lightning Bolt Tattoos Sleeve

Military Lightning Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Red Sleeve Trees Lightning Bolt Tattoo Designs For Men


5. Wrist Lightning Tattoos

Wrist Clouds And Lightning Male Tattoos

Wrist Realistic Lightning Tattoo Designs For Males


6. Back Lightning Tattoos

Full Back Mens Lightning Tattoo Designs


7. Leg Lightning Tattoos

Lightning Storm Tattoos For Mens Of Ocean Sea

Lighthouse Lightning Tattoo For Men On Legs


8. Shoulder Lightning Tattoos

Rose Lightning Bolts Tattoo For Males

Guys Tattoo Lightning Bolt On Back

Hourglss Lightning Bolts Tattoo On Mans Shoulder

Masculine Mens Lightning Tattoos On Shoulder


9. Hand Lightning Tattoos

Mens Lightning Bolt Tattoo On Hands With Skull


10. Skull Lightning Tattoos

Skull Lightning Hurricane Mens Tattoo


11. Japanese Lightning Tattoos

Japanese Lightning Tattoo For Males With Lion


12. Calf Lightning Tattoos

Mens Lightning Tattoo

Male Lightning Shock Tattoos Roads


13. More Lightning Tattoo Ideas

Blue Ocean Waves Mens Lightning Tattoos

Mens Lightning Bolt Tattoo Meaning

Mens Lightning Storm Tattoo

Ride The Lightning Tattoo For Males With Shark


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