Lion Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Lion Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Men – Masculine Ideas

Lions have been a symbol of bravery and physical power for centuries. The sheer force of a lion alone is striking, but what sets lions apart from the other animals of the savanna is their aloofness.

Lions are not just strong- they are royal. A lion denotes not just power, but a regal distance from lesser beings.

This royal authority in combination with power makes the lion the king of all animals. If you plan to get a lion tattoo, you have to commit to it and make it large. A sleeve is a good choice because it gives the tattoo artist enough space to create a detailed portrait, and it will also be highly visible.

A creature as majestic as a lion deserves a sleeve. You can build a savanna or jungle-themed backdrop that you can extend to include other figures or simply leave the lion on its own. It will be eye-catching either way.

Note that due to age and physical fitness your arm can vary in diameter and shape, so make sure you choose a qualified tattoo artist who can account for this when they work with you to design your tattoo.


Angel With Lion Mens 3d Realistic Sleeve Tattoo

Clouds With Roaring Lion Mens Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Colorful Mens Bald Eagle With Lion Full Sleeve Tattoo

Cool Masculine Lion Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men

Cool Negative Space Moon Shaded Black And Grey Half Sleeve Tattoos

Female Portrait With Rose Skull And Lion Guys Sleeve Tattoos

Forearm Sleeve Of Lion Mens Tattoo Designs

Forearm Sleeve Of Pocket Watch With Lion Tattoo On Guy

Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Of Cool Lion On Male

Gentleman With Sleeve Lion Shaded Grey Ink Tattoo

Greek Mythology Mens Lion Full Sleeve Tattoo

Grey And White Ink Guys Lion Sleeve Tattoos

Guys Angel Lion Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Guys Lion Themed Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

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Guys Ultra Realistic 3d Lion Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Design

Guys Wateroclor Sleeve Lion Tattoos

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Heavily Shaded Eye With Lion Guys Half Sleeve Tattoos

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King Lion With Anatomical Heart Mens Full Leg Sleeve Tatoos

Leg Sleeve Lion Tattoo Designs For Guys

Lion Growling In The Jungle Mens Fll Leg Sleeve Tattos

Lion Roaring With Realistic Clouds Guys Half Sleeve Attoo

Manly Guys Full Sleeve Lion Tattoos

Manly Lion Sleeve Designs Mens Tattoos

Man Wiht Cool Inner Forearm Sleeve Lion Tattoo

Mens 3d Stone Lion Full Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Arm Sleeve Tattoos Of Lion

Mens Creative Lion With Rose Flower Half Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Electric Blue Ink Big Cat Lion Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Mens Forearm Lion And Mouse Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Half Sleeve Lion Sun Rays Tattoo

Mens Lion Owl Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Man Walking Path With Lion Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Modern Lion Themed Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Nautical Star Half Sleeve Lion Male Tattoos

Realistic Man Praying With Lions Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Religious Guys Lion Full Sleeve Tattoos

Roaring Gorilla With Calm Lion Guys Amazing Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Roaring Lion Guys Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Rolling Dice With Lion Mens Forear Sleeve Tattoo

Rose Flowers Wiht Light Shaded Lion Male Half Sleeve Arm Tattoos

Rose Flower With Lion Wearing Crown Guys Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Shaded Big Cats Mens Lion Half Sleeve Tattoo Inspiration

Shaded Grey And White Ink Sleeve Tattoo Of Lion On Man

Shaded Mens Animal Themed Sleeve Tattoo With Lion Design

Shaded Realistic Guys Lion Sleeve Tattoos

Shaded Sleeve Tattoo Of Lion On Gentleman

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Water Lily Flower With Lion Mens Watercolor Half Sleeve Tattoo

Yellow Lion Head Guys Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

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